After Transmigration, She Sold Herself to a Man as a Wife - C.116


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Seeing the puzzled expressions on Luo Ge and the others, Hu Jun took a sip of tea to clear his throat before explaining the situation in detail.

"Their corruption has been proven with hard facts. The matter is settled."

According to Hu Jun, Lu Manager and his associates had pocketed a considerable fortune from First Class Pavilion over the years.

The two of them had even acquired large manors in town, not to mention several shops.

They had also acquired numerous fields and properties in the countryside, already behaving like outright landed gentry.

However, Lu Manager and his group had been working at First Class Pavilion for nearly six years, so it was unsurprising that they could embezzle such a large sum over that extended period.

After careful calculations, it was estimated that Lu Manager and his associates had embezzled over 3,000 taels of silver from the previous owner of First Class Pavilion over the years.

With their investments in fields, shops, and other assets, their ill-gotten gains had multiplied significantly.

But now, all of their assets had been seized and ordered to be returned to the previous owner of First Class Pavilion.

The resolution was reasonable, but the main issue of poisoning could not implicate those behind the scenes at Spring Bloom Pavilion.

"He said that the grain in the small storehouse was the only batch you two personally delivered to the restaurant.

They chose it specifically to frame you by lacing the flour with poison - a method less likely to arouse suspicion.

He calculated that given the current business situation at the restaurant, that bag of flour would not be used until after they had left the restaurant.

So even if an incident occurred at the restaurant, they could not be implicated and would evade punishment."

Upon hearing this, Luo Ge and Gu Jinchen looked at each other in dismay: "........"

One had to admit, Lu's scheme was indeed quite meticulous.

When Hu Jun reached this point, he paused as well, clearly sharing the same thought as Luo Ge and the others. After glancing at Gu Jinchen, he continued.

"Their plan was to wait for an incident at First Class Pavilion, then take the opportunity to acquire it at a low price. But they never expected to be discovered by you." 𝒻𝓻𝘦𝑒𝓌𝑒𝓫𝓷𝑜𝓋𝘦𝓵.𝓬𝘰𝓂

"Once detained by the authorities, they knew they could not escape punishment, so they confessed everything."

"As for the poisoning, although it was Lu's careful plan, the idea was 'suggested' to them by Spring Bloom Pavilion."

At this point, Hu Jun frowned and sighed: "But the people at Spring Bloom Pavilion are very cautious. They only communicate face-to-face, always choosing places without others around, so no incriminating evidence was left behind."

"Without witnesses or physical evidence, even if the people from Spring Bloom Pavilion are brought in, there is no way to prosecute them."

"The higher authorities have decided... to let this matter rest.... Lu and his associate have already been sent to the mines today, unlikely to return in this lifetime."

Hu Jun fell silent after saying this and looked at the two men.

Upon hearing this, Luo Ge also fell silent for a moment. They had previously found witnesses to monitor Lu Manager.

But from what Hu Jun said, even with evidence, this was as far as the matter could go.

It made sense - Spring Bloom Pavilion was backed by the powerful Fu Family, who monopolized so many tavern businesses in the area and became the leader. It was only natural for them to have such means at their disposal.

With money, many things could be accomplished.

They should have expected this.

Thinking this, Gu Jinchen smiled at Hu Jun: "I understand, brother."

Luo Ge also nodded in agreement.

But they were both clear that the other party had now set their sights on them. The conflict between them and Spring Bloom Pavilion was unlikely to be resolved.

They were not afraid of trouble, but seeing how much Hu Jun had done for them, running back and forth dealing with this matter, they did not wish to cause him further difficulties or worries.

Seeing their understanding, Hu Jun sniffed and could not help but offer a final warning:

"The current young mistress of Spring Bloom Pavilion in Yiyang Town is the most doted-upon youngest daughter of the Fu Family Master."

"I've heard she is very talented in business, thus much favored by the Fu Family Master. But her character is willful and ruthless. You two should be more cautious in the future. If anything happens, come find me again."

"Understood, we'll be careful."

Although they were already well aware of the Fu Family's power, Hu Jun's final words still struck a chord in Gu Jinchen and the others' hearts.

Looking at the two brothers, Luo Ge stood up.

"You two keep chatting. Let me go ask them to add a couple of dishes so you brothers can enjoy a drink today."

"Great, thanks Sister-in-law."

At the mention of alcohol, Hu Jun couldn't help but swallow. Running around the authorities day after day, he had been looking for an opportunity to have a drink or two. So he naturally did not refuse.

Of course, Gu Jinchen did not refuse the chance to drink with his good friend either.

But before they could take a sip, Hu Jun was called away by a frantic Little Catcher rushing in.

"Brother Jun, there's another incident!"

Just as Hu Jun raised his cup to toast Gu Jinchen, a young catcher came rushing into the tavern, heading straight for Hu Jun.

Startled, Hu Jun didn't wait for the others to react before rushing downstairs with the young catcher.

"Jinchen, I'll make it up to you next time!" he shouted back as he ran.


Watching Hu Jun's retreating figure, everyone was left bewildered.

But when they saw the notice posted at the town gates as they left the tavern in the evening, they immediately understood why Hu Jun had rushed off so urgently.


"Human traffickers?" Luo Ge frowned as he read the notice.

According to the notice, a group of human traffickers specializing in abducting young boys had infiltrated Yiyang Town. Within just a few days, several families had already reported missing young sons.

The authorities were doing their utmost to apprehend the traffickers, but as always, these traffickers were exceptionally vicious and cunning. To prevent further victims, the notice was posted to warn the public.

All households were advised not to allow children to go out unattended and to exercise extra caution to avoid falling victim.

Upon reading this, Luo Ge and his wife immediately thought of their own two young sons and wasted no time boarding a carriage to rush back home.

Only after collecting the two boys from the school gates did they finally relax.