I Have Yet to Become a Doll Today - C.226 - : Good Luck or Bad Luck

I Have Yet to Become a Doll Today

C.226 - : Good Luck or Bad Luck

Chapter 226: Chapter 226: Good Luck or Bad Luck

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Ever since the answer was announced by the Inspector, Chang Weicai had been looking down, his fists clenched.

As the screams filled the air, he hung his head even lower, his fists clenching tighter. His lean body started shaking uncontrollably…

He was regretful.

He had instinctively chosen a subject he was good at, he had forgotten, besides him, everyone else in the room were young people! These people basically didn’t know much about ancient poetry!

If someone had died because of this… it would be as if….he had indirectly killed them!

The metal chair slowly swiveled back. Person on it had disappeared yet again, leaving only the disarrayed blood stains on the chair, and the scraping scratches, giving people a vague sense of the horror after death.

“I’m sorry…” With tears streaming down Chang Weicai’s face, he held his head low, afraid to face others, “I’m sorry…I’m sorry…”

“Oh come on Mr. Chang…” Tan Xiao offered some heartless persuasion, “If I were you, I would have picked the subject I’m good at too! There’s nothing to apologize for!”

Chang Weicai hung his head, eyes closed, and his heart pounded with a dull, throbbing pain.

The Quiz Game —— The spinning wheel brought good fortune to the selected, but at the same time it also brought misfortune to those who weren’t chosen!

It was him. He had killed those five people!

In his lifetime, he was always conscientious, honest, and straightforward, he had never even badmouthed anyone! But now, he had indirectly ended five people’s lives!

Engulfed by guilt, Chang Weicai couldn’t contain himself. It felt as if he had aged suddenly, each wrinkle on his face revealing his agony and sorrow.

Bai Youwei leaned forward to catch a glimpse of Chang Weicai, peering past Tan Xiao.

Having been around him for quite some time, of course she understood the kind of person Chang Weicai was. Precisely because of this, she was more concerned. If his mental state was on the verge of collapse at this point, it could affect his performance in the quiz game severely.

If he picked himself again, he shouldn’t let his sympathy take over, deliberately choosing a topic he’s not good at, just so others could pass? Compared to poetry and literature, topics like general knowledge, food, and clothing are relatively easier to earn points.

Wait a moment…

A thought dawned on Bai Youwei, a topic he’s not good at…

At that moment, Shen Mo, seated to her left, said: “Mr. Chang is old, it’s easy to get stuck.”

Bai Youwei turned to look at him.

Shen Mo didn’t answer correctly just now either, losing 1 point. His current score is 1 point.

She pondered for a moment and asked Shen Mo, “What topic would you choose?”

As Shen Mo’s gaze lingered on the slowly rotating board of subjects, he spoke softly, “I’d probably choose a general knowledge question.”

“General knowledge, huh…” Bai Youwei thoughtfully muttered.

Sitting to the left of Shen Mo was Lun Ang, and this rugged man chimed in: “Yes! Choosing a general knowledge question would be fairer as majority are aware of such common knowledge! Choosing literature, music, art … is too specialized! One could kill everyone with a random set of questions!” 𝑓𝓇𝘦𝘦𝔀𝓮𝒷𝘯𝓸𝓋𝓮𝘭.𝓬𝓸𝘮

“You idiot, Lun Ang!” Li Li yelled at him from across, “Even the most common general knowledge questions, out of the 36 consecutive questions, how many could you possibly answer correctly?! The right strategy is to pick a subject you’re proficient in! Right, Brother Yan?”

Lun Ang directed his anger at Li Li: “Proficiency? Damn it! I’m not even scoring any points!”

That last poetry question from Chang Weicai, it only killed five, but it made nearly all the players lose 1 point. Lun Ang’s score currently stood at zero!

If the next question were another highly specialized topic, all players with zero points would be eliminated instantly as they would have no points to lose!

Bai Youwei glanced around, there were still 20 contenders. Starting from number 1, Pan Xiaoxin had 2 points, Mr. Chang had 2 points, Tan Xiao had 0 points, she herself had 2 points, Shen Mo had 1 point, Lun Ang had 0 points, Yan Qingwen had 2 points, Zhu Shu had 1 point ….. and Li Li had 1 point.

The total number of people with no points was…..