Transmigrating as the Younger Sister of a Bigshot with Multiple Identities - C.427 - : Can ‘t Bear to LeaveMar 25, 2024


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“How is this possible?!”

Su Ye looked at the black screen in disbelief. “Since when did the firewall counterattack on a lousy video platform become this strong? Does this make sense at all?”

Ji Linbai remarked, “Dream Chaser Technology is not a small company. After all, it is the leader of the technology industry in the country.”

Grape app was a subsidiary of Dream Chaser Technology Ltd.

Su Ye was still unconvinced. He found the manager of Jinyang Pavilion and borrowed a computer through Gu Jin’s connections to continue hacking into the Grape app.

As expected, the screen went black.

Su Ye fell silent.

This damned familiar feeling! !!

Su Ye was unwilling to give up. “Boss, do you want to go to the internet cafe?”

Gu Jin looked at her watch, picked up his bag, and went out. “No. I have a curfew.”

Su Ye and Ji Linbai were left dumbfounded as they looked at each other.

The sky darkened early in November. Under the night sky, the lights in the homes in Jin City were brightly lit. f(r)

Gu Jin looked at the lights shining through the windows of the Gu family’s villa, and her cold eyes seemed to be warmed by the orange street lamps.

Ruan Xueling’s scolding voice came from the living room. “Have you finished your homework? You ran around as soon as school ended and didn’t even come back for dinner.’

Gu Pei snorted. “Aren’t I back now? It’s better than Gu Jin staying out all night, right?”

Gu Yang reminded. “Big Sister is back.”

Gu Pei was stunned when he saw Gu Jin. He quickly diverted the trouble. “Mom, why didn’t you say anything about Gu Jin?”

Gu Jin raised her hand and looked at her watch. “It’s eight o’clock. Also, I’m done with my homework.”

Ruan Xueling was stunned for a moment, but she quickly reacted. Eight o’clock was the curfew she had casually set previously.

She didn’t expect Xiao Jin to listen to her.

Ruan Xueling looked at Gu Pei. “Did you hear that? Your older sister has finished her homework.”

Gu Yang blinked. “Yes, I can testify.”

This was also the result of the competition between the big boss and the little blood bank.

“Little Jin, come and take a look. How are these gowns? There’s a fashion charity banquet this weekend. The three of us will go together.” Ruan Xueling pulled Gu Jin’s sleeve and took out a tablet. She found a few black gowns and clicked on them.

“Yangyang and I helped you pick these out. Take a look and see which one you like.”

Gu Jin glanced at Gu Yang and sat down beside Ruan Xueling.

Gu Pei watched the scene of a mother being kind and a daughter being filial. He returned to her room angrily to catch up on his homework.

After picking out the gowns, Gu Yang and Gu Jin went upstairs one after another.

When they reached the corner of the stairs, Gu Jin suddenly called out, “Yangyang.”

Gu Yang stopped in her tracks and turned to look at her in confusion. “What’s wrong, Big Sister?”

She felt that Big Sister was in a strange mood today.

Gu Jin walked up to her in a few steps and asked softly, “Do you still want to leave now?”

Gu Yang was slightly stunned. She didn’t expect Gu Jin to suddenly ask this.

She remembered that when she first transmigrated here, Gu Jin had asked her if she wanted to run away from home.

At that time, she had indeed thought of leaving after resolving the Gu family’s crisis. After the college entrance examination ended, she would leave the Gu family and establish her own family.

At that time, she had just arrived and had no restraints. She was straightforward.

But now, she seemed to be a little reluctant.

Before she transmigrated, she was also the daughter of a wealthy family. However, it was precisely because of her family business that there was constant internal strife in the family. There had never been such a relaxed and warm atmosphere like the Gu family.

Gu Yang looked up and met Gu Jin’s cold and deep eyes. She shook her head gently, her eyes clear and honest. “I can’t bear to leave.”

She couldn’t bear to part with Big Sister, Little Blood Bank, and the Gu family..

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