Transmigrating as the Younger Sister of a Bigshot with Multiple Identities - C.430 - : My Two Daughters Are UniqueMar 25, 2024


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Previously, the topic of the real and fake daughters of the Gu family in Jin City had been trending. However, this was the first time the real daughter had appeared in public. For a moment, the onlookers were excited.

[Oh my. I didn’t expect to be able to see the follow-up of the real and fake daughters here!]

[This real daughter is beautiful and has a good temperament. I can’t tell that she grew up in the countryside at all.]

Not only did Gu Yang accumulate fans on variety shows, but she also had anti-fans. Other than a large number of comments on Gu Jin’s looks, many comments on the internet used this to belittle Gu Yang.

[The real daughter is present. How can a fake daughter like Gu Yang still have the cheek to appear? Doesn’t she feel embarrassed and an eyesore?]

[Seeing how the real daughter of a wealthy family didn’t even look at her, I knew that the real and fake daughters of a wealthy family were like fire and water. I am just waiting to watch the show.].

In the eyes of most netizens, Gu Jin and Gu Yang, the real and fake daughters, had a naturally hostile relationship. Now, they were just maintaining peace on the surface.

After walking the red carpet and signing and taking photos on the theme wall, there was also a live interview segment.

After Gu Yang and the other two entered the VIP interview area, the reporters raised their gun-like cameras and surrounded them. Clearly, they had also seen the gossip online.

“Mrs. Ruan, may I ask if the two people beside you are the protagonists in the case of the true daughter getting swapped for a fake?”

“Mrs. Ruan, which daughter do you like more? Miss Gu Yang, whom you’ve raised for many years and have a deep relationship with, or Miss Gu Jin, the biological daughter to whom you owe a lot?”

The reporters in the VIP area were more restrained and polite than the paparazzi outside, but every personal question was a trap. If it weren’t for the fact that someone was maintaining order at the scene, the microphones would have been stuck in their mouths.

Hearing their questions, Ruan Xueling couldn’t keep the smile on her face. She subconsciously became serious.

She held her two daughters’ hands and stopped. The reporters around her also stopped.

As the chairman of Xue Yao Jewelry, Ruan Xueling had held many press conferences and was not afraid of reporters.

She exuded the aura of Xue Yao Jewelry’s chairman and raised her eyebrows with a smile. “Real and fake daughters? The Gu family has announced to the public more than once that Little Jin and Yangyang are both daughters of the Gu family. They’re both my daughters. Is there a need to distinguish between real and fake?”

Seeing that Ruan Xueling had stopped for an interview, the reporters stopped asking questions. Then, their questions became sharper and more intense.

“Then in Mrs. Ruan’s opinion, the two daughters are the same. Miss Gu Yang’s treatment hasn’t changed. Don’t you think this is unfair to Miss Gu Jin? Have you considered Miss Gu Jin’s feelings?”

The reporters stood on Gu Jin’s side and asked questions. After all, in everyone’s eyes, Gu Jin, who was born into a wealthy family but lived in the countryside, was the biggest victim.

Ruan Xueling sneered and answered the reporter, “My two daughters are unique. Why are they the same? Of course, I’ll consider each daughter’s feelings.

“The Gu family owes Little Jin. Of course, we will make it up to her. However, the Gu family is a wealthy family in Jin City. We won’t lower the treatment of our other daughter just to make up for one.”

Due to Ruan Xueling’s status, the reporters didn’t dare to be as aggressive as they were when they questioned the celebrities. Seeing this, they pointed their microphones at Gu Jin and Gu Yang.

“Miss Gu Jin, may I ask how you’ve adapted after returning from the orphanage in the countryside to a wealthy family? What do you think of the mistake?”

“Miss Gu Yang, you accidentally enjoyed everything that the real daughter has.

Why are you still able to stay in the Gu family with a clear conscience? Do you feel guilty towards the real daughter?”fr eeweb novel

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