Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show? - C.75 A Terrifying Deduction from Handwriting, Wang Yuns Big Move

Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show?

C.75 A Terrifying Deduction from Handwriting, Wang Yuns Big Move

The net of heaven is wide and let nothing slip through, you know? This phrase from Wang Yun resonated through the livestream, leaving the audience perplexed.

Did Big Brother just say that??

Is that even fitting?

My goodness, Big Brother says this so seriously, how can he keep a straight face?

I almost laughed myself to death hearing Big Brother say that, hahaha.

Big Brother is actually a fugitive in this operation, and hes saying this with such sincerity!

With a gun right there and spouting such earnest words, Big Brother really does have an intimidating presence. Is he pretending to be a cop now? Awesome!

Once again, Im on my knees for Big Brother, look at those five, totally flustered!

At that moment, Room 023 was enveloped in an abrupt stillness. Those surrounding and trying to intimidate Wang Yun were visibly confused and taken aback.

Cough, cough! One of the young men coughed harshly, eyeing the handgun on the table and swallowing nervously.

Their faces were painted with fear. The two women, who had been standing with arms folded, also froze, their arms slowly dropping to their sides.

Big Brother, Big Brother, we we were just kidding, just a joke.

The three young men, looking at the gun on Wang Yuns table, had foreheads beaded with cold sweat. The prop gun from the production team was hard to distinguish from a real one for those inexperienced with firearms.

Seeing how calm Wang Yun was, plus his earlier comment, they were genuinely frightened now.

The man before them was a police officer.

A joke, is it? Hehe, Wang Yun laughed softly, gesturing to the chairs around the mahjong table, Sit down.

Yes, yes, Big Brother, we truly were just joking with you, we havent done anything wrong.

The three youths, their faces now pale, hastened to sit down. Their eyes darted back to the handgun resting before Wang Yun on the table.

Youre wrong to think Im oblivious to your antics. The little act you three put on just now was quite slick, making the 813 move in such a stealthy manner, Wang Yun said, his gaze sweeping over them, a sneer forming on his lips.

No, Big Brother, we really didnt do anything. If we were cheating, how could we have lost money to you? A womans complexion blanched as she rushed to defend herself, her features twisted in a plea for mercy.

The evidence has already been recorded. Im going to find out how many people youve victimized. If your cons have gone too far, well Wang Yun scoffed, slipped a piece of chewing gum into his mouth, and pointed to the small device pinned on his chest. You see this little gadget? Do you know what it is? Havent you watched the Skynet Operation series? This is a high-tech chip camera, its captured everything.

Standing up slowly, he picked up the gun from the table, Youre all coming with me. Dont bother thinking about escaping. The net of heaven is vast and misses nothing. Of course, youre welcome to try running away, on the off chance youre faster than my gun.

Click-clack! With a swift motion of his palm, the sound of a gun being chambered rang out. Of course, such a noise was impossible from a prop gun, but Wang Yun possessed god-tier skills in ventriloquism.

A feint, a cover with his arm, and it was done in a flash. It was an imitation, but uncannily convincing.

Big Brother, we implore you, please dont take us in. Well do anything you say, the two women, stricken with fear at this act, quickly moved in front of Wang Yun, ready to kneel and plead for mercy.

Big Brother, were begging you, please dont arrest us. Give us a chance to make amends, the three young men, equally terrified, promptly stood and bowed deeply, begging for leniency.

Wang Yun looked at the two women pleading for mercy and then turned his gaze to the three young men, remarking coolly, Youre all in good health and not unattractive, so why not follow an honest path?

Officer, we will definitely take the honest path from now on. Please, just give us one chance. We implore you, dont take us in, one of the women implored as she grasped Wang Yuns leg.


Can I just die laughing right here during the livestream?

To the person above, get in line. I was the first to almost die laughing here, haha. Big Bros style is just too cool, right?

If I had even a fraction of Big Brothers flair, I wouldnt be hauling bricks at a construction site.

Are you guys actually peeing your pants laughing in the live stream, or whats with the stench?

Big Brother even pointed to the production teams tech chip. He asked if theyve seen the Skynet Operation show, hahaha, epic!

As this was unfolding, all the viewers in the live stream were cracking up at Wang Yuns shrewd maneuver, particularly when he pointed out the tech chip on his chest, purportedly from the program team. Seeing the utter terror on the faces of the five people, the audience found it incredibly comical.


Big Brother, were willing to give you all our money, everything we have, just please have mercy on us, one of the young men said in a panic, hastily pulling out all the cash from his pocket.

Oh? Wang Yun uttered softly, his eyes shimmering with intrigue.

Big Brother, heres all I have. Please, take it and let us off the hook, another young man, sensing a glimmer of hope, quickly presented all his money. And this too, my watch, its worth a good seventy to eighty thousand. He clenched his jaw and took off his watch.

Big Brother, my bag, my necklace, and my bracelet, theyre all worth quite a bit as well.

Big Brother, were begging you to let us off the hook. Just spare us this once, and we promise to leave Nancheng for good.

