I Have Yet to Become a Doll Today - C.214 - : No More Talking

I Have Yet to Become a Doll Today

C.214 - : No More Talking

Chapter 214: Chapter 214: No More Talking

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Bai Youwei said, “Stand up.” The fluffy rabbit stood up.

Bai Youwei said, “Sit down.”

The rabbit sat down.

Bai Youwei then said, “Take three steps forward.”

The rabbit stood up again and obediently took three steps forward

One, two, three… it came right next to Shen MO’s hand.

Shen MO picked it up, wanting to take a closer look.

The fluffy rabbit seemed to resist being touched and struggled in his hands.

Having been shocked by electricity before, Shen MO only knitted his brows and then let it down.

It scampered back into Bai Youwei’s embrace!

Shen MO couldn’t help but chuckle, “Just like a little puppy.”

While stroking the rabbit’s fluffy long ears, Bai Youwei said, seemingly upset, “I wasn’t wrong, was I? The upgrade was of no use….at most, it’s an additional toy that understands voice commands.”

Shen MO replied with a faint smile, “Remember what you said? It’s harder to develop brains than muscles. It seems the maze is helping it grow smarter. It will get more and more intelligent overtime.”

“Are we stuck with just one-tenth of the power forever?” Bai Youwei stroked the rabbit’s ears, looking rather disappointed.

Shen MO said, “In terms of power, as long as it can inflict damage, there’s not a big difference between one and ten. However, if it’s smart enough, it might come in handy.”

“You’re right.” Bai Youwei’s mood lifted, “Even if it can’t turn people into charred corpses like the Inspector, if it can electrocute them to death, the result is the same, right?”

Shen Mo: “…If you want to put it that way, yes.”

Bai Youwei laughed and briskly poked the fluffy rabbit’s head, “Hey, go fetch me a glass of water.”

The rabbit just huddled up on her without moving.

“Is the command too complicated?” Bai Youwei pondered, “Then go fetch my

thermos instead.”

Still, the rabbit didn’t move.

“It probably doesn’t know where the thermos is.” Shen MO got up, pulled out the thermos from his backpack and placed it nearby, “Try again.”

Bai Youwei said, “Go fetch my thermos.”

The rabbit twitched its ears, silently climbed off Bai Youwei’s lap, walked step by step towards the thermos, and embraced it energetically!

It dragged the thermos backwards, fell over, got up, shouldered the thermos again, and continued moving with difficulty!

Bai Youwei seemed to want to push the rabbit’s limits, so she ordered, “Unscrew the cap for me.” Fluffy Rabbit: ‘

It dumfoundedly held the cap.

Shen MO took the thermos from its paws, unscrewed the cap, poured a glass of water and handed it to her, “It doesn’t have fingers. How can you expect it to unscrew the cap for you?”

“I was just testing it out.” Bai Youwei took a sip of water and sighed, “I feel that this tool has limited use at the moment… It’s powerful when it releases electricity, but it runs out of charge quickly, and we can’t find a place to recharge it.”

She passed the cup back to Shen MO, “We can only wait until the next time we enter the maze.”

Next time they enter the maze…

Shen MO pondered for a while, speaking softly, “The maze carries a lot of risks. Next time… we should wait until we collect some self-defence tools, then we can go to the maze.”

Bai Youwei was silent for a moment before nodding, “Alright.”

Although they got out of the maze quickly this time… Of course, if it were not for the man’s misleading them at the beginning, Bai Youwei thought they could have exited the maze even sooner.

However, as Shen MO said, the maze carries a lot of risks.

Without any rules or clues, along with all sorts of disgusting monsters, if not for Shen MO’s skills, they might not have gotten out that quickly.

Just the python alone was difficult enough to deal with.

In the game, a failure could be redeemed with a puzzle. But in the maze, a failure was the end of everything.

Bai Youwei asked Shen MO with a complicated expression, “Where do you think the people who got trapped in the maze ended up?”

Several moments later, Shen MO lightened the mood by gently touching her head, “Alright, let’s not talk about such disgusting things right after we’ve eaten.”

Bai Youwei closed her eyes, “…okay..”

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