Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show? - C.89 The Overlooked Murderer, Terrifying Actions! Wang Yun’ Men!

Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show?

C.89 The Overlooked Murderer, Terrifying Actions! Wang Yun’ Men!

Has the new captain of the Skynet Operation program already pinpointed the murderer?

Im not sure, but isnt this just too quick? We were all investigating this together, and shes already found something.

This lady is genuinely impressive. I witnessed her use a life-size model for a fall experiment, and her role-playing was also very insightful.

Inside the police station, Wang Yun arrived at the conference room doorway, where lively discussions were taking place. Inside, a group of seven or eight experts, professors, and detectives were animatedly conversing with expressions of amazement.

Wang Yun walked directly in and sat down, quietly listening to their ongoing discussions.

Shortly after, a call came from outside, Come over here, all staff members, and listen in. Its a learning opportunity.

The familiar sound of high heels echoed as Ying Yuezi, the captain marked by her commanding presence, entered the conference room.

Following her closely were Zhao Yuexingchens parents, their faces filled with anger and their fists clenched in anxiety. A few police officers and some members of the programs inspection team, including Qian Jun and others, were also invited in for educational purposes. fr(e)enovelkiss

The case of Zhao Yuexingchen had drawn widespread attention due to the peculiar circumstances of her death. Even without the substantial reward from Zhaos parents, the police would have deployed their best to investigate.

However, with the involvement of numerous experts and professors this time, the police handed over the reins to these elite professionals.

The resolution of the case within just a few hours left everyone in awe. Dozens of people filled the room, and members of the programs inspection team stood by, keenly observing the proceedings.

Ying Yuezi, instead of sitting down, chose to stand at the front of the conference table, intently reviewing the documents in her hand. She exuded a strong sense of confidence and the distinctive air of a powerful, independent woman.

Captain Ying Yuezi is incredibly beautiful, so captivating. From now on, Ill be following Miss Ying Yuezi instead of Big Brother, commented one viewer, clearly smitten.

Shes a mix of ethnicities, and shes super intelligent. How quickly she solved the case is just amazing. Who else could compare? echoed another.

As for Big Brother, was what he said earlier true or false? Does he know the truth too? But now, hes invincible, with that ID card, a third viewer speculated.

Were not sure about Big Brother, but Ying Yuezi just now shes truly remarkable. Did you see her livestream? Her problem-solving skills are incredibly strong! another added.

Our police academy is making us watch this live broadcast to analyze the case. I initially thought it was a supernatural event! someone else commented, clearly impressed.

The live broadcast had the viewers fully engaged, sparking a flurry of discussions. The case of Zhao Yuexingchen, coupled with the highly popular Skynet Operation program, had garnered an overwhelming level of attention, even extending to international audiences.


Zhao Yuexingchens case has progressed significantly, and we are nearing its resolution. Once we interrogate a few key individuals and confirm the perpetrator, we should be able to close the case, Ying Yuezi declared as she swept her gaze around the now-closed conference room.

Captain Ying, could you share insights into this case? Can you explain those eerie surveillance videos? asked an expert eagerly. Those two unsettling videos were the central puzzle in everyones minds.

Absolutely, the most significant puzzle of this incident revolves around those two peculiar and chilling videos. It seems the culprit was overzealous in their attempt to cover their tracks, Ying Yuezi commented, her smile showcasing her beauty. The videos seemed incredibly realistic and alarming. Initially, I was also baffled about what they represented. Thats why I conducted a reenactment, retracing the victims path and replicating her bizarre actions. I went further than that, using a mannequin exactly matching the victim in weight and height, and I dropped it from the same height as the incident location, she explained.

Despite numerous trials to mimic the victims post-mortem injuries, the results were inconsistent. Another vital clue emerged when I analyzed the timing of the fall from nearby surveillance footage. Intriguingly, the mannequins fall to the ground took 0.8 seconds less than what the footage showed for the victim. Given the relatively modest height of the Jiujiang Skyline Five-Star Hotel, such a significant time discrepancy couldnt be attributed to external factors like wind. That 0.8 seconds is crucial, Ying explained, adjusting her glasses.

