Unlocking The Easy Mode Of Cultivation After Getting Married - C.386 - : Caused Big Trouble


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Chapter 386: Chapter 386: Caused Big Trouble

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“Master, if you want to go, you should go with her first. Your current strength far surpasses that of the Purple Gold Saint child. The Purple Gold Holy Land will value you more, and it would be a good opportunity to suppress him,” Qin Changqing said.

He would naturally not prevent the Sect Leader from returning to the Purple

Gold Holy Land.

The Sect Leader shook her head, “I won’t return.”

Then she looked towards Qin Changqing, “Qin Changqing, what I am worried about now is you. It took you just over 500 years to reach the Integration stage.

Once the news spreads, it may cause a great commotion.”

“Next, you will surely be considered a reincarnated immortal, and many holy lands will try to win you over. But you will also officially enter the sights of the Demon Gate Sacred Land.”

As she said this, the Sect Leader paused.

“Moreover, that woman might go even crazier. Not only would she deal with me, but this time, she might also plan to get rid of you.”

The Sect Leader said.

“Master, no need to worry.”

Qin Changqing gently held her hand.

“I was never worried when my strength was weak. Now that I’ve reached Integration, let whatever minor threats come.”

In Qin Changqing’s calm voice, there was a strong confidence.

The Sect Leader is not unacquainted with this side of Qin Changqing.

Throughout the centuries, Qin Changqing has always been calm and persistent no matter what he faced, never once frowning. 𝔣𝖗𝔢𝖊𝔴𝖊𝔟𝔫𝔬𝖛𝔢𝖑.𝔠𝔬𝔪

And it was this Qin Changqing, with an incredibly rapid speed, rose up, blocking wave after wave of enemies for her.

Every time, no matter how powerful or formidable the enemy, Qin Changqing could always resolve it with a light touch.

It seemed there was no enemy that Qin Changqing couldn’t deal with.

This is where Qin Changqing’s charm lies!

At this moment, a huge Five Elements Spirit Dragon flew over from a distance, and Liu Xiaowan arrived as well.


Upon seeing Qin Changging, Liu Xiaowan’s eyes subconsciously scanned over


After finding that Qin Changqing was fine, she sighed in relief.

Subsequently, she looked at Qin Changqing with adoring eyes, “Husband, I heard that you reached the Integration stage?”

Qin Changqing responded with a nod.

“Wow, husband, you’re amazing!”

Liu Xiaowan said happily, her pretty eyes full of admiration.

This girl had become Qin Changqing’s little fangirl.

Who could resist the admiration of an almost perfect, rosy-cheeked girl!

When Liu Xiaowan arrived, the Sect Leader ended her conversation with Qin Changqing.

Time passed day by day.

One month later, the news of Qin Changqing’s breakthrough to Integration had spread throughout the Central State, known to many cultivators.

To spread throughout the entire Vast Wave Realm would still take some time.

After all, many cultivators were still in seclusion, cultivating.

Meanwhile, in the Northern Region, a large number of Deifiers and Nascent Souls from other realms have already arrived.

As the Master of Butterfly Cloud Peak was about to breakthrough to the Integration stage, these cultivators were not only shocked by Qin Changqing’s progress but also rejoiced at the increasing prosperity of the Vast Wave Realm.

The more prosperous a domain, the more benefits the ordinary cultivators can enjoy.

Another half month later, finally, on this day, the aura of the Master of Butterfly Cloud Peak suddenly changed.

It seemed as if countless butterflies appeared within tens of thousands of miles of the Zhou Kingdom.

“She’s integrating the Heavenly Heart! ”

Qin Changqing naturally knew why the Master of Butterfly Cloud Peak had caused this phenomenon.

It was because she was integrating the Heavenly Heart into her body.

The Heavenly Phenomenon she caused was indeed quite fitting for her alias.

This Heavenly Phenomenon didn’t last long. It receded quickly.

Soon after, the Master of Butterfly Cloud Peak stood up.

She had also succeeded. She had successfully broken through to the Integration stage.

