Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show? - C.74 Embodies Justice, the Baffled Scammers. Another Sly Move from Big Brother

Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show?

C.74 Embodies Justice, the Baffled Scammers. Another Sly Move from Big Brother

Sleight of hand, the art of divine deception. What Wang Yun demonstrated was the epitome of this craft: switching tiles, drawing three, even four tiles in one go. For Wang Yun, it was a breeze to swap out the unfavorable cards in his hand.

Drawing multiple cards at once and switching them at will, who could possibly withstand such a strategy?

The fifth round began.

The trio, seated to his left, right, and directly in front, started with their subtle movements. Their collusion was rather basic. Using secret signals was their primary tactic. However, their signaling method was exceptionally discreet and typically hard to detect.

Wang Yun chuckled, starting to play his hand.

After several turns, Wang Yun laid out his cards with a smile on his face. Huh, looks like Im on a roll today, Ive won!

Seems like I dont adhere to the lose the first three games on purpose strategy. Im just lucky today, chuckling, he stretched out his hand. Pay up.

Amazing, truly, you won that so quickly!

The three were momentarily stunned, evidently caught off guard, but soon followed with a forced laugh. They didnt seem too bothered, and the young man opposite handed Wang Yun four hundred yuan.

By the way, how long do you guys plan to play? And did you bring enough money? Wang Yun asked with a grin.

Dont you worry. If you want to play all night, were game. As for the money, its just some pocket change, around seventy to eighty thousand yuan, the young man opposite responded with a smirk.

Ill set this straight. If I lose up to a hundred thousand yuan, Im out. But of course, I believe Ill win! the woman on the right chimed in.

Looks like someones getting a bit cocky after just one win. Well see this through to the end. If you lose, youre not leaving! the girl on the left retorted, even adding a cheeky reminder with a smile.


666, do these three think they have Big Brother in the bag now?

Hahaha, Big Brother is clearly setting a trap for these three. He probably feared theyd quit halfway, and now theyre even telling him not to leave?

Old ginger is spicier than the new! In the presence of our Big Brother, these three novice scammers are like puppets, effortlessly toyed with.

In the livestream, viewers burst into a flurry of 666 reactions, watching the trio of scammers with a mix of schadenfreude.

Think you can outsmart Big Brother? Think again.


Come on, keep going. I dont believe youll win forever, challenged the woman on the left, prompting the game to resume.

Wang Yun simply chuckled.

As the sixth round commenced, Wang Yun seamlessly continued his tile-switching technique, drawing multiple tiles in a single motion. After a series of such draws, he was virtually on the cusp of a winning hand.

In this scenario, Wang Yun showcased another of his sleight-of-hand tricks, card-hiding.

When on the brink of a ready hand, during his draw, hed pull three cards at once. If even one of these cards solidified his win, hed discreetly stash away the other two. This strategy effectively tripled his chances of drawing a winning card.

Who could possibly counter such tactics? How could the trio across him stand a chance?

Voila! What luck! A self-draw win. Thats eight hundred from each of you.

By the end of the sixth round, Wang Yun effortlessly netted another two thousand four hundred yuan.


Brother, is Lady Luck always by your side?

The trio seemed slightly bewildered, with the woman on the left unable to resist remarking. Yet, they carried on without any hint of suspicion.


Concealing cards, multiple draws these are dreadfully cunning strategies. Without this firsthand viewpoint, wed be completely in the dark. Its truly impressive.Dear viewers, now youve witnessed the potential deceit in card games, havent you? Thank goodness this is automated mahjong. Otherwise, with Wang Yuns dexterity, thered be myriad ways to secure a win. Also, its worth noting that some automated mahjong tables come with built-in cheating mechanisms. Some even grant the ability to see through tiles. Such devices genuinely exist.

Within the livestream, Director Fang weighed in, his expression one of sheer awe. Even if he faced Wang Yuns techniques head-on, hed be hard-pressed to unmask them.