The two women and the three men frantically piled all their valuable belongings together.

The heavens cast a wide net with fine mesh, none can escape its reach. Lets not meet again in Nancheng, Wang Yun said with a calm demeanor as he leisurely cleaned his ear.

Thank you, thank you, Big Brother, well steer clear of Nancheng, They showed signs of relief upon Wang Yuns pronouncement and hastened to thank him.

Off you go.

With trepidation, they cast wary glances at Wang Yun and quickly made their way to the exit. But as they opened the door, confusion hit them. Stationed at the doorstep were seven or eight police officers, eyes fixed on the group.

Big Brother, you didnt keep your promise, one of the young men cried out in despair and anger, turning his head to shout at Wang Yun.


Ha ha ha, these folks were utterly toyed with!

Complete annihilation, this is sheer domination!

Poor souls, why mess with our Big Brother? This is self-inflicted, no one to blame.

The viewers burst into laughter upon seeing the group apprehended and hearing the young mans complaint.

One who does nothing wrong does not fear the specters knock, Director Fang commented on the legal education livestream, shaking his head. Committing acts that weigh on the conscience should be avoided at all costs. Even though Wang Yuns act as a policeman was convincing, it wasnt flawless. There were details that the five were too panicked to notice.

Indeed, one must refrain from misdeeds, Shen Hao agreed, nodding.


Cash amounting to sixty thousand, and the goods approximately valued at one hundred thousand, totaling a nice sum of one hundred and sixty thousand.

After the con artists were escorted away, the production crew handled the transfer with the police. The police took possession of the ill-gotten items, which the production crew had converted to a monetary equivalent of one hundred and sixty thousand.

Given Wang Yuns current guise, he could have easily dealt with the matter himself.

This episode of Wang Yuns action wouldnt be reported to the programs chief inspectors. In reality, having been duped out of their money, those swindlers wouldnt dare make a police report and would simply leave. Thus, Wang Yuns latest move was executed under the radar.

He stretched leisurely, savoring his gum with a contented grin as he headed outside.

Ill buy a second-hand car, then a generator, and some other useful items, he thought to himself, eager to get going.


In less than half a day, hes earned a fortune, truly impressive!

Now that Big Brother is flush with cash, hes keeping a low profile. The programs inspection team captains will find it a tall order to track him down.

But its too early to tell, the captains seem poised for an extensive search.

The speculation among the viewers heightened as Wang Yun departed from the Xinglong Card & Board Game Parlor. It was evident that Wang Yun intended to lay low. The challenge now was how the captains would apprehend him.

At that moment, in the headquarters of a new special program task force, five captains were diligently sorting through the data laid out before them.

Captain Hong Feng placed a notebook prominently on his desk. The notebook bore several words written on it.

Note: I like to write books too.

Soon, I will pen one of my own.

The title shall be: Death Note (How about that?)

The hit list: Five Chief Inspectors! (Ill take a proud snapshot of my pentakill!) (f)

Whos next:

6: ??? (Unstoppable!)

7: ??? (Dominating the field!)

8: ??? (Godlike indeed!)

9: ??? (Whos next?)

And possibly, you!

The most adept hunter often masquerades as the prey.

This taunt was Wang Yuns calling card, left behind after he eliminated two captains.

I like to write books too. Is this your way of challenging me? Captain Hong Feng eyed the mocking words, his fists clenched and eyes alight with a crazed fervor.

The words, frivolous in tone, constituted a profound affront as if saying, You fancy writing? How does my work compare? His provocation and contempt were brazen and unfiltered.

Your disdain and contempt for me are actually the best incentives I could ask for, Captain Hong Feng muttered to himself. With a red pen, he wrote the names Leng Ming and Zhang Xingchen next to the sixth and seventh entries.

Wang Yun, your name will be the next I add to this book, giving your story the grand finale it deserves, he stated solemnly, looking intently at the notebook.

Captain Hong Feng, could I have a look at Wang Yuns work? Wang Yue chimed in from nearby.

Oh? Certainly, Captain Wang Yue, Captain Hong Feng acquiesced, handing over Wang Yuns work to her. Wang Yue pored over it, reading every word intently.

Insanity, remarkable intelligence. He has a level of wisdom that far surpasses the ordinary and a way of thinking thats unfathomable. He doesnt abide by rules, is indifferent to wealth, and eschews the pursuit of fame. Hes reminiscent of a character from fiction, Wang Yue commented thoughtfully, her eyes never leaving the page.

Really? Captain Wang Yue, you can glean a persons personality just from his text? Captain Hong Feng asked, taken aback.

Just the handwriting alone can reveal quite a bit, and when combined with the text, it becomes quite clear, Wang Yue responded, locking eyes with Hong Feng. I minored in graphology at university. Every action is a reflection of the inner thoughts and personality, and handwriting, being a physical act, is no exception. Its inevitably shaped by the inner psyche. Analyzing a persons inner world through their handwriting is akin to following the vine to find the root. It all connects.

