The Villain's Little Sister is Spoiled by the Male Lead - C.123


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"Boss, we were discovered by Miss Song's bodyguards. The person who recognized me was someone I knew before. She asked who was behind me, but I didn't say anything," Zou Su reported to Chi Yu.

Chi Yu knew they might be discovered, but he didn't expect it to happen so soon. He fell silent for a moment. Although others praised him for being so capable and excellent, if it was in Uncle Song's eyes, he didn't have much confidence.

Zou Su: "I'm sorry, Boss. We were careless."

Chi Yu: "Never mind. You can tell her that I asked you to follow her."

Zou Su: "Tell her directly?"

Chi Yu: "Yes."

"Got it."

Since the boss didn't want to hide it, he naturally told Elder Sister Wen. He found the phone number he had kept for a long time, "Elder Sister Wen... Our boss said we can tell you, our boss is Chi Yu, the one from the Chi Family."

Elder Sister Wen: "The Chi Family... I see."

In the afternoon, when Song Luokui returned home from school, Elder Sister Wen, the bodyguard in the car, seemed to want to say something but held back. It was Song Luokui who noticed and asked, "Elder Sister Wen, what's wrong?"

Elder Sister Wen: "I want to ask you, Little Miss, did you know that someone has been following you to protect you?"

Song Luokui's heart skipped a beat, "You mean..."

Elder Sister Wen: "Did you know that Young Master Chi Yu sent someone to follow you? What relationship do you have with Young Master Chi Yu? Your father may ask you about this tonight."

Song Luokui covered her face with her hands, leaving only her eyes exposed, "You guys found out? My dad knows too?"

Elder Sister Wen: "We just found out as well."

Song Luokui: ...At noon, she had just learned from Chi Yu himself that he had sent someone to protect her, and after school, her father already knew? Oh no!

Song Luokui took a deep breath, "I understand, I will tell my father."

Elder Sister Wen didn't ask further, as their task was simply to protect, and they didn't need to know too much about the other details.

After returning home, Song Luokui felt uneasy, and she didn't have much appetite during dinner. Aunt Gui even asked, "Little Miss, don't you have an appetite today?"

Song Luokui: "No, no, I just ate too many snacks at school earlier."

After dinner, she went back to her room and called Chi Yu, "My father knows about it."

Chi Yu: "Yeah. It's my fault."

Song Luokui lowered her head and paced around the room, "It's not your fault, it's my fault for keeping it a secret from everyone. Sigh~" She sighed. "It is what it is. It's not a big deal, is it? It's just about having a boyfriend. They should be satisfied with you."

Chi Yu: "Okay, call me if there's anything."


After hanging up, Chi Yu drove back to the mansion. As soon as he returned home, he asked, "Is my father home?"

The servant: "The master is in the study."


Chi Yu went upstairs to the study door and knocked, "Knock, knock, knock."

"Come in." A stern voice came from inside.

Chi Yu opened the door and went in, "Father."

Chi Yong lowered the newspaper he was reading, "You're back? Have you eaten?"

Although stern on the outside, Chi Yong was a bit more reserved when facing his only son at home.

Chi Yu clasped his hands in front of his abdomen, "Not yet, Father. I want to tell you something." 𝗳r𝐞𝐞w𝐞bn𝚘ve𝚕.co𝐦

Chi Yong looked at Chi Yu's serious expression, "What is it? Did you cause trouble outside?" Chi Yong frowned, already thinking about whether he needed to disown his son or not.

Chi Yu: "No... Well, kind of... I... I have a girlfriend now."

Chi Yong was stunned for a moment but seemed pleasantly surprised, "Girlfriend? That's good news! When will you bring her home to meet us?"

Chi Yu: "You should know her."

Chi Yong: "I know her? Is she from the Zhou family, the Chen family, or the Zhan family?"

Chi Yu: "None of those. She's from the Song family."

Chi Yong pondered for a moment, "The Song family?" He took off his glasses and looked at Chi Yu, "You mean the Song family from the Jian'an Mansion? That pretty and well-behaved young lady from Uncle Song's family?"

The most beautiful young lady in the mansion was indeed the one from the Song family. He had seen her before. She was a beautiful, well-behaved, and kind-natured girl whose presence made people happy. It was a pity that she was someone else's daughter.

Chi Yu: "Yes."

Chi Yong: "But... I remember you didn't get along well with their son... Is this you infiltrating the enemy's camp?"

Chi Yu: "It's the enemy infiltrating me."

Chi Yong studied him for a moment, "It's her?"

Chi Yu nodded, "It's her."

Chi Yong: "Well, okay. Although my relationship with Uncle Song is so-so, I can still talk to him. We should arrange for the two families to meet."

Chi Yu: "...Not that fast. She's still in school."

Chi Yong: "It doesn't matter. You can get engaged first and then get married after she graduates."

Chi Yu: "...It's not time for that yet. We haven't been in this relationship for long, and Uncle Song doesn't know about it either. No one else knows."

Chi Yong frowned, "Are you fooling around? Why didn't you make it official from the beginning?"

Chi Yu lowered his head, "It's because your son is incompetent and didn't get official recognition from the start."

Chi Yong paused for a moment, "...So, you haven't actually gotten her family's approval yet? Then why are you telling me this? Shouldn't you be working harder on that?"

Chi Yu: "No. Today, Uncle Song probably found out about our relationship, so... I sent people to protect her, but Uncle Song's people discovered them..." Chi Yu explained the situation.

Chi Yong put down the newspaper in his hand, "...So what do you want me to do? Go with you to beg for forgiveness?"

Chi Yu: "No, I'm just afraid she might get scolded, so I want you to call Uncle Song and check in with him. As for begging for forgiveness, I'll do that later."

Chi Yong: "If you have the chance, remember to bring her home."


After Chi Yu left, Chi Yong immediately stood up and rubbed his hands, "The most beautiful young lady in the mansion is going to be part of our family? Hahaha." It was quite amusing to hear such contrasting words from his usually stern face.

Chi Yong walked over to the phone and started making calls.

On the other side, when Song Moqian learned that the bodyguards were actually sent by Chi Yu, he was momentarily stunned. Why would their daughter have Chi Family's young man send people to protect her?

After getting off work, Song Moqian hurried back to Jian'an Mansion. On the way, however, he received a call from Chi Yong.

Song Moqian was quite perplexed by this call. Although both families lived in the mansion and would greet each other when they met, their relationship was neither particularly good nor antagonistic.


"This is Chi Yong."

Song Moqian: "May I ask what this call is about, Sir?"

Chi Yong: "No need for formalities today. I'm older than you, so call me Brother Chi."

Song Moqian looked at his own hand, feeling goosebumps rising, imagining Chi Yong's expressionless face saying such words: "...Please go ahead and speak your mind."

Chi Yong: "I'm calling to apologize on behalf of my unfilial son."

Song Moqian immediately understood the situation. "Well...this is a matter between the younger generations. It doesn't really concern you."

Chi Yong: "How does it not concern me?"