Such prowess was simply otherworldly.

Director Fang, I think this can serve as a wake-up call, warning those who are fond of gambling not to get lost in it and to be wary of scams, Liu Qingqing commented while watching the livestream.

Alright, have the staff clip this part and release it as a cautionary note. Title it Wang Yuns Sleight-of-Hand Alert!, instructed Director Fang with a smile, seeing it as a means to alert the general public.

Understood, responded the staff immediately.


666! How many alerts have we issued now? All thanks to our Big Bros actions.

We definitely need to issue a warning. Playing cards with Big Brother, youd count yourself lucky if you only lost your underwear.

Hes unbeatable! Why does Big Brother have so many skills? I propose we study him in detail.

Viewers flooded the livestream with admiration.


Inside the Xinglong Card & Board Game Parlor, room 203, the game continued with round seven. This time, Wang Yun didnt resort to any tricks and lost straight away, even causing his own defeat.

Finally won! Haha, lets keep going! the young man opposite exclaimed with a wide grin, exchanging triumphant glances with the two women beside him, their lips curling into smirks.

The livestream viewers couldnt resist flooding the chat with comments, Do they really think theyve got the upper hand now?

Round eight, and Wang Yun easily pocketed twelve hundred with a self-drawn win.

Big Brother, your luck is incredible, the two women said through gritted teeth.

Round nine, and Wang Yun won again, pocketing another two thousand four hundred.

Come on, Big Brother, another self-drawn win? Your luck cant be this good.

Just luck, Wang Yun replied with an innocent smile.

He then deliberately lost the next two rounds, boosting the spirits of the trio who felt they were back in the game.

Round twelve, another win with a self-drawn hand. Round thirteen, another win with a self-drawn hand.

Big Brother, are you cheating or something? How can you keep winning, especially with all these self-drawn hands? demanded the woman on the right after the thirteenth round, her suspicions clearly aroused.

Miss, if Im cheating feel free to chop off my hand. Isnt it enough to keep an eye on me to see if Im cheating? And are you getting agitated over this small loss? Didnt you say you would only stop playing if you lost a hundred thousand? We havent even reached that amount yet, Wang Yun said with an exasperated look.

Hmph, I dont believe youll keep winning. His words made the woman on his right snort dismissively, her face as cold as ice. I dont believe you can have such good luck all the time.

The expressions of the woman on the left and the young man opposite him were also turning sour. In just over a dozen rounds, Wang Yun had won more than ten thousand from them.

Lets continue, said the man.

In the fourteenth round, Wang Yun kept a low profile, with the woman on his right watching him closely. However, he didnt mind.

After two consecutive lost rounds, Wang Yun was back in action. With a flick of his wrist, he drew four more tiles. The woman on his right, who was watching him, failed to notice anything.

Another self-drawn win, four hundred from each of you. Hehe!

Once again, Wang Yun emerged victorious, leaving his three opponents gaping in shock. Their faces darkened as they were left dumbfounded. Their faith in Wang Yuns incredible luck began to waver. They pressed on, their faces grim.

Ive won, Wang Yun chuckled soon after.

Damn it, how do you manage to win every single time? This time, the young man opposite couldnt hold back. He slammed his mahjong tiles on the table and scowled at Wang Yun.

I dont win every single time. Ive lost several rounds too. Whats the matter? Cant handle a few losses? Is it so wrong for me to be lucky? Wang Yun looked at him, responding calmly.

Its not that we cant afford to lose, but having a self-drawn win every single time? What kind of luck is that? Are you cheating? The young man accused Wang Yun once more.

If I were cheating, wouldnt you all have seen it? How could I possibly cheat? Dont make false accusations. Wang Yun shrugged nonchalantly, If you cant handle it, then dont play. Its embarrassing.

How could I possibly not handle it? Lets continue, the young man took a deep breath, suppressing his anger, and declared.