Therefore, I deduced that the Zhao Yuexingchen who jumped and the deceased Zhao Yuexingchen are not the same individual, Ying concluded. Its quite evident now. Either the jumper wasnt Zhao Yuexingchen, or the body found wasnt hers. But clearly, the deceased is Zhao Yuexingchen, meaning the jumper was someone else.

Wait, what does that mean? The person in the surveillance footage isnt actually Zhao Yuexingchen?

Incredible, she discerned that the jumper and the deceased were different individuals just from a 0.8-second discrepancy? Captain Ying Yuezis meticulous attention to detail is remarkable. How did she even catch that?

Its something others might not have thought of, as Captain Ying Yuezi pinpointed the first anomaly. Its possible the victim tried to adjust her fall, but the second point, the nearly one-second difference in the time of the fall, is extremely unusual.

Is this the level of expertise of a Captain? She unraveled those enigmatic videos in just a few hours, and her method was so direct and effective?

The people in the conference room were momentarily stunned, their faces reflecting awe and admiration. Such a level of insight was daunting. The ability to deduce so much from a mere 0.8-second discrepancy was indeed astonishing.

The difference of 0.8 seconds in the bodys fall time is undoubtedly suspicious. Remarkable.

Absolutely, its fascinating. Her grasp of such fine details is extraordinary, commented the gathered experts and professors, unanimously voicing their appreciation.

Hmm? Qian Jun and his colleagues, standing to the side, were taken aback by Ying Yuezis analysis and her conclusion. So Mr. Sun was right, the person in the surveillance wasnt Zhao Yuexingchen.

Qian Jun, unable to contain his thoughts, whispered. Despite the low volume, his words were clearly audible to those nearby, including Ying Yuezi at the front.

Oh? She turned quickly upon hearing this, surprised, and looked towards Qian Jun. Mr. Sun also realized this? Which Mr. Sun are we talking about?

Uh Qian Jun, momentarily flustered by the captains direct gaze, quickly nodded. Yes, Captain. Mr. Sun also recognized this point. He mentioned that the individual in the surveillance footage is not Zhao Yuexingchen but her body double, Cen Ciya.

Cen Ciya, Ying Yuezi paused, slightly startled by this revelation. She scanned the room, then asked, Which one is Expert Sun?

I wouldnt go so far as to call myself an expert, Wang Yun responded with a modest smile upon hearing his name mentioned.

Youre too modest, Mr. Sun, Ying Yuezi addressed him directly. My primary suspect, indeed, was Cen Ciya. Im curious, how did you arrive at this conclusion?

Its quite simple, really. Comparison. There are no two identical people in the world. Differences in height, weight, hair length, nail length, and even the size of the chest area can be significant. The person in the video differs from Zhao Yuexingchen in the length of nails, size of the chest, and length of hair, Wang Yun calmly explained, leaning back in his chair. Naturally, noticing these discrepancies requires very detailed observation, not easily discernible at a glance.


What the hell?


Is that even possible?

Wait, what?

Damn it, hes really pulling it off! Big Brother truly uncovered the truth!

666, what a show-off! Such swagger. Big Brother spotted that? So, he identified the murderer even faster than Captain Ying Yuezi?

In this unseen battle, it seems Big Brother has a slight edge!

Big Brothers really outdoing himself, isnt he? Especially since hes a fugitive, and Captain Ying Yuezis mission is to capture him, yet theyre collaborating to solve the case?

I think I heard something quite scandalous. Big Brother is a confirmed playboy!

The audience in the live stream, upon hearing Wang Yuns slightly ostentatious words, were left speechless and stunned. Simultaneously, they were immensely impressed by his rapid pinpointing of the crucial details and identification of the murderer.

Truly worthy of being the Big Brother! He has managed to keep the entire program inspection team at bay. Even against this new captain, he maintains an advantage in their silent duel.


Mr. Suns insight and analysis are genuinely astonishing, Ying Yuezi commented, her eyes showing surprise. She hadnt expected someone other than herself to possess such skill.

I meticulously noted that the Zhao Yuexingchen in the surveillance footage had shorter fingernails than the actual victim, and her chest size was slightly smaller, she elaborated. This led me to the definite conclusion that Zhao Yuexingchen was murdered. The scene captured on surveillance was a staged act. The most likely person to enact it so convincingly is her lookalike, Cen Ciya. However, she couldnt have pulled off such a well-planned scheme alone. I suspect her agent was involved, and possibly others, although I havent had time to investigate fully yet.

