Triple Blessings: Mr. Fu’s Passionate Pursuit

C.286 - 282: Zheng Bao Yu Bao RecognizesMar 22, 2024

Chapter 286: Chapter 282: Zheng Bao Yu Bao Recognizes

Ancestors and Returns to His Clan, Part 3

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Richelle Dunn didn’t ask why, but, what she cared about was Roy Lewis’s attitude. As for the old man, if he really didn’t like her, there was nothing she could do.

As long as he treated the children well, she didn’t demand anything else.

After thinking it through, Richelle no longer obsessed over it and stopped worrying needlessly. She sat on the sofa and looked at her emails on her phone.

During her one-month absence, Mr. Chapman had a few emergency patients. Richelle couldn’t return in time, so she asked Kendrick Yacoub to fly in on her behalf.

The treatment results and postoperative recovery of these patients were acceptable.

Now that she was back, she would take over some follow-up treatments for these patients.

Roy was also busy handling the backlog of business during this time, making one phone call after another.

About half an hour later, the old man walked leisurely down the stairs.

Richelle stood up neither humbly nor arrogantly, waiting for him to come over and then nodded to greet him.


At this moment, Grandpa’s attitude towards Richelle was completely different from before.

His gaze was no longer filled with scrutiny or curiosity as it was in the past.

Instead, just like looking at his own junior, he smiled lovingly and nodded at her.

“Sit down, I want to have a chat with you.”

This change came too swiftly. Richelle instinctively glanced at Roy, received his reassuring gaze, and felt more at ease.

“Grandpa, feel free to speak your mind.”

Richelle’s impression of Grandpa was neither good nor bad.

In the past, he was an irrelevant old man, and even if he had said something nasty, she didn’t take it to heart.

But now, this old man was her lover’s grandpa and the great-grandpa to her children. She couldn’t treat him like an unrelated person anymore.

However, the fact proved that the person who taught Roy Lewis his noble character, even if a bit old-fashioned and domineering, had an equally upright character.

Grandpa didn’t act as if nothing had happened when it came to his past difficulties and scolding of Richelle because of his seniority.

Instead, he sincerely and earnestly apologized to Richelle.

“Richelle, I was old and confused about the past things, my apologies.”

Richelle didn’t expect Grandpa to be so direct. In her fixed cognition, people of his age, even if they made mistakes, would mostly act senile and pretend that nothing had happened.

Those who were brave enough to admit their mistakes, like him, were rare indeed.

“Grandpa, the past things were just misunderstandings, don’t worry about it. If I said anything that made you uncomfortable, feel free to scold me. Let’s clear the air, and put the past behind us.”

Richelle, being similarly open and upright, spoke up. She intentionally refilled Grandpa’s cup with tea, as a gesture of respect, giving him a step down.

“Grandpa, have some tea to moisten your throat. It must be quite tiring to talk with those naughty kids, right?”

Grandpa was originally prepared for a pushback from his junior. But Richelle accepted his apology without hesitation and gave him a ladder to climb down gracefully, gaining his favor.

When she then mentioned the great-grandchildren, he couldn’t help but be overjoyed.

“Oh, it’s not tiring at all. Children should be chattering and lively, adorable as they are. Unlike Roy, who has always been a closed clam since childhood, never uttering a fart no matter how much I teased him.” freewebnov(e)l

Grandpa quickly sided with Richelle, even throwing his own grandson – Roy – under the bus, much to his surprise.

He was amazed at how capable Richelle was, and wore a perfunctory smile on his face to mask his astonishment.

“Grandpa, I am your own grandson!”

Grandpa didn’t try to hide his partiality now that he had great-grandchildren. He snorted, unapologetically.

“Where is my own grandson? He only knows how to give me a heart attack every day.” freeweb(n)

Richelle glanced at Roy with a smile and took full responsibility for the mistake.

“Grandpa, it’s my fault, I didn’t inform him before bringing Timmy back to South Asia.”

Grandpa seemed to have already understood the low status of his own grandson in the small family, so without any hesitation, he leaned closer towards Richelle.

“Richelle, don’t cover up for him. If he hadn’t made such a big mistake, would you bring the child back to your parents’ home?”

Well, now Grandpa was treating Richelle like a granddaughter-in-law outrightly.

Roy was being scolded but had a smile on his face.

Richelle, on the other hand, felt incredibly awkward inside, even though she was the one being favored. She had no choice but to keep her feelings hidden.

She cleared her throat and supported her knees to stand.

“I’ll go to the kitchen to see what’s there to eat, and prepare some snacks for the children to fill their stomachs.”

Roy, afraid that she wasn’t familiar with the kitchen layout, also stood up, thinking of giving her a hand.

Grandpa, however, signaled for him to sit down and told Uncle Axel.

“Axel, go see if there’s anything you can do to help Richelle.”

Uncle Axel was a smart man, who else could understand that Grandpa wanted to talk about serious matters with his grandson?

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