Hahaha, theyre panicking because of their losses.

666, they look just like me when Im on a losing streak.

I bet all three of them are completely bamboozled. Hahaha!

Man, these three are really out of luck. Trying to set up Big Brother like that, theyll probably get arrested by the police as soon as they step outside.

In the live stream, all the viewers couldnt help but laugh and mockingly tease as they watched the trios anger mount. Watching Wang Yun take down criminals was just too satisfying. He practically became the Terminator of Criminals.

Next round, continue. The three focused intently on Wang Yuns every move, but he still managed to draw three or four tiles each time.

With Wang Yuns quick hands, his top-notch sleight-of-hand technique, and some god-level magic tricks, they stood no chance of catching him in the act.

Ah, won again. This round, Wang Yun triumphed once more.

Damn it! The woman next to them started swearing.

With scowling faces, they pressed on.

Ah, another win!

After losing once, Wang Yun won the next round, leaving the trio with even darker expressions. They seemed visibly shaken, their faces contorted with frustration.

When Wang Yun managed another self-draw in the next game, the young man opposite stood up abruptly.

Whats wrong, brother? Cant handle the loss? If you cant, you still owe money, Wang Yun taunted.

Who says I cant handle it? I just need to use the restroom. Ill be right back.

Me too!

Me too!

With a grim face, the young man headed straight for the exit, and the two women immediately followed.

Ha! Theyre completely bamboozled! They still have no idea that Big Brothers been cheating all along.

Im dying of laughter. These three are so clueless. Are they trying to just run away? (f)

I dont know, but this is just too funny. LOL!

The scammers got outplayed by the one they tried to scam. Big Bro is terrifying!

Seeing the trio resort to the Tactic of Pee Escape, the streaming audience couldnt help but burst into laughter once again.

Wang Yun watched them leave, a smirk playing on his lips.

The production team mustve called the police by now. Theyre in for it, he chuckled softly. Counting the money in his hand, Hmm, not bad. Over twenty thousand.

Big Brothers rolling in it!

A get-rich-quick scheme every day. Someones going to catch Big Brother soon.

The viewers, watching Wang Yun count his money, couldnt resist adding their humorous commentary.

However, just as all the viewers thought the trio had left for good, the door was flung open and five people walked in. In addition to the initial three, two young men with tattoos on their bodies also entered.

Wang Yun raised his eyebrows in surprise and fixed his gaze on them.

666, whats this? Are they resorting to violence because they cant outplay Big Brother in the game?

Amazing! Haha, this is too good!

This sudden turn of events left the viewers momentarily stunned before their eyes glued to the screen in anticipation, wondering what would happen next. Were they trying to rob Wang Yun? And how would he respond?

Hm? What do you guys want? Why have two more joined in? Wang Yun asked, a hint of a smile playing on his lips.

Kid, do you know theres a price to pay for cheating? a burly youth tilted his head up slightly, staring coldly at Wang Yun.

Cheating? I havent cheated, Wang Yun shook his head, responding nonchalantly.

Kid, whether you cheated or not, you and we both know the truth. Hand over the money, and well call it even. Otherwise well, see for yourself.

The burly youth menacingly walked over to Wang Yun, his gaze locked onto him. The other two youths also moved closer, surrounding Wang Yun. Clearly, they were confident they could intimidate Wang Yun.

Are they going to confront Big Brother?

Are they trying to take back the money?

Question marks popped up in the minds of the viewers in the livestream, and one by one, they leaned in closer to their screens.

Wang Yun, now surrounded by the three, and with the two women watching him with arms crossed, allowed a smirk to form on his lips.

Heh, do you guys even realize? Ive been investigating you for quite a while now. Did you really think you could escape your crimes? The net of justice is wide and inescapable, you know.

As Wang Yun spoke, he calmly pulled out a gun from his pocket and placed it on the table.

The five stared at it with wide eyes.

The viewers in the livestream were dumbfounded.

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