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Li Hua, who was grabbed by the collar by Gu Pei, was stunned.

The other friends were also frightened by Gu Pei’s sudden actions. They quickly went forward to persuade him. “Brother Pei, calm down. Listen to what Li Hua has to say.”

Li Hua looked a little aggrieved. “Brother Pei, Lu Wei is Yangyang. I just went over and saw her Grape app’s personal page.”

“I can’t calm down!” Gu Pei pushed him away angrily and looked around for someone. “F*ck. Where is Lu Wei? Bring me to her. How dare she steal the account and pretend to be my older sister? She must be tired of living!”

Li Hua was even more dumbfounded. “Your sister?”

The others were also puzzled.

Now that things had come to this, Gu Pei didn’t hide it from them anymore. “Yangyang is my sister, Gu Yang. I saw her follow me with my own eyes back then. Damn it. Stop talking. I’m going to beat up that liar!”

Gu Pei was very angry about this.

When it came to Gu Yang, Gu Pei naturally trusted his sister 100%, so he didn’t need to think twice and believed that Lu Wei had stolen an account and impersonated Gu Yang.

On the other side, Lu Wei was chatting with Qu MO when Gu Pei suddenly rushed over with a group of people.

Lu Wei thought that Gu Pei and the rest had heard the news and came over to confirm if she was Yangyang. However, she did not expect Gu Pei to approach her and kick the table beside her.

Lu Wei frowned and looked at Gu Pei unhappily. “Gu Pei, what are you doing? Is this the upbringing of the Gu family?”

Gu Pei sneered. “Lu Wei, I’m f*cking asking what you’re doing! Where did you get the face to pretend to be my sister and say that you’re Yangyang?”

Lu Wei’s heart sank. She was suddenly exposed for pretending to be Yangyang. Panic appeared on her face. She stood up and said angrily, “What nonsense are you talking about? Who pretended to be your sister?”

Since Gu Pei was so protective of this older sister, it naturally couldn’t be Gu Jin, who had just been acknowledged. It could only be Gu Yang.

However, Gu Yang had always been disdainful of internet celebrities. How could she be Yangyang?

It was most likely because Gu Yang heard that Master Qu MO wanted to take her in as a disciple that Gu Yang specially asked Gu Pei to cause such a scene.

After all, Lu Wei and Gu Yang were competitors. Just as Lu Wei knew that Gu Yang wouldn’t lower herself to become an internet celebrity, Gu Yang could guess that she wouldn’t become an internet celebrity either. f reeweb

After thinking it through, Lu Wei quickly calmed down. “Did Gu Yang ask you to come over and cause trouble? Since she said that she’s Yangyang, let her come over and say her piece.”

Gu Pei was about to explode from anger. “I’ve never seen such a shameless person. Alright, just you wait. I’ll call my sister over. I’ll slap your face until it swells!” free(w)ebnovel

Lu Wei stopped Gu Pei and did not forget to make a good impression in front of Qu MO and Ji Minghui. “Stop, Gu Pei. Apologize to Master Qu MO and Director Ji first.”

To Gu Pei, an apology was naturally impossible.

“Brother Pei, wait for me. I’ll call your sister for you,” his childhood friend, Feng Duxing, volunteered.

The others gathered around to watch the show and posted on their Moments.

Qu MO was originally unhappy with Gu Pei’s sudden appearance, but when he heard that he was Gu Jin and Gu Yang’s younger brother, his expression softened.

Ji Minghui smiled and waved his hand. He said kindly, “Young Man, you’re young, so it’s normal to be impulsive. I can understand. But you just said that your older sister is Yangyang. What’s going on?”

“My older sister is the streamer, Yangyang. Not long ago, she followed me. I wonder what tricks Lu Wei used to steal my sister’s account.”

As Gu Pei spoke, he took out his phone and opened the homepage of his Grape app. “Look. I am the only person she followed.”

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