I Have Yet to Become a Doll Today - C.213 - : The Transformation of the Rabbit

I Have Yet to Become a Doll Today

C.213 - : The Transformation of the Rabbit

Chapter 213: Chapter 213: The Transformation of the Rabbit

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Chang Weicai said: “The young man with glasses looks like he’s dating that woman who is a star. They seem pretty close.”

The distance between the two groups was not very far, and the night was exceptionally quiet. The sounds of the argument carried clearly over.

Bai Youwei shook her head gently, “No, they aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend.

Look at their tents.”

Bai Youwei and Shen MO had two tents on their side.

On the other side, there were five tents.

“Five tents, one for each person. The woman, dressed as she was, didn’t seem particularly conservative. The fact they aren’t sharing a tent shows that she and the man with glasses aren’t intimate enough to sleep together. Also, out of the five tents, four are camouflage and one is orange. It looks like she joined them midway through,” said Bai Youwei.

Shen MO also took a glance, nonchalantly saying: “The four camouflage tents are professional-grade outdoor camping tents, rainproof and windproof. They are very well made. The orange one, though, is just a standard outdoor tent used for family outings.”

“So when these folks set out, they didn’t include the woman in their plans, nor did they prepare a tent for her,” Bai Youwei mused. “Ideally, two women should be able to squeeze into one tent, but the only woman in the group seems to be on bad terms with the new arrival. So they had to pick up an extra tent kit from a supermarket or an outdoor supplies store when they were gathering stuff.”

Teacher Chang shook his head in bewilderment, expressing his lack of understanding, “Youngsters these days…it’s such a time, what is there to argue about? Since they ended up together, they should be supporting each other and helping each other…”

Bai Youwei laughed. Supporting and helping one another is a matter of fate after all.

She put down her soup bowl, “I’m full. I’ll go back to the tent to rest.”

Shen MO took the soup bowl and spoon and stood up to clean them, only to be stopped by Teacher Chang.

“You’re on night watch later. You should go rest. I’ll clean up, I’ll do it, I’ll do it’

After Teacher Chang sent Shen MO away, Tan Xiao also came to help. But Teacher Chang complained: “Don’t touch, don’t touch. The dishes you washed last time still had leafy bits on them. You didn’t wash them clean at all. Why don’t you take Xiaoxin to play? I’ll tidy up here…”

Tan Xiao stroked his chin, looking at Pan Xiaoxin on his side, “Xiaoxin, would you like to play a game with Brother Tan? …a treasure hunt?”

Pan Xiaoxin asked with a blank face, “What treasure hunt?”

Tan Xiao gestured towards the hotel entrance, “We’ve only been to the second floor earlier. There are still several floors above.”

Pan Xiaoxin considered it and nodded earnestly, “Yeah, the convenience foods and bottled waters in the hotel rooms could be useful to hoard.”

“And cigarettes. There are cigarettes in there too’ Tan Xiao inhaled deeply and sighed, “I’ve been ‘starving’ for several days already!”

The five of them went their separate ways.

Chang Weicai cleaned up the pots and bowls;

Tan Xiao took the kid to the hotel;

Shen MO and Bai Youwei rested in their tents.

The tent was serene and quiet.

Shen MO was on the last shift, from three to six in the morning, so he lay down early. But it was still early, and he didn’t feel sleepy yet. Bai Youwei sat next to him, gently petting the plush bunny.

Neither of them spoke.

After lying down for a while, Shen MO asked, “Did the bunny level up when we got out of the maze this time?”

Bai Youwei looked at him, “It did.”

Shen MO propped up his arm to look at her, waiting for her to continue.

However, Bai Youwei had an uninterested look on her face, “But, it’s different from what I imagined a level up would be like.”

A corner of Shen MO’s mouth curled up in amusement, “What did you imagine leveling up would be like?”

“At least it could release more electric energy, right?” Bai Youwei frowned, holding up the plush bunny in front of him, “But its power has not recovered at all, and the only change is that it can understand simple commands..”

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