Remarkable! Captain Hong Feng responded, visibly impressed.


Is that even possible?

This Captain Wang Yue is formidable, able to discern a persons character from their handwriting? Thats astonishingly skilled!

We bow to the expert!

My teacher knows this craft as well. Looking at my handwriting, she joked it was as if a chicken had been pecking at the page.

This new Captain, Wang Yue, is clearly extraordinary.

Within the live stream of the team captains, all the viewers were blown away by Captain Wang Yues analysis, with exclamations of wonder flooding the chat. Could one infer a persons character from their handwriting? The notion seemed almost magical. fr(e)enovelkiss

Could the fictional character Captain Wang Yue referred to be the Joker? Shen Hao speculated.

Indeed, a character from fiction, the Joker, shares much in common with Wang Yuns personality. Regardless of the inspectors ability, he wouldnt regard them with any seriousness. His thought process is unpredictable. If we think he might seek refuge in a Clubhouse Bath or a KTV, then tonights operation is doomed to miss him, Wang Yue asserted with confidence.

What should we do then? Jiang Youshan, deep in thought, turned to Wang Yue with a question.

My recommendation is to forego the searches of Clubhouse Baths and KTVs tonight. Instead, we should consider alternate places. A man beginning his getaway from justice, especially one with such a character, is more likely to act erratically. We shouldnt rely on his past behavior to locate him. He might opt for a secluded spot as a temporary hideout, and I suspect he might even continue his crimes, Wang Yue articulated her analysis

The Joker always played unpredictably, anticipating your every move before you made it.

Our course of action, therefore, should be to abandon the search of Clubhouse Baths and KTVs and to probe other areas, like dilapidated apartment blocks and abandoned construction sites, Captain Hong Feng proposed thoughtfully.

Wang Yue gave a confirming nod.

Okay, lets put together a search strategy! Jiang Youshan agreed, picking up an intricate map.


Sss this Captain Wang Yue is frightening. To have gleaned so much from mere handwriting?

Now that Big Brother has indeed stopped frequenting baths and KTVs, Wang Yues predictions are incredibly accurate!

Its downright chilling. If hundreds of inspectors combed through those derelict buildings, they would undoubtedly find Big Brother!

The viewers listened to the captains analyses with expressions of utter astonishment. To have correctly deduced the direction of a fugitive merely from handwriting was truly unnerving.

Wow, the captains in the other livestream already guessed Big Brothers hiding spot and have initiated their search.

Big Brother is over here purchasing second-hand cars and generators. Youre on the verge of being found out!

Did Captain Wang Yue really guess Big Brothers personality and his hideout just from his handwriting? Thats chilling. Are all the Wangs that impressive?

In Wang Yuns live stream, countless viewers were going wild with excitement. They were astounded by Captain Wang Yue of the inspection team and flooded Wang Yuns live broadcast with a barrage of comments.

At that time, Wang Yun had acquired a second-hand car and a generator and made his way into an abandoned building within Hu Mountain Residential area. He had no clue that his refuge had been predicted, nor was he aware of the programs rule change.

Hello, uncle.

Wang Yun was greeted by two cheerful children as soon as he arrived. He looked at them, his face breaking into a gentle smile.

Good children, Ive brought you some toys and snacks, Wang Yun said, setting the generator down in his room, then carrying over the snacks and toys he had bought that afternoon to the kids.

Thank you, uncle. The children beamed with joy at the sight.

Benefactor, please, theres no need for such formality. Youve already done so much. You saved our familys lives, we owe you our gratitude, the childrens mother emerged from their house, hastening out to thank him once again.

I was thanked enough yesterday, no more formalities, sister. Go ahead and start cooking, Wang Yun told her.

Benefactor, have you eaten? Please join us for a meal later, the woman invited warmly.

Ive had my meal, sister. Have you been living here all this time? Wang Yun asked, observing the two children play at the side, a hint of concern in his voice.

Alas, we bought a house here, but then the small developer declared bankruptcy. Weve been left with no other option but to continue paying off our home loan, the woman said, her voice tinged with resignation as she shook her head.

Wang Yun gave a small, sympathetic nod.

Benefactor, theres still some food left in the pot. I need to attend to it, but afterward, how about we have dinner together? she suggested to Wang Yun.

Sister, you go on with what youre doing, Ive already had my meal, Wang Yun responded, shaking his head before gesturing farewell and heading to his room.

In his room, he got the generator up and running and booted up his laptop to dig through some data. As he absorbed the information on the screen, his face took on a thoughtful expression.

I want to pull off something big, Wang Yun murmured, eyes narrowing with determination.


Wait, what? Hes planning to do something big? Holy smokes, when Big Brother says something like that, it means hes about to make some waves!

Shh, remember Captain Wang Yues analysis? Based on Big Brothers personality, hes definitely gearing up to commit another act!

Wang Yuns abrupt announcement sent ripples of excitement through the live-stream audience. The invisible battle once again commenced.

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