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The Weak and Helpless Yu Qianjue

Wu Guan was silent for a moment. Her expression was still as calm as water, but her eyes were slowly moving. It was obvious that she was thinking about something.

After a while, she finally nodded slightly.

It was a simple word without any nonsense.

In the next moment, the Moon Goddess attacked again. A magnificent and brilliant giant silver tree instantly rose from her palm. Streaks of the Great Dao of Yin pierced through the sky and shone in all directions, as if it was supporting an independent world!

Great divine power-Moon World!

Even with Yu Qianjue’s cultivation, he felt extremely insignificant in front of this scene.

This divine power was too majestic and dazzling. A divine power that supported a world. What kind of shocking power was this?

“If I can gain something from it…”

The king of the Demon Emperor Kingdom gritted his teeth and forcefully suppressed the throbbing of his soul. He widened his eyes and forced himself to observe the composition of the divine tree.

Generally speaking, this kind of behavior was actually quite dangerous.

The more powerful and high-end a divine power was, the more complicated the Great Dao contained within it. If one’s cultivation level was too low, it was very likely that they would exhaust their mental strength on the spot and their soul would shatter. It was possible that their soul would be destroyed!

However, Yu Qianjue’s heart began to beat wildly again when he recalled the first time he saw Wu Guan.

He absolutely did not dare to think about that respectable senior.

However, if he could find a young lady who was one-tenth as beautiful…

Then his life would be complete!

“Yes, this bit of my cultivation is enough in the Xuan Yuan World. However, if

I go to the Outer Realm, I will be far from strong enough. I am afraid that I will not be able to find young miss…”

At the same time, he also saw Feng Xia make his move.

At this moment, Feng Xia’s expression became much more serious, and he no longer had a smile on his face like before.

“Sister, this is my divine ability!”

His expression changed slightly, and a world formed by the lotus prison suddenly expanded around him. It collided with the domain formed by the divine art of the moon world, stirring up countless lights of the Great Path!

“What divine power is this?”

Yu Qianjue looked over, and his eyes were filled with pain. He could not help but close his eyes.

At that moment, he only felt his soul being captured by the light. Even his soul was about to leave his body and fall into another strange space.

It wasn’t the Moon World divine power that Wu Guan had cast, but another divine power that he had never seen before.

His mind couldn’t help but waver. The secrets in his heart were peeled off layer by layer, revealing his true self.

“Could it be…

Yu Qianjue’s heart skipped a beat. He quickly activated his cultivation and mana to stabilize his mind so that he would not fall into the spell.

He suddenly recalled what Summer Breeze had said before.

The Nine Lotus Heavens revealed its true self through the reincarnation of a hundred lives!

“Could it be that this move…ls it the Great Dao Heart Divine Power that he mentioned?”

Logically speaking, Wu Guan’s Moon World Divine Ability belonged to the conventional mana system, while Feng Xia’s Divine Ability was beyond common sense and belonged to a completely different system.

However, at this moment, the Daos of both sides were still colliding. All kinds of inexplicable fragments flew out and shook the surroundings, causing Yu Qianjue to tremble involuntarily.

For him, this was an unprecedented experience.

The level of power displayed by the two parties in the spar was clearly not high. At most, it was about the level of the Dao Pedestal Realm.

Logically speaking, even if these two divine powers directly smashed into his body, it would be impossible for them to cause any harm to him.

At this moment, he felt an unknown fear!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Fortunately, in the next moment, the divine arts of both sides separated as soon as they touched.

Yu Qianjue heaved a sigh of relief when all the energy fluctuations calmed down.

“Finally…lt was over! I almost thought I was going to die…” Pitiful, weak, and helpless!

“l lost.” Wu Guan said indifferently as if nothing had happened.

However, her eyes were fixed on Feng Xia. It was obvious that she was waiting for his next reaction.

Feng Xia’s lips twitched as a smile appeared on his face.

All kinds of fragments emerged in his mind. Some were divine powers, some were Great Daos, and some were the power of Yin. Although the entire battle had lasted less than a breath, the gains this time were far greater than before!

[Tai Yin]!

[Shard of the << Bright Night Visualization Art >>]!

[World Seed Fragment]!

[Moon World Divine Ability Fragment]!

Summer Breeze’s gaze swept across the attribute light orbs and nodded thoughtfully.

To him, even the name of the attribute orb could reveal a lot of information sometimes. It was just like how he had collected information bit by bit in the reincarnation of Dream Country and finally restored the truth behind it.

Tai Yin was probably the power of the Tai Yin Great Dao. It was one of the most common attribute light balls.

The Moon World Divine Ability Fragment corresponded to the Moonlight Divine Tree.

Of course, with Feng Xia’s current cultivation base, even if he had mastered the full Moon World, it was impossible for him to display the same scene.

After all, Wu Guan’s supernatural power not only contained the profound mysteries of the Great Dao, but it also contained the vast amount of vitality plundered by the Qianyuan Vientiane Formation!

” Other than that, the [Night Light Looking at Relaxation Art] should be a cultivation technique that I don’t read. However, the content of this cultivation technique seems to be completely different from the cultivation techniques I’ve seen before!”

Countless thoughts flashed through Xia Fengs mind.

He immediately realized the difference-strictly speaking, Guan was not a human, but an innate divine born on the moon.

She herself was the manifestation of the Great Dao of Yin. Every move she made was a symbol of the Great Dao of Yin.

For Wuguan, realms like Chakra Opening, Divine Power, and Dao Pillar did not exist in the first place!

Therefore, her cultivation method was completely different from ordinary divine arts practitioners.

‘ Even if I give this [Nightlight Breathing Art] to someone else, I’m afraid that they won’t be able to cultivate it directly. However, if I can comprehend the profundity within it, it will also be beneficial to my cultivation!”

” I’m fine,” Feng Xia muttered. Then, he focused all his attention on the last attribute light ball.

[World Seed Fragment]!

“World Seed…

He pondered for a moment, then suddenly raised his head to look at Wu Guan.

However, the Moon Goddess’s expression was as calm as water, and there was not the slightest fluctuation.

After staring at her for a while, Feng Xia could only sigh. He raised his hand and activated his divine power. The Moon World appeared in his hand in an instant!

“This Divine Ability…”

” You…” Wu Guan stared at it for a long time before finally revealing a trace of regret.” It seems that even you can’t do it.”

Summer Breeze was confused. What did he mean by ‘l can’t do it’?

However, at the next moment, Wu Guan waved his sleeves and a powerful force blew Feng Xia and Yu Qianjue off the Moonlight Divine Tree!

“As expected, there was a huge problem with my birth!”

On the Moonlight Divine Tree, Wu Guan was silent for a long time before he finally sighed.

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