Then, the Tribulation Thunder came.

At the time the Master of Butterfly Cloud Peak broke through to the Integration stage,

The Purple Gold Nascent Soul named Gongsun Zhi, on his flying boat, finally returned to the Tianlan Realm.

The Purple Gold Holy Land is located in the core of the Tianlan Realm, where countless spiritual veins gather. The core area of the Holy Land floats in the sky.

“After we return, if you hope for the Holy Land to make up for our losses, that’s what you have to say to them.”

Above the flying boat, the voice of Gongsun Zhi resonates.

He has been recovering from injuries for over a month.

Until now, he hasn’t fully recovered, his face looked somewhat pale.

Lu Huaian also looked pale. This genius of Void Refinement was seriously injured by Qin Changqing, only the other Void Refinement didn’t get injured.

The three of them were hit too hard by Qin Changqing this time. All of their Fairy Stones were seized by Qin Changqing, and they even lost a lot of precious items.

Adding to that, each of them has a debt note. The number on it made their hearts tremble at first glance.

Naturally, they wanted the Purple Gold Holy Land to pay for this loss.

“Rest assured, Elder Gongsun, we will definitely do as instructed.”

The two of them nodded in agreement.

At this moment, a ray of flowing light flew from afar and caught up with their flying boat.

Being faster than the flying boat of the Holy Land, this stream of light was naturally a communication symbol.

It was coming for Gongsun Zhi.

With a wave of his hand, Gongsun Zhi received the contents of the communication symbol.

Quickly, after absorbing the contents of the symbol, his expression changed dramatically.

“Elder, what’s wrong?”

Another Void Refinement asked.

Gongsun Zhi moved his hand, sharing the contents of the symbol with him and Lu Huaian.

After the two absorbed the contents, immediately, their faces also changed.

“This…this is impossible!”

The Void Refinement looked horrified and was somewhat stuttering.

It wasn’t just him, Lu Huaian’s face also changed drastically.

Even though Lu Huaian was a genius who reached the peak of Refining Void Stage with a little over two thousand years of cultivation, and could withstand a few hits of Integration head-on.

But faced with this news, he couldn’t sit still, his face also covered with shock.

All three of them were shocked by this news. “Elder, could this information be wrong?”

After a long while, Lu Huaian finally asked.

“Anping works very rigorously, the accuracy of this information should be quite high.”

Gongsun Zhi trusts the people he sends out.

“But how is this possible? Not even six hundred years old and has reached Integration. Even for someone with the Immortal Spirit Root, it shouldn’t be this fast!”

Lu Huaian voiced out his doubts.

“It is also possible, what if this Qin Changqing is a Reincarnated Immortal?”

The other Void Refinement said.

A Reincarnated Immortal!

These four words made Lu Huaian’s eyes narrow.

Naturally, he knew how the Purple Gold Holy Land came to be.

In the Purple Gold Holy Land, there’s a top-secret document recording the life of that Reincarnated Immortal.

Ordinary people don’t have the qualification to browse this document.

Lu Huaian also didn’t have the qualification, but he once heard a person at the Integration stage talking about it. That Reincarnated Immortal’s growth was also astoundingly fast.

After all, he used to be an Immortal. The purpose of reincarnation could be to cultivate anew.

It’s just like how many Great Abilities today wish to redo their Foundation Establishment Stage, securing their foundation.

“We may have caused a big mess this time!” Gongsun Zhi smacked his forehead and said with great regrets.

Caused a big mess!

Lu Huaian and the other Void Refinement cultivator shared this feeling.

If Qin Changqing really is a Reincarnated Immortal, then the Purple Gold Holy Land definitely would spare no efforts to win him over, fighting to become his dao protector.

The Great Ability behind the Purple Gold Saint Child probably wouldn’t be able to stop it.

Even though that Great Ability is powerful, he is not the master of the Holy Land after all.

Given this situation, during their journey, they nearly offended Qin Changqing to death.

If this isn’t causing a big mess, what is?