The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - C.5906 - added drama on its own

The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

C.5906 - added drama on its own

Chapter 5906: Chapter 5906 added drama on its own

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“Director Xiaofu “‘s words immediately made the scene quiet down. Director Si’s face alternated between green and white. For a moment, he did not know what to say.

The thousand-year-old corpse turtle emperor bug felt that its performance was perfect. Although these words were taught to it by the little devil, its expression and tone were just right. This was also a skill!

Therefore, this fellow began to add drama on its own. “Director Si, you just used insulting words to belittle the students of the Ten Directions Academy.

Shouldn’t you apologize?”

Director si gritted his teeth and said, “Vice-director Xiaofu, I saw the description of Yan Qingcheng and Ding Wenrou from the ‘Atlas of Heroesh I was just paraphrasing. It was not my original intention. ”

The thousand-year-old corpse Turtle Emperor Bug did not know how to respond immediately. It could not help but regret that it should not have added to the drama. It could only ask Yun Chujiu for help.

Fortunately, Yun chujiu immediately told him how to deal with it. Therefore, everyone saw “Vice-chancellor Xiao” smile sarcastically and then said lightly,

So the lecturers of the Divine Enlightenment Academy only know how to read from the script. They do not have their own opinions at all! No wonder the divine enlightenment academy is declining more and more. It turns out that the root is here. It is really a pity!”

The chancellor almost spat out blood, but he didn’t know how to refute.

President gu looked at “Director Xiaofu”with appreciation. He thought to himself that director Xiaofu had made a lot of mistakes in the past. He didn’t expect that he would stand up for the interests of the academy at the critical moment. It seemed that his nature wasn’t bad.

However, he was a little puzzled. He hadn’t seen how eloquent director Xiaofu was usually. Why was he so eloquent today? Could it be that he was performing beyond his usual standard?

The other chancellors and students of the Academy of ten directions all looked at director Xiaofu with approval. Although they did not like Yan Qingcheng and Ding Wenrou, the Academy’s honor was still important at this time.

Xiao Lianqiao looked as if she was honored. She looked at Yun chujiu proudly.

Yun chuiiu thought to herself, if this idiot knew that director Xiaofu had been taken over by the little grasshopper, would he still be so smug?

Some people were happy while others were sad. The people from the ten directions academy were jubilant, while the people from the Divine Enlightenment Academy had ugly expressions on their faces.

They had provoked him first, but they were rendered speechless by others. It was really embarrassing!

Seeing this scene, Guan Zijie recalled what had happened in the afternoon and immediately had the idea of showing his good impression in front of the higher-ups of the Divine Enlightenment Academy.

He stood up, bowed respectfully, and then said,

“Teachers, originally, I didn’t have the right to speak on this occasion. But since Yan Qingcheng and Ding Wenrou of the ten directions academy have been mentioned, I have a matter to ask you to decide. ”

President Yu of the Divine Enlightenment Academy was worried that he had no way out. He immediately asked, “Oh? What’s the matter?”

“This afternoon, I was having lunch with a few of my classmates at the

Banished Immortal Restaurant when I met Yan Qingcheng and Ding Wenrou.

“We didn’t have any interactions at first, but I didn’t expect them to provoke us for no reason and use foul language to humiliate us and the Divine Enlightenment Academy.

(‘I was so angry that I wanted to have a match with Ding Wenrou on the spot. I didn’t expect that she and Yan Qingcheng would run away when Jian Zhuyu interceded on their behalf.

“Therefore, I implore all the teachers to make a decision for me. There’s no need to apologize. Just let me and Ding Wenrou continue the match in the afternoon. ”

Hei xinjiu, who wished she could be invisible, heard Guan Zijie’s words and was so angry that she gritted her teeth. This idiot really deserved to be taught a lesson!

President Yu looked at president gu and said, “President Gu, the competition hasn’t started yet, and Your Academy’s students are already provoking our students.. Isn’t that a little inappropriate?”