Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show? - C.07 Special treatment for Zhang Xingchens fans

Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show?

C.07 Special treatment for Zhang Xingchens fans

Hearing the girls words, Wang Yuns gaze fell onto the cash register, specifically on the red banknotes inside. His eyebrows slightly lifted in amusement.

Hehe, he certainly is handsome.

Ill get your change, the girl said with a smile, beginning to count out Wang Yuns change.

By the way, could you grab that bottle of alcohol behind you for me? asked Wang Yun, joining in on the laughter.

Sure, which one? she asked, nodding her head as she turned to glance at the array of bottles behind her.

The blue one at the very top behind you, Wang Yun replied, pointing at a specific bottle. The girl immediately went on tiptoes to retrieve it. At that moment, Wang Yun swiftly maneuvered his arm, subtly folding five banknotes into his palm.

The audience watching the live broadcast room saw as Wang Yun subtly took the money, their excitement palpable.

Its starting again.

Haha, here we go again.

By the way, I caught part of the livestream earlier. Seems theres a fugitive on the loose around here, Wang Yun casually commented, nonchalantly pocketing the money.

Oh, right, I think there was one. There were a few customers earlier that kept me busy, so I didnt catch everything that happened. Its the fugitive that Zhang Xingchen is supposed to catch. He even managed to escape. Humph, but Im sure Brother Zhang Xingchen will catch him soon. He wont get far. The girl gave a cute huff, scrunching her nose.

Indeed, hell surely be caught. Also, could you get me another one of these bottles? I need it as a gift, Wang Yun added, his gaze subtly gleaming.

Sure thing.

Slightly bemused, the girl turned around to grab another bottle. As she turned her back, Wang Yun subtly moved his hand once again.


What does this mean? Is he being extra sneaky because shes a fan of Zhang Xingchen?

Hahaha, Im laughing so hard I might wet myself. So youre a fan of Zhang Xingchen? In that case, Ill swipe a bit more.

This guy, No. 33, is hilarious, isnt he?

The viewers watching the live stream chat were slightly taken aback seeing Wang Yun carry on, and they burst into laughter.

Meeting a fan of Zhang Xingchen? All the more reason to take a bit extra. Hilarious, wasnt it?


Adding these two bottles of wine and a pack of cigarettes, thats 283 yuan. The girl, holding the second bottle, calculated the total.

Thats too steep. Forget the wine, just charge me for the cigarettes, Wang Yun interjected, shaking his head slightly.

His comment made the girl roll her eyes, but she refrained from saying anything.

Fine then, your change is 55 yuan, the girl, without another word, handed Wang Yun his change.

Thanks, youre a good person.

Accepting the change and grabbing his cigarettes, Wang Yun thanked her with a small smile playing on his lips, then headed straight for the exit.

What a weirdo, the girl murmured, watching Wang Yun leave. She then shut the cash drawer and went back to watching the livestream.

Clean up crew, youre up, Wang Yun casually said as he stepped out of the liquor store. He then waited for a taxi at the entrance, ready to switch locations.


Youre a good person?

Miss, do you realize youre a thousand yuan short?

I cant believe this. He didnt even end up buying the wine, and shes clueless that shes down a thousand.

Brilliant! If he did this daily, hed get rich in no time.

Big bro is impressive.

At that moment, the viewers in the live stream were flabbergasted. This was audacious, he didnt even buy the wine but still made off with a thousand yuan.

Is this a special privilege for Zhang Xingchens fans?

A barrage of astonished comments flooded the screen, each followed by a slew of question marks.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Wang Yun, his actions piqued the considerable interest of the programs production team. f(r)eewebn(o)

Did you catch what happened in the live broadcast of Fugitive No. 33? This fugitive is different from the rest, and the recent situation revealed a societal issue.

In a room next to the control center at the headquarters of the Skynet Operation show, several of the programs prominent producers were viewing the live feed. They exchanged glances before beginning a discussion.

Fugitive No. 33 managed to steal 1,500 yuan through a simple scheme. This isnt solely due to the cashiers negligence but also to the fugitives lightning-quick actions. Did you notice how fast his hands moved? Most people simply dont have that kind of speed and couldnt possibly steal money from a cash register so silently in such a short span of time, one producer pointed out, a frown creasing his brow.

If this impersonator can do it, that means its replicable. I think we should issue a social warning.

Agreed, its necessary. The two cashiers were far too lax. However, I didnt expect a fugitive to pull something like this off on the very first day.

The producers sighed softly after a brief discussion. The societal warning was a hallmark of the Skynet Operation show. If a fugitive consistently succeeded in committing a crime in a unique way, a warning was issued to alert everyone. fre(e)webnov(l).com

Warnings had also been issued in the previous season.

However, the last seasons warning was intended to inform the public on how to identify and respond to criminals, and how to protect themselves. This time, though, the warning originated from a fugitive impersonator.

This was a first for the show. The warning was directed at store cashiers and employees, cautioning them against such theft tactics.

This was also one of the shows aims and one of the reasons it was so well-received.

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