The Whole World Awakened: My Clones Are Everywhere

C.178 - : Can’t Hold On AnymoreJun 02, 2023

Chapter 178: Can’t Hold On Anymore

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However, there was no way to escape now. After the Soul Suppressing Stele broke, the entire nation of Chu Yun was now overflowing with ghouls. It wasn’t just this place, but the outside world was also filled with ghouls that attacked living beings. It was no different from hell.

At this moment, the flood dragon was extremely regretful. If he had known that this Soul Suppressing Stele would be so useful, he would not have destroyed it no matter what. However, the only way now was to wait until dawn, and the ghouls would automatically disappear. Only then would they be safe.

So he had to wait here until dawn, he comforted himself.

‘Young Master Dragon! Save us!”

A mutated beast begged the flood dragon for help. Countless ghouls now surrounded it. Its body was already covered in wounds, and it could only cry for help.

‘Hold on for a little longer. When dawn comes, these ghouls will dissipate.”

However, the mutated beast couldn’t take it anymore. “I really can’t hold on any longer. There are so many of them that I can’t kill them all. I don’t have any strength left.”

It probably felt like it was about to die because many of the mutated beasts here had died. They simply couldn’t deal with so many ghouls.

The flood dragon had no other choice. It knew that if it helped the mutated beast attract firepower, it would be attacked by the ghouls. At that time, it would’ve died of exhaustion.

He looked around and found that Shui MO was also exhausted. He turned around and saw something.

‘Those humans are actually able to deal with the ghouls.

‘Maybe they can become our shelter.

With this thought in mind, he sprinted in the direction of the monsters. He formed a protective barrier of soul power around his body, protecting him from being harmed by the monsters.

After seeing this scene, Ling Feng was overjoyed.


A white light illuminated the entire cave. The white light disappeared in a flash, and 500 clones of Ling Feng appeared in the cave. Although it was of great difficulty, he managed to squeeze 500 people in.

‘Catch him!” Ling Feng ordered.

After receiving the order, the clones immediately went to catch the flood dragon. The flood dragon did not expect so many people to suddenly appear charging at the same time to catch it. It immediately stopped and did not continue forward, but it was too late to stop now.

The clones all drew armor, weapons, and ropes to catch people.

‘Capture him alive, don’t kill him.”

All kinds of weapons attacked him, but the flood dragon didn’t have time to dodge. Dozens of clones flew towards it, and it was eventually caught by the massive clone net. Like a fisherman dragging a fish, it was brought to Ling Feng.

‘Even though I’m only a flood dragon, I might become a true dragon in the near future.’

Ling Feng looked at the dragon with satisfaction. After praising it, he smiled. The dragon was very happy to hear this, but his current situation was dire. He was very flustered.

As a royal family member, he couldn’t die here, could he?

‘Human, if you can let me go today, I can agree to anything you want.”

Ling Feng smiled helplessly. “There’s no problem. You don’t have to worry about this.”

After hearing this answer, the flood dragon was relieved. It felt that the person in front of him should not hurt him. After all, it was a member of the royal family.

However, he seemed to have forgotten that Shui MO would kill him if he had the chance. Ling Feng didn’t kill him only because he wanted to use him to possess his body. Ling Feng was about to do it when Shui MO and the others couldn’t hold on and desperately called for help.

‘Lingfeng, help us!”

‘Yeah, save us!”

After hearing the cry for help, Bai Xiaosa looked at Ling Feng. “Ling Feng, they seem to be dying. Should we help them?”

‘They didn’t even look at us from the start. Why would we save them?” Ling Yun asked.

Hearing this, Ling Feng slapped Ling Yun’s head. ‘We are all humans. How can we leave them in the lurch?”

Ling Yun was a little disappointed, but then he was overjoyed when he heard that Ling Feng didn’t want them to die here.

‘No problem!” Ling Yun said with a smile.

At this time, not far from Ling Feng, Shui MO, and the others were almost dying. Among the seven, his ability was the most powerful, and his ancestor was called the Son of God. He still had the bloodline of the gods in his body, so his soul power was a little more powerful than ordinary people.

However, facing so many ghouls, he could see that he was about to die. The others could not hold on any longer, especially the only girl on their team, Ye Xi. At this moment, her small face was pale, and her hair was messy. She was about to die.

Su Qianchou was also struggling, “I cannot die! Ling Feng isn’t dead yet; I can’t die!”

This guy was basically going crazy. Seeing these people working so hard to deal with the ghouls, Ling Feng was happy and relaxed, though everyone felt it was bizarre.

How could an internet celebrity be more powerful than these natural geniuses? Moreover, they were close to death, so why was Ling Feng still fine?


Another genius could hold on no longer and let out a miserable cry. Everyone could not even protect themselves now, so how could they have the time to save others?

In an instant, no, it strangely drilled into this genius’s head and swallowed his soul alive.

This scream was hair-raising. Everyone was panicking and could not calm down. They all started to shout for help.

Ling Feng couldn’t ignore them as they were all shouting for help. He couldn’t watch his compatriots die in front of him, so he asked Ling Yun to save them. However, Ling Yun didn’t seem to understand what he meant.

After he put his hands together, he chanted a Buddhist incantation. The light emitted by his body could cover a few meters. Any ghoul that came close to him dissipated.

Walking in front of everyone, he had just stopped attacking everyone, and all the strangeness started to emit black smoke to restore to its original appearance. Finally, it turned into specks of starlight and dissipated.

Under the ferrying of the light, Shui MO and the others also slowly calmed down, as if they had returned to Buddhism, neither sad nor happy.

‘Thank you. If there’s a chance, we’ll definitely repay you!”

“I can’t maintain it forever, so I need your own strength. I’ll send you out first.

‘Good! Thank you so much.” Everyone said gratefully.

They all thought that Ling Yun was really planning to bring them away. However, they didn’t know that Ling Feng was extremely scheming. After bringing them out, he turned around and left.

At this moment, the six cursed Ling Yun many times in their hearts. They looked up at the sky. The rain was still pouring, and the surroundings were pitch-black. There were ghouls everywhere, just like the night of a hundred ghosts. Anyone who came would have their soul taken away by these ghouls.

This scene was no different from hell on earth, putting them under incredible pressure..