Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show? - C.60 The Versatile Phantom Thief Chides the Inspection Team

Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show?

C.60 The Versatile Phantom Thief Chides the Inspection Team

Human masks have been around since ancient times, but in the modern era, they are most commonly utilized in the realm of film makeup. Such specialized makeup can essentially be likened to wearing a skin-like mask over ones face.

Wang Yun spent thirty minutes crafting each mask, creating the faces of an elderly man, a middle-aged man, and a young adult. He didnt have a penchant for cross-dressing, so he opted out of making any female masks.

He made four masks. The first one had notable imperfections, but the remaining three were nearly flawless. He also meticulously crafted additional features like moles, burn scars, birthmarks, and wrinkles that could be directly applied to the face, rendering the disguises extraordinarily convincing. His prowess in the art of disguise was nothing short of masterful.

After a cumulative two and a half hours, Wang Yun was done. He held up a mirror and began applying the lifelike masks onto his own face, and then he dressed himself in appropriate attire to complete the transformation.


The clock continued to tick.

Inside the command center room, Captain Hong Feng glanced at the time and decisively commanded, Its nearing seven oclock. Commence operations. If you spot him and are certain, open fire immediately.

The inspection teams, including Zhang Xingchens unit, promptly dispersed into the three communities slated for demolition, with ten officers assigned to each area.

Is it starting?

The search is underway. Big Brother must be hiding in one of these three communities.

With ten officers scouring each community, once they spot Big Brother, theyll have him cornered even if he tries to flee!

Big Brother is in a precarious situation. Captain Hong Feng is way too good.

Watching the livestream, the viewers began fervent discussions the moment Captain Hong Feng issued the order to commence the search. freewe(b)novel.c(o)m

Affirmative, Captain!

Simultaneously, in the areas surrounding Sunset Community, Luo Family Village, and Huiying Community, ten plainclothes officers exited their vehicles. They were noticeably robust and poised for action.

Ten officers were divided into five teams, with four teams entering the community through different entrances. One team, meanwhile, mounted motorcycles, ready to provide immediate support as needed.

Captain Hong Feng, with your foresight, were certain to apprehend Wang Yun, Zhang Xingchen confidently declared, sitting next to Hong Feng.

We have a 70% chance, Captain Hong Feng replied with a smile, his eyes locked onto the live feed from the officers body cameras.


The operation has started. I cant help but feel a bit on edge, someone commented.

Big Brother must be in one of the rooms within these communities.

As the search operation began, the livestream audience grew noticeably tense. The flood of comments subsided as viewers focused intently on the unfolding events.

Inside Sunset Community, a pair of officers approached a house, their eyes scanning the environment.

No signs of tampering with the door lock.

No visible traces on the walls or ground.

After a few seconds of scrutiny, they exchanged a glance and moved on. Next house.

The communities due for demolition consist of one old-style neighborhood with yards, and two others featuring six-story buildings. It shouldnt be too hard to conduct the search, Hong Feng briefly explained to the audience. Given the disarray and abundant dust in these areas, it would be easy to notice if anyone entered recently.

Very professional!

Indeed, professional!

It looks like Big Brother is in this community. freew ebnov el

The audience sighed softly when they heard Captain Hong Fengs insights.



Simultaneously, in a room in Sunset Community, Wang Yun examined himself in the mirror and broke into a smile. He now appeared as a middle-aged man, his hair neatly combed back, dressed in a moderately inexpensive suit.

He grabbed a bag and attached the tech chip to his clothes, then gathered his belongings and headed out.

Huh? Big Brothers going out?

Oh no, Big Brother, youre already surrounded!

Its game over! If you run into the program officers this time, youll be shot on sight!

Tension filled the hearts of the viewers watching Wang Yuns livestream as they saw him leaving the house.

Buy advanced acting skills, Walking out of his house with unshakeable confidence, Wang Yun mentally initiated the purchase of an advanced acting skill. A perfect act would require a blend of acting, disguise, and voice manipulation.

Having secured the skill, he stretched his body. In an instant, his demeanor subtly transformed, making him resemble a middle-aged insurance manager.

Smiling, he strode purposefully forward.

Whoa, its about to go down!

Its happening!

As Wang Yun advanced, he caught sight of two young men scrutinizing a doorway. His gaze sharpened as he noticed earpieces in their ears. Attentively observing the young men, and spotted a slight bulge at their waists. Wang Yuns heart skipped a beat, but he pressed on.

Noticing the approaching footsteps, the two young officers looked up.

What are you young men doing here, sneaking around like that?

Before they could reply, Wang Yun cut them off sharply, feigning the motion of pulling out his phone to make a police report.

Uh The two officers hesitated, then hastily put on amiable faces. Sir, dont misunderstand, were program officers from the Skynet Operation Program.

Skynet Operation Program?

Wang Yun eyed them skeptically. Ive heard of Skynet Operation. How do I know youre legitimate? This is my younger brothers house. What are you doing here?

Apologies, sir. Heres our identification. Were in search of a fugitive named Wang Yun, one of the young men said, displaying his credentials.

??? Simultaneously, the audience watching the livestream found themselves baffled.

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