After Transmigration, She Sold Herself to a Man as a Wife - C.117


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"Look at you two lovebirds in such a frantic rush, these little critters play around the village every day, and they are even more familiar with the nooks and crannies of the village than we are. Are you still afraid of losing them?"

Some other elders from the village came to pick up their children, seeing Luo Ge and Gu Jinchen's frantic expressions, they couldn't help but laugh and ask.

Not to mention Luo Ge, but it was rare to see the stern-faced Gu Jinchen looking so anxious.

Although the neighbors were merely teasing them, Luo Ge and Gu Jinchen nodded earnestly.

"Yes, we are afraid of losing them."

As he spoke, he instinctively tightened his grip on the little ones' hands. Yun Mu and Yun Yi looked up at them with bewilderment but obediently allowed them to hold their hands.

"Ah?" The teasing woman was taken aback by their serious attitude.

With everyone present, Luo Ge and Gu Jinchen then recounted the content of the notice they saw in the town.

"Oh dear, these damned things again, bringing calamity!"

After hearing what Luo Ge and Gu Jinchen said, everyone unanimously held their children closer.

Everyone harbored deep resentment towards Human Traffickers.

Over the years, who knows how many people have been harmed by these despicable scoundrels. fr𝚎𝗲𝐰ebnov𝐞𝐥.𝐜o𝗺

"The evildoers have not been caught yet, so everyone be careful and pass the word around when you go home."

Seeing everyone's reaction, Gu Jinchen spoke up as well.

"No need for us to do that."

After picking up the two little ones from the village school, Luo Ge and Gu Jinchen went to find the village chief and informed him of the situation.

The village chief arranged for the news to be spread to every household.

"Uncle, are Human Traffickers very bad people?" Older Baby and Second Baby looked up at Gu Jinchen and asked when they returned to their courtyard.

They had heard the term 'Human Traffickers' many times before, but never truly understood its significance.

Most of the time, they heard it when their friends in the village were being scolded by their parents for misbehaving.

Phrases like "If you don't listen, I'll sell you to the Human Traffickers!" or "Don't wander around, or you might get taken by the Human Traffickers!" were commonly used.

Whenever children were disobedient, many adults would say such things.

But their uncle and aunt had never said such things to them.

Since they were born, there had been no cases of Human Traffickers in the village, so they didn't fully comprehend the issue.

"Yes, Human Traffickers are very bad people," Luo Ge nodded and pulled the two little ones closer, her expression serious.

"If you get taken by Human Traffickers, Yun Mu and Yun Yi might never see your uncle and aunt again."

Without sugarcoating the truth, she explained it to them directly.

Only by understanding the gravity of the situation would they become more vigilant.

No matter how carefully adults try to protect children, accidents can still happen.

If they learn to protect themselves, it adds another layer of security.

Hearing Luo Ge's words, the two little ones widened their eyes and tightened their grip on her hands.

"I don't want to not see Uncle and Aunt anymore."

"Yun Yi wants to stay with Uncle and Aunt, and wait for our baby brother or sister to come out and play."

Hearing the children's words, Gu Jinchen looked up at Luo Ge, who smiled gently and ruffled their heads.

"Then you must remember what Aunt says carefully."

"Okay." The two little ones straightened their backs and looked at Luo Ge earnestly.

"Human Traffickers are very good at deceiving people.

They might lure you with delicious food, but put drugs in the food to make you fall asleep, then take you away so Uncle and Aunt can never find you again.

That's why Aunt keeps reminding you not to accept anything from strangers or unfamiliar people."

"They might also tell you that they know Uncle and Aunt.

They'll ask you to take them to find Uncle and Aunt, and then when you're not paying attention, they'll knock you out and take you away."

"They're also skilled at disguising themselves. Sometimes they might pretend to be an old grandpa or grandma, and suddenly fall down on the street, then take advantage of your kindness and trick you into coming over...

Or they might send children around your age to get close to you..."

"They might also leave some money or pretty little toys on the street to attract you.

Then they'll show up and say you took their things, and demand you return them, saying they'll take you to the officials. But instead, they'll take you away..."

"Or on the street, they might impersonate your parents and forcibly take you away..."

"After taking you away, they might sell you to other families, sell you to faraway places to work as servants."

"Or they might break your limbs, gouge out your eyes, cut off your tongue, and leave you on the street as a beggar to beg for money for them."

"They might also sell you to doctors to be used as test subjects for medicines."

"Being a test subject is even more terrifying than being a beggar. For example, they might cut open your flesh and then use medicine to treat you, to test the effects...

Or they might intentionally injure you in different ways, and test medicines on you."

Seeing tears welling up in the two little ones' eyes, Luo Ge sighed and didn't continue further.

She pulled them into an embrace and patted their heads, reiterating her warnings.

"Don't wander off alone, don't interact with strangers, don't go to unfamiliar places, and don't touch anything of unknown origin."

"If any of the situations I described happen, you must shout that you don't know them, and shout for help...

If you can, run, run to crowded places.

If you do get taken away, try to leave some clues behind, Uncle and Aunt will definitely find a way to rescue you."

"Do you understand?"

She knew that what she said was quite graphic, but she also knew that the reality of being trafficked would be even more horrific.

Compared to letting them experience it, she preferred being harsh now.

Hearing this, the two little ones sniffled and nodded obediently with red eyes.

"We remember."

"Don't run around, don't touch or eat things randomly, don't talk to people you don't know..."

"Shout if you need to, run if you need to, drop whatever you're carrying..."

They could see that Gu Jinchen and Luo Ge were concerned, and understood the intention behind their instructions.

So they paid close attention to every sentence Luo Ge said.

"Good kids."