Another suspect is the agents boyfriend, Wang Yun added. I researched her boyfriend, a martial arts instructor, which explains things. He could have knocked out Zhao Yuexingchen and then thrown her from the building. Meanwhile, Cen Ciya, impersonating Zhao Yuexingchen, would jump, and someone below, someone strong, would have arranged a catch. Such physical strength is unlikely in a woman.

It seems Mr. Suns investigation was a bit faster than mine, Ying Yuezi mused after hearing his words.

Not much faster, really. I simply checked their details at the police station and also their current locations, Wang Yun responded modestly, shaking his head.

It appears this case could have been resolved even without my involvement, thanks to Mr. Suns efforts, Ying Yuezi remarked, reflecting a mix of admiration and surprise. Coming across such a strong expert in her first case in this country was indeed impressive.

Wang Yun offered only a smile in response, remaining silent. Internally, however, he harbored some doubts. He suspected that the case might involve more than the three individuals identified, but chose to keep these thoughts private, preferring to wait for the suspects statements before drawing further conclusions.

Captain Ying Yuezi, Mr. Sun, were grateful for your assistance in cracking this case, a police officer stood up, extending his thanks, then addressed the remaining experts, professors, and detectives, Now that the case is unraveling, well leave the rest to Captain Ying Yuezi and Mr. Sun.

All right, well take our leave. Captain Ying Yuezi, Mr. Sun, your expertise is truly admirable, the group echoed their respect, offering a polite bow to Wang Yun and Ying Yuezi before departing.

Thank you all for your efforts. Ive arranged a small token of appreciation for your travel expenses, Zhao Zhongyuan stood and bowed in gratitude.

To fully resolve the case, Mr. Sun, Captain Ying Yuezi, lets wait for the final results together once the suspects are brought in, another officer suggested.

Of course, Wang Yun nodded, agreeing to stay. Now a citizen with a valid ID, he felt no need to hide.

Ying Yuezi also nodded in agreement. It was a detectives duty to follow a case through to its conclusion, not just to leave upon solving a part of the mystery.

Were currently proceeding to arrest the suspects, which should take about an hour. Please take this time to rest, one of the police officers said to Zhao Zhongyuan and his wife.

Then he turned to address Ying Yuezi and Wang Yun, By the way, Captain Ying Yuezi, Mr. Sun, you havent had lunch yet, right? Our stations cafeteria is still open. Captain Ying Yuezi, maybe youd like to grab a quick bite?

Ill pass. I prefer to eat after this case is finished, Ying Yuezi politely declined.

Mr. Sun, youre welcome to join as well, the officer suggested hospitably.

I am feeling a bit hungry. Ill have something to eat, Wang Yun accepted, noting the time. It was already three in the afternoon, and he was feeling quite hungry. An officer led him to the cafeteria, while Ying Yuezi chose not to eat.

After having his lunch, Wang Yun returned to the conference room.

Ive heard, Captain Ying Yuezi, that youre only twenty-five this year? To think youve been outsmarted criminals since you were sixteen and have never failed in any case. Thats truly impressive, someone said in the room.

Im sure in the Skynet Operation program, youll definitely manage to catch Wang Yun, another person added.

Thank you. I was invited to participate, and although this fugitive Wang Yun is formidable, we are committed to capturing him, Ying Yuezi responded with a chuckle.

Back in the conference room, Wang Yun saw a few program officers, Zhao Zhongyuan and his wife, and some police officers gathered around Captain Ying Yuezi, chatting eagerly. He listened to their conversation, raising an eyebrow in interest.

Ive studied Wang Yun a bit. Hes quite skilled, so Captain Ying Yuezi, you might need to be cautious, Wang Yun commented with a hint of a smile.

His actions in the program have already crossed the line into the unforgivable. As for such a fugitive, Im determined to bring him to justice. I have never failed in doing so, Ying Yuezi replied calmly. Besides, capturing such a fugitive is somewhat interesting. Ordinary cases just dont offer the same challenge anymore.

She spoke with a calm assurance as if stating an undeniable fact rather than boasting.

It seems Captain Ying Yuezi enjoys a challenge and is very confident, Wang Yun remarked, taking a seat.

