Unlocking The Easy Mode Of Cultivation After Getting Married - C.391 - : Watching


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Chapter 391: Chapter 391: Watching

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Master of Guiyuan Sect prepared to return to Guiyuan Sect to continue undergoing her Tribulation Passing Stage.

Her visit this time brought many things for Peak Master Butterfly Cloud and

Qin Changqing.

All these things were useful for integration.

“Sect Leader, these elixirs are for you, they should be of some help to you.” When she was leaving, Qin Changqing gave her a bottle of elixir.

He did not have much knowledge about the Five Declines of Heaven -Man, so he was not certain that the elixir would definitely be helpful for her.

However, it would definitely be of some use.

If it was truly helpful, only after Qin Changqing himself experienced the Five

Declines of Heaven-Man, he might be able to refine elixirs that could aid in the Five Declines of Heaven-Man.

However, during the Tribulation Passing Stage, the elixir was always an aid, the key was oneself.

Master of Guiyuan Sect left.

Soon, another news spread throughout the North Region.

That is, Qin Changqing was about to marry the Saintess from the Holy Ground Wentiangong.

“Did Senior Qin really rope in the Saintess from the Holy Land?”

“That’s too powerful!”

“Everyone outside is saying that Senior Qin is a hundred percent reincarnation of an immortal, this time it seems to be really true-

“Reincarnated from an Immortal? Oh my God, no wonder Senior Qin grows so fast!”

The cultivators in the North Region were once again shocked.

Those cultivators who came to the North Region from other territories were also immensely surprised.

In fact,

After the news of Qin Changqing achieving Integration spread, a large number of Loose Cultivators from other territories decided to settle in the North Region.

Now, the news of the reincarnated immortal is spreading again, attracting even more cultivators to the North Region, especially the area around Taixuan Peak.

Amidst this hustle and bustle, Qin Changqing arrived at Taichu Sacred Land.

“Little Qing-

Sect Leader Aunt seemed very fond of him when she saw Qin Changqing.

She didn’t change the way she addressed Qin Changqing, which he preferred.

It showed that in her heart, she considered Qin Changqing as her true family.

Qin Changqing, who had crossed to this world alone, grew up in an orphanage before his traversal. Having such a caring elder turned out to be quite good.

“After Mengxian’s parents found out she was here, they sent her a message, wanting her to go to the Purple Gold Holy Land, but she refused.” fr𝚎𝗲𝐰ebnov𝐞𝐥.𝐜o𝗺

Sect Leader Aunt started telling Qin Changqing about the situation.

“That woman hasn’t caused any trouble recently, she’s probably waiting for the Ancestor to leave seclusion. We’ve incapacitated her son, but did not kill him, alas, our strength is still not enough to contend with the Ancestor.” Sect Leader Aunt added.

“Aunt, how powerful is Ancestor Dongfang?” Qin Changqing asked.

He wasn’t surprised that they didn’t kill that useless person. After all, he was the son of the Ancestor. If they had killed him, Ancestor Dongfang would have probably flown into a rage.

If it were Qin Changqing, he would have just killed him.”

They chose not to kill him, probably because they were afraid of causing too much trouble for Qin Changqing.

Even though they didn’t kill him, they disabled him, giving Ancestor Dongfang a way out.

Although, in Qin Changqing’s view, Ancestor Dongfang might not take it.

But since they had made their decision, Qin Changqing did not say more.

“The Ancestor once fought with a Demon Lord at the First Decline of Heaven and Man from Demon Saint Sect many years ago. The Ancestor is probably stronger now.”

Sect Leader Aunt explained.

Qin Changqing understood.

No wonder the Dongfang Family could almost be equal to the Holy Land and was even stronger than the First-grade Immortal Sects.

Ancestor Dongfang, it seemed, was at least a powerful cultivator at the First Decline of Heaven and Man.

Just don’t know if he has the strength of the Second Decline of Heavenly Man.

