I Have Yet to Become a Doll Today - C.227 - : Luck is Subtle

I Have Yet to Become a Doll Today

C.227 - : Luck is Subtle

Chapter 227: Chapter 227: Luck is Subtle

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As she pondered, Yan Qingwen suddenly spoke up, “Only five people were eliminated in the poetry question round, which is because many people gained a point from the rainbow question. Now that the points have been deducted, if the next question is very difficult, a large number of people will be eliminated – correspondingly, as the number of people declines, our chances of being chosen by the pointer will significantly increase.”

Shen Mo raised an eyebrow and asked, “So, your tactic for passing through involves reducing the number of participants?”

Yan Qingwen responded with a faint smile, looking at Shen Mo, “The game mechanism is inherently a survival of the fittest. All I can do is to ensure, under this mechanism, that as many of my teammates as possible survive.”

After a pause of two seconds, he questioned Shen Mo, “Commander, is it too hard for you to watch casualties take place?”

“It seems you indeed are not part of the special situation team,” Shen Mo replied indifferently, “Our primary goal is mission success, and certain casualties are acceptable. But pointless casualties are idiocy.”

“Really.” Yan Qingwen tilted the corner of his lips, “I’ve learn something new.”

While they were talking, the pointer had already begun its third rotation. Its speed was slowing down, and it was about to stop.

Sitting next to Yan Qingwen, Zhu Shu stared at the tip of the pointer in silence.

Ever since Yan Qingwen had made his statement, she knew she had been abandoned.

Yan Qingwen and Lun Ang were teammates; their knowledge would have overlapping areas, like weaponry.

And it was easy to determine Li Li’s knowledge base as well. He was a researcher. If the next question was about physics, he would definitely be able to answer it.

In other words, once the number of players had been reduced to a certain level, these three would form a very beneficial cycle—

When the question is about weapons, Yan Qingwen and Lun Ang gain points, and Li Li loses points;

When choosing a physics question, Yan Qingwen and Lun Ang lose points, and Li Li gains points.

One gain and one loss, in a repeated cycle. So long as they coordinate well, they would be able to successfully pass.

As for her…

She excels in music, dance, and drama…

If she chose these types of questions, all three of them would lose points. On the contrary, if any one of those three chose a type of question, she would lose points too!

Even if she racked up 3 points, she would be deducted back to zero!

So, she could never fit into Yan Qingwen’s pass through strategy!

… Would she really die this time?

Zhu Shu felt a little dazed.

Death was not scary. What was scary was that after someone gave you hope, you realized that beneath your feet was still an abyss.

She was supposed to die in the maze. It was because she met Li Li, then Yan Qingwen who came to rescue Li Li, that she was incidentally saved.

Of course, she got a puzzle piece when she escaped the labyrinth, but on the way, they encountered an extremely horrifying and terrifying game! All the 5 puzzle pieces were used up!

Later in the Snake Maze, they got 3 puzzle pieces again, each held by Yan Qingwen, Li Li, and Lun Ang, none for her.


Let’s just consider this period, as an undeserved extension received from Death…

Li Li sat across from her, wanting to speak yet restraining himself. He had understood the situation but had no idea what to say.

What would he say?

Sorry, we’re going to leave you behind?

Unable to help ourselves. Please forgive us?

…There’s no need, really no need.

In one’s lifetime, we hear too many affections. But when it was time to die, we should look at life as transparent as a mirror, just wanting some peace and cherishing good memories of the world.

Zhu Shu smiled at Li Li, then continued to watch the pointer that was moving slower and slower.

It was about to stop.

Just about…


Luck was an indescribable thing.

It was especially evident in Tan Xiao.

For example, he happened to guess the rainbow question correctly. And like now, he had been chosen by the pointer.

“Player No. 3, please choose a type of question.” the Inspector said.