I Can Accumulate Proficiency, Starting from Alchemy - C.320: 196: Jinyun Fairy City


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Qian Du, the Eighth Immortal Court, Daying Road, Fengpu District, Jianggao Street, Nanliang Fang.

Behind the Immortal Pavilion, the residence of the Xuandan Sect.

Han Yi sat cross-legged in the cultivation quiet room.

Around him, a Sword Tool was swirling.

Seven-Star Kunwu Sword.

This Sword Tool was light purple in color. But at this moment, a faint red halo enveloped the light purple Sword Tool.

The Seven-Star Kunwu Sword was spinning faster and faster, about three meters from Han Yi, continuously spinning, as if there was a purple-reddish, three-meter radius coil suspended outside Han Yi’s body.

At a certain moment.

Red light surged on the coil, and a sword cry suddenly sounded. At first, it was low and then it turned into a howling sound. As the wind raged in the spacious quiet room, invisible pressure shattered the wooden chairs and folding screens.



The Seven-Star Kunwu Sword soared into the sky, breaking the roof, and rising to hundreds of meters above before suddenly being pulled back down into the quiet room. It trembled uncontrollably in front of Han Yi.

Outside the quiet room.

There was no surprise in the eyes of the passing inner and outer disciples of the Xuandan Sect, as well as the mortal servants and maidservants hired by the sect. It seems that they had long since become used to bizarre occurrences. Their footsteps halted, and they discussed the fact that Elder Han had taken quite a few days longer to damage the buildings this time compared to before.

Inside the quiet room.

Han Yi put away the Seven-Star Kunwu Sword.

Behind him, there were now two Sword Tools instead of one – the Green Reed Sword he was most familiar with and most fond of, and the Seven-Star Kunwu Sword.

For him now,

his core Sword Tool had been upgraded from a top-grade magical artifact to a lower-grade magical treasure. Han Yi felt pressure from very few opponents, except for a few Foundation Establishment Peak cultivators and Gold Core cultivators.

However, he still stored the Thunder Pond Sword, Fire Mist Sword, and Phoenix Feather Sword in his Storage Ring for emergencies.

The Seven-Star Kunwu Sword had just lost control because Han Yi had broken through another skill.

[Departing Fire Sword Formula (Return to the Truth l/ioo)].

Six months after returning to the residence, Han Yi finally pushed this Sword Secret to the [Return to the Truth] level. Coupled with his breakthrough in the Ninefold Soul Tower when he first returned, he now had six skills that had reached the [Return to the Truth] level.

Sword Control Skill, Light Body Technique, Departing Fire Sword Formula, Ninefold Soul Tower, Wind Wall Skill, and Fire Shield Skill.

Essentially covering core modules from ‘techniques’ to ‘abilities’ to main battle, defense, body technique, and divine soul.


the breakthrough of the Ninefold Soul Tower didn’t manage to condense the Third Heaven, as it still only had Two Heavens. Moreover, the Ninefold Soul Tower that had broken through was still helpless against the mysterious black bead in the Sea of Consciousness space.

Since it was of no use, Han Yi didn’t dwell on it and gave up.

“Next, I’ll continue cultivating the Departing Fire Sword Formula. This Sword Secret, once mastered, will be extremely amazing.”

Over the past six months, Han Yi’s understanding of the Departing Fire Sword Formula had deepened, and he also realized how terrifying the support this Sword Secret gave to his combat power was.

Han Yi carefully examined his skills again.

Until now, his initial plan had been constantly adjusted along with his phased goals. For example, the Concealment Skill was rarely used because of the Disguise Technique. The Disguise Technique was more advanced than the Concealment Skill and had the same effect as the latter.

For example, the Talisman Making Skill, he really didn’t have time to waste on it now. Even the Alchemy Skill had been stagnant for a long time, let alone the Talisman Making Skill.

The Immortal Path was endless and arduous.

Han Yi collected the Sword Tools and opened the door, heading towards the Immortal Pavilion. Two months ago, when Qin Wuxian’s injuries had healed, he left the Immortal Pavilion. Before leaving, he instructed Han Yi to spare a day or two every month to sit in the Immortal Pavilion and deter those with evil intentions.

Just now, Liu Ruyan had sent a divine sense message saying that a cultivator was looking for Han Yi. Han Yi had just made a breakthrough, so he decided to make a trip to the Immortal Pavilion.

Immortal Pavilion, fourth floor. 𝔣𝖗𝖊𝖊𝖜𝔢𝔟𝔫𝔬𝖛𝖊𝔩.𝖈𝖔𝔪

Han Yi brewed tea. This time, the Immortal tea was no longer Immortal Drunk but a better-quality Immortal tea called Long Miss. This was a tea that evoked emotions. The first time he drank it, Han Yi even thought of scenes from his previous life, and his state of mind improved after that experience.

However, just like Immortal Drunk, Long Miss only had an effect the first few times. After that, only the fragrance of the tea remained, without any unusual effects.

Sitting in front of Han Yi was not Liu Ruyan but a proud cultivator.

Chi Xiao Sword Sect, Ding Jiansheng.

“Daoist Ding has come a long way. I am truly honored. Come, have some tea.”

Han Yi smiled and offered a cup of Long Miss.

Ding Jiansheng took a sip, frowned slightly, but his expression remained unchanged. This was truly a cultivator who had ingrained pride into his bones.


Towards cultivators of the same level who could defeat him, although Ding Jiansheng still wore an arrogant expression, his speech was sincere.

“Thankyou, Daoist Han.”

“Has Daoist Han made another breakthrough?”

As he spoke, a faint gleam of light flashed in Ding Jiansheng’s eyes. It seemed that his gaze was made up of countless tiny Sword Qi, and facing it would cause even a Qi Cultivating Cultivator or a Foundation Building Early Stage cultivator’s hairs to stand on end, feeling extreme danger.

“Oh, how did Daoist Ding know?”

“Yes, I had an epiphany. Perhaps perceiving Daoist Ding’s visit today and being drawn by Daoist Ding’s Sword intention, I finally made a breakthrough.”

In an unprecedented move, Han Yi made a joke, showing how good his mood was at the moment. This was a rare occurrence since his transmigration.

Ding Jiansheng’s face showed no trace of laughter, he just shook his head.