I Can Accumulate Proficiency, Starting from Alchemy - C.321: 196: Jinyun Fairy City_2


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“A breakthrough is a breakthrough. Even with the guidance of sword intention, it’s not that extraordinary,”

His gaze fell on Han Yi, and a sharp sword intention gradually rose, “Daoist Han, would you like to share some insights?”

Han Yi waved his hand.

He wasn’t a battle maniac; he just wanted to cultivate properly, improve his proficiency, accumulate slowly, and experience the feeling of becoming stronger. That was what fascinated him.

As for fighting, he would choose not to if he could avoid it.

Moreover, after the breakthrough in the Departing Fire Sword Formula, Han Yi’s combat power had greatly improved. Ding Jiansheng was only at the Foundation Building Middle Level, and Han Yi was not very interested.

“Today we drink tea, just tea, not fight.”

Ding Jiansheng heard this and shook his head regretfully. Since Han Yi was unwilling, he wouldn’t force it.

Actually, he didn’t come today for a fight either. He just felt the itch when he saw Han Yi.

“Last time I observed Daoist Han, your Sword Control Skill had reached the stage of transformation. My Chi Xiao Sword Sect has collected sword secrets and skills from all over the world. If you leave a Sword Mark on Chi Xiao Mountain, you can obtain a sword secret or skill of the same level.”

“Daoist Han, are you interested in visiting the Chi Xiao Sword Sect?”

Ding Jiansheng said to Han Yi, revealing his true purpose for the visit.

Han Yi’s tea-making hand paused slightly, raising an eyebrow.

He had heard of the matter that Ding Jiansheng mentioned.

The Chi Xiao Sword Sect was located to the east of Qianzhou, separated from the newly established Immortal Country of Dayong by the Evil Mountain Range.

One of the Three Great Sects of Daqian, most of the cultivators in the sect were sword cultivators, hence the name Sword Sect.

Unlike the Sword Immortal at Sword Cliff in the extreme north of Yu Heng World, the Chi Xiao Sword Sect didn’t practice Spirit Sword techniques but ordinary sword secrets and skills.

Within the Chi Xiao Sword Sect, there was a special Immortal Peak called Chi Xiao Mountain. Every part of the mountain, from the cliffs and ancient trees to the sandstone soil, had absorbed sword intention over countless years, becoming a treasure for training sword skills among ordinary people.

Besides the cultivators of the Chi Xiao Sword Sect, cultivators from outside could also enter the mountain if invited by the sect.

Upon receiving invitations, outsiders could leave a new sword secret or skill in Chi Xiao Mountain and receive a corresponding one in return.

This was the wonder of Chi Xiao Mountain.

It was said that Chi Xiao Mountain came into existence before the sect itself.

Another rumor claimed that Chi Xiao Mountain was not a mountain at all but a half-immortal item surpassing spirit energy, serving as the cornerstone of the Chi Xiao Sword Sect.

Han Yi really didn’t expect Ding Jiansheng to invite him to Chi Xiao Mountain.

He was indeed quite interested in the mountain and wanted to see it for himself, but the time wasn’t right yet.

“The Chi Xiao Mountain of your sect is famous in the world. It would be my honor to witness it.”

Ding Jiansheng’s eyes lit up slightly. If Han Yi agreed to go, it would be like accomplishing a task for him. 𝐟re𝚎𝘄𝚎𝐛𝚗o𝚟el.c𝐨𝚖

The disciples of the Chi Xiao Sword Sect who traveled outside were allowed to invite others who possessed unseen sword secrets or those with stronger sword skills to leave a Sword Mark on Chi Xiao Mountain.

If they succeeded, they could gain merit from their sect, creating a win-win situation.

“However, as you can see, I am not available recently. I can only go there later.”

Chi Xiao Sword Sect was located east of Qianzhou, and it would take at least two months to make a round trip. As Qin Wuxian was also leaving, it wouldn’t be appropriate for Han Yi to leave the Profound Immortal Pavilion behind.


After experiencing the assassination attempt at Southern Dipper Divine Palace and learning about the difficulties faced by his sect, including Southern Dipper Divine Palace, Master Blood River, and the Wanfa Sect, Han Yi wasn’t willing to travel around recklessly anymore.

In Nanliang Fang, other sects would need to consider their actions carefully. Making a racket in Qian Du could trigger the wrath of the Daqian Six Ministries.

The Daqian Six Ministries were not to be trifled with. They had avoided direct confrontation with the Immortal Country of Daqian by secretly deploying formations and choosing a secluded location between two neighborhoods.

Strictly speaking, this land belonged to Daqian now, so even the two sacred lands chose to avoid any conflict.

Although Ding Jiansheng felt regret, he didn’t force it.

A moment later, he took his leave, and Han Yi sat on the fourth floor of the Profound Immortal Pavilion, deep in thought. To be safe, it would be best for him to break through to the Golden Core Stage before venturing out. He believed there would be opportunities for breakthroughs within ten years.

However, this plan was not foolproof.

To break through from the Foundation Building to the Golden Core, one needed to condense a Golden Core within their Spirit Sea. This required transforming the liquid mana inside the body into a solid state, which had to be constantly compressed to overcome tribulation and succeed.

In the Cultivation World, although there were many Foundation Building cultivators, the Golden Core was difficult to form. The key was to advance from the foundational stage to the true person stage after stepping onto the Immortal Path.

After bidding farewell to Ding Jiansheng, Han Yi left the fourth floor of Profound Immortal Pavilion and returned to his residence. His cultivation chamber had been repaired by the outer gate disciples he had become accustomed to.

However, the residential area was small, and there was no more space for Han Yi to practice freely, so he had to make do.

Three days later.

Han Yi’s cultivation was interrupted, but he wasn’t angry. Instead, his expression was solemn. Whatever could interrupt his cultivation must be no small matter.

Arriving at Immortal Pavilion, he saw the gloomy-faced Liu Ruyan.

“Senior Brother Zhuo Qun has disappeared,” the first thing Liu Ruyan said made Han Yi’s heart skip a beat.