Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show? - C.59 Shocked Audience, Wang Yun Overwhelmed?

Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show?

C.59 Shocked Audience, Wang Yun Overwhelmed?

Isnt it spine-chilling? Going to Guanwen Market, buying clothes. Captain Hong Feng anticipated every single move Big Brother made!

This level of foresight is seriously unsettling. The very thought that he could predict everything Big Brother would do is horrifying.

The chill is real. Captain Hong Feng is genuinely fearsome. As for who will come out on top this season, its anyones guess.

The livestream buzzed with excitement as Wang Yun entered a clothing store to buy some purchases.

The uncanny accuracy of Captain Hong Fengs predictions left the audience awestruck. Indeed, the captain was terrifying.

After buying various items like clothes, hats, and wigs, Wang Yun hopped back on his electric bike and rode away.

Now I need to disguise myself. I have to find a secluded place, with no people and cameras.

Wang Yuns eyes shimmered faintly as he thought this, skillfully evading surveillance cameras and speeding away on his electric bike to an undisclosed location.


Has he vanished? Hes certainly not letting his guard down.

Back in the command center room, Hong Feng couldnt locate Wang Yun on the surveillance feed and stared intently at a map, lost in thought.

After a few minutes, Zhang Xingchen couldnt help but ask, Captain Hong Feng, whats our next move?

Hes currently a wanted man, and hes clearly aware of it. Hell look for a place to strategize and prepare. Given his character, he wont opt for obvious hideouts like under bridges. There are only two likely options, a building slated for demolition or an abandoned construction site. Im leaning towards the former, especially if it has water supply, Hong Feng articulated, then activated his communicator and ordered, Search for any residential areas within a 10-kilometer radius of Guanwen Market that are slated for demolition.

Listening to all this, Zhang Xingchen felt like he was struggling to keep up with Hong Fengs intellectual pace.


Another prediction? The first two were spot-on. Could this one possibly be accurate as well?

Listening to Captain Hong Feng, his reasoning is quite compelling. If Wang Yun actually goes to one of these communities slated for demolition, then he would truly be terrifying! (f)

Exactly, if this prediction also turns out to be true after the first two, hed be nothing short of legendary!

The livestream audience watched in awe, buzzing with discussion about Captain Hong Fengs latest prediction.

Several minutes later, a team of program officers reported, Captain, we have identified three nearby residential communities scheduled for demolition within ten kilometers. Sunset Community, Luo Family Village, and Huiying Community.

Captain Hong Feng, should we dispatch people to these three communities for a closer look? Zhang Xingchen immediately asked upon hearing the findings.

Hong Feng paused to consider before responding, Lets hold off until around 7 pm, after the typical end of the workday. Doing so will increase our chances of a successful arrest if he is indeed hiding in one of these communities. Wang Yun is both intelligent and physically adept, if we act too soon and tip him off, he might flee to even more remote locations, making him much harder to apprehend.

Understood, well follow your lead, Zhang Xingchen agreed, nodding thoughtfully.


Meanwhile, on a secluded road, Wang Yun maneuvered his electric bike with agility. After half an hour, he reached an aging community.

The complex looked run-down, with large Demolition signs displayed in front of each building. There were no surveillance cameras in this sort of community.

Parking his bike at a safe distance, he purchased some water and towels from a nearby store before making his way inside.


What the? Which community is this? Where am I?

Oh my God, no way. Each building here has a Demolition sign. Could it be?

Big Brother rode for just half an hour and definitely didnt exceed ten kilometers. This has to be one of the three communities Captain Hong Feng had mentioned as slated for demolition!

Mind-blowing, mind-blowing, oh my God! Captain Hong Feng is a legend. Hes nailed it again!

Does Captain Hong Feng have divine insight or something? How can Big Brother even compete? Hes totally screwed!

The moment Wang Yun set foot in the soon-to-be-demolished community, the livestream exploded with activity. In fact, Captain Hong Fengs three accurate predictions catapulted him to the top of the trending list across major platforms as Captain Hong Fengs fame skyrocketed.

Big Brother Wang Yun is toast. Captain Hong Feng is supernatural.

Is this the staggering prowess of the nations top inspection team leader?

A prediction of divine proportions!

Ah, its over for Big Brother.

Feeling so bad for Big Brother.

Wang Yuns fans, both male and female, sighed in resignation. Captain Hong Feng was simply too formidable.


Unbeknownst to him, Wang Yuns every move had been accurately foreseen. Although his intelligence had significantly improved, he hadnt yet reached his full potential and hadnt considered this perspective.

Entering an already vacated room, he surveyed the somewhat disordered space and set down the items he had brought. It would suffice for now.

Removing his jacket and placing it at the doorway, Wang Yun addressed his viewers, Just look at the sky for now.

Making a human mask was something he couldnt show his audience. It was a specialized secret technique.

It should take me about half an hour to finish one, he mused, getting to work immediately.

Wait, what is Big Brother planning?

Big Brother just purchased a bunch of water and towels, and now hes undressing. Maybe hes planning to freshen up?

Big Brother is entirely outclassed right now. Zhang Xingchen is not on Big Brothers level, but then again, neither is Big Brother on Captain Hong Fengs level.

In the livestream, the comments came fast and furious, all noting that Wang Yun was being utterly outplayed. f

Once my human mask is complete, the real game will begin, Wang Yun muttered as he started crafting the mask. His eyes sparkled.

The showdown was imminent. Again.

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