The other side seemed to be still in seclusion, not sure when he will come out.

No wonder, even though her son was captured, that woman was still quiet.

But even if she’s not quiet, what can she do now?

In the face of absolute strength, that woman can now only rely on Ancestor Dongfang.

As for her second son, he still needs time to grow.

In this battle, Qin Changqing was outstanding, the sect leader’s progress could also be considered freakish, she would probably not find anyone else to rely on.

“According to the information from Mengxian’s parents, news of this battle has already been spread within the Purple Gold Sacred Land. However, Senior Yunyan is still in seclusion and is unaware of this. The higher-ups in the

Sacred Land are mostly in closed meditation.”

“At present, the Purple Gold Sacred Land is helmed by the great forces supporting the Purple Gold Saint. They seem to be completely behind the Purple Gold Saint, but they should not act against us in the short term.”

The Sect Leader Aunt added.

Qin Changqing understood.

No wonder, after these few months, the Senior Yunyan the Sect Leader mentioned, has yet to arrive.

So, he is in seclusion.

That’s normal, as this is the normal state in the cultivation world.

Most are in constant seclusion.

Those active outside are the minority.

With Qin Changqing’s current growth rate, perhaps, one day he would become famous all over the world after achieving immortality, and some powerful cultivators who were in seclusion for too long would know nothing about him.

Only after they came out of seclusion would they realize that during their retreat, such a freakishly powerful existence had emerged in the cultivation world, and so many epic events had occurred.

This is what cultivation is about.

“Aunt, where’s Master?”

“She’s still consolidating her strength.”


After receiving this information, Qin Changqing did not disturb the Sect Leader. Instead, he began preparations for his wedding with the Purple Snow Holy Girl.

The wedding was still a grand affair. The Questioning Heaven Academy would also hold this grandly.

After all, this was the wedding where a Sacred Land married off a Saintess.

Three months later, the wedding was held as scheduled. On this day, the sky over Taixuan Peak was filled with flying boats.

Anywhere in Tianchuan State one looked up, one could see flying boats coming and going.

The wedding of a Saintess from a Sacred Land, the scene was grand indeed.

The bridal procession was extravagant.

In the Vast Wave Realm, cultivators above the Nascent Soul stage, except those in seclusion, essentially all came.

Many cultivators had only heard of the name of Sacred Lands, and had never seen a person of the Sacred Land in their life.

Now, Qin Changqing was even marrying a Saintess from a Sacred Land.

So naturally, they came to watch the excitement.

This made the wedding even more lively.

At this wedding, there were many gifts from Immortal Sects of other realms.

Even a few Sacred Lands sent gifts.

Even the Purple Gold Sacred Land sent a congratulatory gift.

In the view of Sect Leader Aunt, because the Purple Gold Sacred Land was backed by the great power supporting the Purple Gold Saint, it seemed unlikely that they would try to attract Qin Changqing.

The powerful figure’s strength was at least at the Three Declines of Heaven-Man, which was frightening, and he also had a certain potential to become an Immortal.

Qin Changqing’s actions had caused heavy losses to the Purple Gold Sacred Land and damaged his authority, so this powerful figure valued the Purple Gold Saint highly.

Being an Innate Taoist Body was not simple. This constitution made understanding the heaven and earth extremely easy and simple, which greatly increased the likelihood of the Purple Gold Saint becoming an Immortal.

That powerful figure might not necessarily discard the Purple Gold Saint.

However, since this time it was the Questioning Heaven Academy marrying a Saintess, as a figure at the Three Declines of Heaven-Man, he ultimately did not lose his demeanor on small matters.

Of course, he might also be observing.

After all, if Qin Changqing really was a Reincarnated Immortal, his value would naturally be greater than that of an Innate Taoist Body.

Just what if they could not resolve the grudges due to the Purple Gold Saint?

All of these speculations are possible..