Triple Blessings: Mr. Fu’s Passionate Pursuit - C.265 - 261: The best strategy is to coax and convince the person to come back earlierMar 09, 2024

Triple Blessings: Mr. Fu’s Passionate Pursuit

C.265 - 261: The best strategy is to coax and convince the person to come back earlierMar 09, 2024

Chapter 265: Chapter 261: The best strategy is to coax and convince the person to come back earlier.

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Roy Lewis had nothing to say, so Richelle Dunn stepped away and continued preparing lunch.

She lowered her head, not looking at Roy Lewis, and said,

“Roy, there’s no need for you to chase after me. You should know that it’s useless for me. Give me some time and give yourself some time too, and we’ll eventually find an answer.”

Richelle felt that both she and Roy had enormous responsibilities, and love was not their entire life. They couldn’t just let everything else go because of a conflict in their romance.

Roy never intended to follow her around all day, because he knew it would only backfire when it came to Richelle.

“I don’t need time to think about anything. Once I realized how special you were to me, I’ve set my eyes on you. But I’ll respect you if you need some time. During work hours, I won’t bother you, but outside of those eight hours, can I still join you for meals and accompany the kids like before?”

Roy’s attitude was very sincere, and his position was humble.

To his surprise, Richelle agreed quickly and didn’t think his request was excessive.

The children, especially Timothy and Tifanny, really needed their father’s company.

Whether it was to make up for the missing fatherly love over the years or to build father-son/daughter relationships for a new life, it didn’t matter.

“Alright, starting tomorrow, your acupuncture sessions will be the same as before. I’ll prepare a guest room for you to use during your sessions. If you have any specific preferences for beddings or other items, you can ask Nathan to buy them for you. However, I must make it clear that the guest room is only for your acupuncture sessions, not for you to spend the night.”

Richelle said they needed some time, but she was also conflicted.

On one hand, Roy was her patient, and even if she wanted to put some distance between them and see each other less, she knew the acupuncture sessions should continue. On the other hand, Timothy and Tifanny had just reconnected with their father, and from the children’s perspective, they would want him to spend more time with them. Therefore, as their mother, she couldn’t stop them from seeing their father because of her own issues. fre ewebno

Roy thought he would have to work harder to convince her to let him stay, but she gave him both the guest room and the meals with no hesitation. Wasn’t this even better than their situation in Kindur?

Roy was secretly delighted, but of course, he didn’t show it on the surface. He quickly nodded and agreed.

Alright, we’ll do as you say. As for the guest room items, you can arrange them as you prefer.”

Thus, they temporarily reached an agreement, and the tension between them finally eased somewhat.

However, Roy became bolder, saying that he would help Richelle peel shrimp. His slender hands slowly peeled shrimp, but his passionate gaze spent two-thirds of the time fixed on Richelle.

Feeling his stare, Richelle grew uncomfortable.

Although she calmly negotiated with him, her heart was anything but calm, and huge waves surged within her.

After all, she was just a weakling when it came to romance.

All her intimate experiences with the opposite sex came from this man beside her.

The passionate scene from years ago had faded in her memory due to her self-hypnosis.

However, after reuniting with Roy and as their feelings for each other gradually changed and heated up, the memories of that night, like seeds watered and sunned in spring, began to sprout and sharpen, becoming clearer and clearer.

Moreover, she was particularly attracted to his good looks, and Roy just happened to be the kind of man she found appealing.

It was impossible for her not to fantasize about this man!

After all, she was a normal adult woman.

And this man had just fiercely held her tight, as if he wanted to devour her, plucking her without reservation.

The tingling sensation of being thrown onto a wave and then sliding back down still lingered in her heart.

And now, this man was using the excuse of helping her to invade her personal space with his gaze.

Richelle couldn’t take it anymore. After scooping the meat from the pan onto a plate, she nudged Roy with her elbow and pointed her chin toward the outside.

“Roy, go outside and accompany Timothy and Tifanny. I’m almost done here; once I finish this shrimp omelette, we can start eating.”

Roy looked at her with a hint of a smile, his gentle gaze lingering on her blushing ears and face.

“Are you sure you don’t need my help?”

Richelle detected the teasing in his words, and couldn’t help but feel indignant. They had agreed to give each other some time, but he kept provoking her intentionally or unintentionally!

Like the passionate French kiss earlier, it was so out of line that it deserved a red card!

Richelle glared at him.

“Roy, I warn you, if you do something like that again, I’ll kick you out of the game!”

Her tone was fierce.

However, she didn’t realize that at this moment, she looked like a peach blossom in Roy’s eyes, and her fierce words sounded like nothing more than a teased kitten scratching at him.

But this kitten had a fierce temper, so Roy didn’t dare reveal any mischief on his face.

He hid his smile and looked pitiful.

“But I can’t help myself, what should I do?”

Richelle was so exasperated by his shamelessness that she almost vomited blood. She raised her eyebrows and snapped at him impatiently.

“How should I know what you should do? You’re thirty years old, don’t you know how to control yourself?”

Roy nodded, “Yes, I’m thirty, but I only have feelings for you. I have no experience in this either. Besides, you must have heard a saying.”

Richelle replied irritably, “What saying?”

Roy looked calm and collected, “When the old house catches fire, there’s no saving it!”

Richelle was already furious, but hearing his shameless words, she couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

She felt a mix of anger and amusement and wanted to suppress her laughter but couldn’t. She shot him a glance with a smile.

“Master Lewis, is this how you see yourself?”

Roy had long since given up on preserving his dignity in front of Richelle.

After all, his “wife” was the most important thing. What was the point of saving face? Winning her back and being able to hold and kiss her was what truly mattered!

‘Tm already thirty, an old uncle. If I’m not an old house, then what am I? Unlike you, a twenty-five-year-old beauty surrounded by handsome men. You’ve got the scholarly type, the romantic type, the intellectual type… a dazzling array. I’m just a poor, lonely old man.”

Richelle couldn’t help but laugh again, looking at him with amusement.

“Roy, for the sake of coaxing me, are you really okay with lowering yourself like this?”

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