Ying Yuezi merely offered a faint smile in response, choosing to remain silent.

With your skills, Captain Ying Yuezi, capturing Wang Yun should be a certainty, Zhao Zhongyuan said, offering his compliments.

Arresting him is inevitable, its only a matter of when. But I like to set myself goals. With other captains involved, catching Wang Yun within three days would be an achievement, five days would be disappointing, Ying Yuezi remarked.

Wang Yun, seated nearby, listened and slightly narrowed his eyes.

Such confidence from Ying Yuezi. Are all the shows captains this confident? Havent they been humbled yet? he thought, unwrapping a piece of gum and putting it in his mouth.

666, looks like Ying Yuezi is setting herself up for a fall. Big Brother is right there and she hasnt realized it! a viewer commented in the livestream.

Haha, I wonder what Big Brother is thinking right now. But it seems this beautiful captain is about to be proven wrong. With his new ID card, hes nearly untouchable!

To catch Big Brothern in three days? Every captain was confident in capturing him, but they all ended up being proven wrong.

Hehehe, personally, Im rooting for Captain Ying Yuezi to catch Big Brother. Beauty is justice, after all!

The viewers watching the livestream couldnt help but laugh, thoroughly entertained by the unfolding scene and their conversation.

Although the new captain Ying Yuezi was undoubtedly strong, she hadnt realized that Wang Yun was right in front of her. Her confident words might just backfire.

Captain Ying Yuezi, Mr. Sun, the three suspects have been brought in, a police officer announced within the conference room.

Without further ado, Wang Yun nodded and followed the officer to a nearby room set up for observing the interrogation.

In the interrogation room, the officers questioned the suspects stringently. Ying Yuezi, standing to the side with her arms crossed, watched the proceedings intently. Zhao Zhongyuan and his wife, their eyes red and filled with sorrow, were focused on the interrogation.

The interrogation, however, took a surprising turn. Under the polices intense questioning, the three suspects quickly broke down, confessing to their elaborate scheme to murder Zhao Yuexingchen and revealing the motive behind the crime. They laid bare all the details of their plot.

These monsters, they deserve hell! Zhaos wife cried out in anger and pain upon hearing their confessions.

Honey, dont be heartbroken. These animals will face justice, and our daughter will find peace, Zhao Zhongyuan said, trying to comfort his wife as he wiped away his own tears.

Wang Yun watched the unfolding scene in the interrogation room, his eyes reflecting deep thought. Without uttering a word, he left the police station. Outside, he hailed a taxi.

Driver, to the Zunming Villa Complex in Nancheng, please. And could you hurry? Wang Yun requested, handing the driver a hundred-yuan note.

All right, young man. Its just a ten-minute drive, the taxi driver replied with enthusiasm, his face lighting up at Wang Yuns generosity. He promptly revved the engine and sped off.

Whats Big Brother up to now? viewers in the livestream mused.

Why isnt he using his new ID to open a bank account? After all, Mr. Zhao should at least give him tens of thousands as a reward, right?

The viewers were visibly puzzled as they watched Wang Yun suddenly take off in a taxi. What was he planning?

In the taxi, Wang Yuns eyes shimmered with a steely resolve. Just yesterday, he was attacked by a foreign program inspector, and today, the new captain Ying Yuezi boasted she would capture him within three days. Did these new captains really think they could handle him so easily?

Heh, it looks like its time to give them a surprise, a special welcome for Ying Yuezi, he thought to himself, his expression turning ominous.

To Wang Yun, Zhao Yuexingchens case still harbored a significant loophole. There was a 70% chance that the crime wasnt just committed by Zhaos body double, her manager, and the managers boyfriend. He suspected there was another player behind the scenes.

Initially, Wang Yun held back from revealing this, planning to crush Ying Yuezi at a pivotal moment and secure a victory in their unspoken duel. But after hearing Ying Yuezis claim, he decided to change his strategy and raise the stakes, plotting something far more audacious.

His new plan was to bring the actual mastermind behind the murder into his fold, turning them into his own subordinate. His own underling.

If the program inspectors could keep adding captains, why shouldnt he amass his own men?

Licking his lips in anticipation, Wang Yun thought to himself, The real thrill is just beginning. The time for the welcome ceremony is nearly here!

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