Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show? - C.08 Social Warning, Everyone is Shocked

Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show?

C.08 Social Warning, Everyone is Shocked

More than two hours quickly passed since the Skynet Operation show had begun.

Ive got one, Wu Mingyu, the team leader of team two suddenly proclaimed.

Really? So soon? Zhang Xingchen, whose eyes were slightly red from diligently observing the monitor, couldnt help but utter his surprise.

Mingyu is quite skillful. His key strength lies in his ability to meticulously analyze even when the monitor is operating at sixteen times the speed, Jiang Youshan, laughing, directed his appreciative gaze toward Wu Mingyu.

I just have a slightly better memory, Wu Mingyu humbly responded with a grin.

Remarkable. My operation is about to launch as well. Leng Ming chuckled, leaning back in his chair, a hint of competitive spirit on his face. Looks like our face-off is about to commence.

Young folks are always up for a fight, but experience has its own spice. The usually solemn Jiang Youshan allowed himself a rare moment of humor. Yet, it revealed his indomitable spirit.

On the same platform, save for Zhang Xingchen, all were top-notch investigators of the world. Even Zhang Xingchen, while perhaps not on their level, had an elite team under his command that was not to be underestimated.

Facing off against such top-tier members, Jiang Youshan, despite his advancing age, was filled with interest. This intriguing challenge ignited his competitive spirit.

I sense a whiff of tension in the air.

The face-off has started, haha. Things are about to get exciting.

Last season was like a battle of the gods. Ultimately, the experienced ones held the upper hand. Elder Jiang Youshan clinched the top spot. I wonder who will emerge as the champion this time around.

The live stream from the command center room boasted the highest number of viewers, reaching a staggering eighty million. An extraordinarily astounding figure. At this very moment, countless viewers were flooding the live broadcast with comments.

As Wu Mingyu nabbed the first fugitive, the battle was well and truly underway.

Haha, Ive found a trace of Fugitive No. 33, Zhang Xingchen, engrossed in the monitor, suddenly exclaimed in excitement.

Hehe, it seems you have quite a grudge against Fugitive No. 33, Xingchen. Shen Hao couldnt help but chuckle at his remark.

No one can challenge our team three. If they do, we apprehend them, Zhang Xingchen declared assertively, waving his hand dismissively. I said I would catch him today, and I will.

But as soon as Zhang Xingchens words hung in the air, the urgent wail of an alarm abruptly echoed within the room. The sudden blare of the alarm momentarily stunned everyone. Jiang Youshan and Wu Mingyu both sat upright, their faces grave and intense.

A social warning? Mr. Hong Feng, with surprise etched on his face, turned toward Jiang Youshan and Wu Mingyu to ask.

Oh? What exactly is the social warning? Liu Qingqing, slightly surprised, questioned in confusion.

The social warning is a feature of our program. Once its activated, it signifies a significant event that requires public awareness, Wu Mingyu replied solemnly.

Indeed, the first social alert of the season has surfaced. Last season, Senior Jiang Youshan and Wu Mingyu each executed a social alert. This time, the alert has been triggered by a fugitive, the programs executive producer walked into the room and informed.

The producer instructed the staff nearby, Play the video.

The screen buzzed, transitioning to a scene where a figure was purchasing something in a shop. This was Wang Yun in the first store.

This is What swift hands.

Upon seeing Wang Yun smoothly pilfer five hundred yuan from the cash register, everyone was slightly taken aback.

Leng Ming raised an eyebrow, offering his critique. Thats a first.

The producer signaled the staff, and the second clip rolled. This was Wang Yun at the liquor and tobacco store.

Seeing the same girl being robbed not once, but twice, of a thousand yuan in total, everyone around was left utterly speechless. free(w)ebnovel(.)com

The footage was accompanied by audio, so Shen Hao cast a strange look toward Zhang Xingchen, teasing, Being a fan of Zhang Xingchen seems like a hard life.

Zhang Xingchen momentarily froze, his face clouding over.


No way, this poor girl lost 500 yuan without even noticing it. And then, because she admitted to being Zhang Xingchens fan, she lost another 500 yuan. This is just too hilarious. Zhang Xingchens fans really have it tough. On top of that, the thief had the audacity to claim shes a good person at the end.

I cant stop laughing! I know this fugitive, hes number 33. While other fugitives are frantically trying to escape, hes busy stealing. Is this what a real fugitive is like?

Miss, are you watching the live broadcast? How dumbfounded are you feeling right now?

At this moment, millions of viewers in the live broadcast couldnt contain their laughter. This scene was simply too comical.


Within the command center room, the producer said solemnly, Its not over yet, lets continue.

Immediately, six images emerged on the big screen, each displaying the same figure, committing the same crime with the same method, and none of them failed.

By using simple language and quick sleight of hand, in a little over two hours, he managed to make off with seven thousand yuan. Its mind-boggling, the producer said with a grave expression.

It indeed warrants everyones attention. The method is swift, but it can be replicated. From the actions of this fugitive, the success rate is nearly 100%, Jiang Youshan added gravely, addressing the camera, If youre a small shop owner, would you be able to react to this speed, to this situation? Imagine your days income casually swiped away. How would you feel? Against such situations, everyone must stay alert and vigilant.

Jiang Youshans words left everyone watching the livestream deep in thought, their faces reflecting a newfound seriousness.

What if they were the ones manning the cash register? The result would probably mirror what was seen in the video.

With over a dozen successful thefts, none of them failing, the situation was becoming quite terrifying.

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