The Villain's Little Sister is Spoiled by the Male Lead - C.93


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Song Luokui took the elevator up to the 26th floor, where her apartment was located. One of the units on this floor seemed to be unoccupied.

However, she was unaware that as soon as she arrived, Chi Yu had already made a call, "Help me buy a house, right in ChunWang Manor..."

When Song Luokui arrived, the renovation workers were hard at work, and Li Bei was overseeing them. Upon seeing Song Luokui, Li Bei immediately approached her, "Boss."

Song Luokui covered her nose and went inside. "Mm." She looked around, and although the place was a mess due to the ongoing renovation, she could see the general shape of the space.

Song Luokui stayed for a while and then left, mainly because of the dust and smoke.

"You can go buy some food for the workers later, and I'll transfer the money to you. You don't need to keep an eye on things here all the time. Your shift is over, so you can leave. If there are any issues, just give me a call."


Song Luokui: "Then I'll be leaving now. Be careful on your own."

Li Bei: "Okay, do you need me to give you a ride back?"

Song Luokui: "No, it's fine. I'm leaving now, bye."

Song Luokui quickly went downstairs, and of course, she also transferred the money to Li Bei.

Song Luokui returned to the underground parking lot. She had only been upstairs for about half an hour, but she knew that Chi Yu was still waiting for her there.

She got in the car, "I don't know if my brother is still in the compound."

Chi Yu: "I just asked, and your brother has left. I'll take you home first."


Back at home, Song Luokui picked up her phone and checked the messages. The group chat was already buzzing with talk about a rumor that had been debunked.

Song Luokui clicked in and saw Weng Jiao, Zhang Xiyue, and others chatting enthusiastically.

"So it was just a rumor after all. Sigh, who started this gossip anyway?" 𝓯𝘳𝘦𝑒𝓌𝘦𝘣𝓃ℴ𝘷𝘦𝘭.𝓬𝘰𝑚

"It sounded so convincing, I even thought it was about the Cold family. I was betting on that."

"I was betting on the Lan family."

"...In the end, the one from the Pool family didn't even know the person!"

"I was wondering from the start how there could be no news about it beforehand. Turns out it was just a rumor."

Song Luokui looked at the screenshots they had, including Leng Ruohan's Moments post debunking the rumor, the Lan family member's clarification, and others' denials.

Song Luokui sat on the sofa, covering her eyes. She had indeed misjudged the situation, and now she felt embarrassed, especially since she had even kicked someone. She also thought about Chi Yu's expression at the time and felt sorry for him.

Going back to her room, she saw the exquisite music box that Chi Yu had previously given her. It seems she'll need to make it up to him more in the future.

On the other side, Chi Yu was already planning the location and details of his confession, wanting it to be a surprise for her and not letting too many people know.

In the end, Chi Yu decided on his own villa, which was large enough. He directly called Ji Xiao, "I want to plan a confession... Just you guys, don't let anyone else know. "

Ji Xiao: "Don't worry, brother, we'll get it done before the weekend."

Chi Yu: "By the weekend."

Ji Xiao: "No problem!"

After ending the call with Chi Yu, Ji Xiao immediately called Li Yanbei, Zhou Wenqin, and the others, "Brothers, the boss has a task for us..."

Li Yanbei heard this and immediately got excited, "Wow, Xiao, wait for me, I'm heading to your place now, let's discuss and get this done!"


"The flowers need to be directly imported from Country H, the freshest ones."

"We also need to lay out a red carpet."

"Should we use red silk?"

"...This isn't a wedding! But we can decorate it on the flowers."

"Has the boss ordered a custom suit yet? Call him quickly and have him order the most handsome one. Although the boss looks good in anything."

"We need a makeup artist to do his hairstyle too."

"What about the food? Which restaurant should we order from? We'll need to eat later, right?"

"And what about the activities after the confession? Does it just end there?"

"...This is not a wedding!"

"Okay, okay... Do we need to decorate the room as well? After the confession, the two of them can..."

"...This is not a wedding, not a wedding, not a wedding. I'll say it three times."

"Don't be so worked up, it feels almost like a wedding."

"You better not get beaten up by the boss."

"Got it, I'll shut up."

While these guys were running around, when Chi Yu joined them to hear their suggestions, he said, "This is a confession ceremony, not a wedding ceremony."

Li Yanbei blinked, "Ah... so..."

Chi Yu: "Remove the red silk, use more flowers, arrange them in a heart shape, all red roses. No need to prepare the room, we'll have dinner after, and then prepare the fireworks."

Li Yanbei: "Yeah, yeah, fireworks too!"

Chi Yu: "One of you will be the photographer."

Ji Xiao: "Brother, I'll do it."

Chi Yu: "And we need gifts..."

Chi Yu discussed with them for a day, and finally, they settled everything. Now it was time to prepare.

On this end, Song Luokui was still running between school and the company. Recently, there wasn't as much work at the company, so she didn't spend too much time there, and if she got home late, she wouldn't go to the office.

On Saturday, Song Luokui woke up early to find a message from Chi Yu: "Shall we have dinner together tomorrow night?"

Of course, Song Luokui hadn't forgotten. "Sure."

Chi Yu: "I've booked Chunyu Building, and then we can go to another place afterward, is that okay?"

Song Luokui: "Okay." She thought they would go somewhere else to hang out.

Song Luokui: "By the way, come pick me up at school tomorrow, I'll be going back to school."

Chi Yu: "Okay... See you tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow."

At this time, Chi Yu was preparing the decorations at the villa for tomorrow's event. He had already planned everything out. He would go pick her up earlier, they would have dinner first, and before 9 pm, they would arrive at the villa, where he would cover her eyes...

The next morning, Sheng Rong asked Song Luokui to accompany her to meet a foreign friend who had come to visit. Sheng Rong's friend had also brought a child around the same age, so Sheng Rong asked Song Luokui to come along.

Song Luokui went with them, thinking it would be a quick visit, but she didn't expect it might take until dinner time.

However, she had already made plans with Chi Yu.

Around 4 pm, Sheng Rong and the foreign friend were chatting, and Song Luokui kept glancing at the time and the sky outside, which Sheng Rong noticed.

When the friend went to the bathroom, Sheng Rong quickly asked, "What's wrong? Do you have something else to do?"

Song Luokui felt a little embarrassed. "I'm sorry, Mom, I made plans to go out with someone tonight."

Sheng Rong: "Is it Xiyue?"

Song Luokui hesitated a bit, "No... just a friend."

Sheng Rong didn't ask further, as her daughter was grown up and had her own matters now. "It's okay, I'll let you leave first, and I'll call someone else to keep them company. But next time, remember to tell me earlier, okay?"

Song Luokui: "Understood, Mom. I thought it would be quick."

Sheng Rong: "No problem, go ahead, and Mom will explain it. Have fun."

"Thank you, Mom." After hugging Sheng Rong, when the friend returned, Song Luokui quickly apologized and left, and Sheng Rong explained the situation.

The friend was very understanding: "No problem, go ahead. With your mom keeping me company, I'll be fine."

Sheng Rong: "Don't worry, I'll keep you company these next few days, and make sure you have a wonderful time."

"It's settled then, haha haha."