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You Have Lost Your Image!

A long time ago, Wu Guan had already realized that there might be a big secret behind his origin and birth.

She was indeed an innate divine being born on the moon and could be called the embodiment of the Great Dao of Yin.

However, looking at the vast universe, there were countless worlds, and even the Lunar Star did not know what mortals were.

Even if the vast majority of them were excluded, there was still an astonishing number of moon stars that could give birth to innate gods.

Among them, the cultivation strength of those moon gods was almost fixed from birth.

At the beginning of their birth, they would have the power of the God Realm, and countless living beings would look up to them.

However, after that, there was almost no hope of improvement. It was forever fixed at that realm, restricted by the Great Dao of Yin and the Yin Star. It could be said that success was due to Yin, and failure was due to Yin!

However, Wu Guan was different.

From the moment she was born, she had been constantly improving.

Although her speed was not very fast, her strength had made a huge leap over time. Compared to 3,000 years ago, her strength was no longer the same.

Even now, she still could not feel her limits.

Just this alone determined that she was different from the other innate gods!

Over the long years, it was not that Wu Guan had not explored her origin and the root cause of her uniqueness. However, in the end, all the clues were cut off. Even she could not find the truth behind it.

The attack from before wasn’t just the Moon World spell, but also her Essence Great Dao!

Under normal circumstances, she would only activate the Origin Great Dao when she used all her strength to fight her enemies. Once the Origin Great Dao was damaged, it would not be so easy to recover.

She had to return to the moon in the Mystic Essence World and seal herself in the innate sacred ground. She had to use the power of the moon to slowly repair her damaged origin.

“From the looks of it, even this child is unable to tell…

Looking at Feng Xia’s disappearing figure, Wu Guan could not help but shake his head and let out a sigh of relief.

Although she was a little disappointed, she was already mentally prepared.

After all, she had experienced disappointment and despair more than once or twice over the years.

“Perhaps, it’s just that his cultivation is too weak. If he could grow a little more…”

Under the Moonlight Divine Tree.

Feng Xia and Yu Qianjue were dumbfounded. All of a sudden…Why were they thrown out?

“Did I say something wrong?”

” Huh?” Feng Xia opened his mouth speechlessly.” Or is there something wrong with the divine power I used?”

“It should be… Is there any problem?” Yu Qianjue was stunned for a long time before he said with a strange expression,” Maybe you’re just being despised..”

He glanced at Xia Feng from head to toe and added in his heart,”

Who told you to call her sister so casually?

After all, no matter how he looked at it, this kid was not as handsome as him. How could he not be despised by others if he casually called her sister?

“Disliked? It shouldn’t be, right?”

Feng Xia scratched his head. He felt like he had overlooked something.” Or is it related to the World Seed?”

He turned his head again and shouted at the Moonlight Divine Tree in the sky,”

“Sister Wuguan? Senior Wu Guan? Great Immortal Wuguan?”

There was silence in the sky. There was no response.

Feng Xia could not help but feel helpless. The World Seed had already been absorbed by him and had completely disappeared. Even he did not know how to activate it.

Unless…Don’t try to spar with him again!

However, no matter how he called out, the moonlight on the Moonlight Divine Tree continued to flow, but he did not receive a response.

“Looks like it won’t work.’

Feng Xia didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he shook his head. He turned around and saw Yu Qianjue’s gloating expression. Feng Xia couldn’t help but sneer.” What are you looking at?”

Although he had not spent much time with the King of the Monster Kingdom, Feng Xia had gradually realized that he was different from the senior he had expected.

Rather than calling him a senior expert, it would be better to call him… He was a super boring man.

In the beginning, he had only vaguely sensed it.

However, when the power of the Nine Lotus Heaven Heart Prison swept past Yu Qianjue, he couldn’t hide his emotions at all!

As a result, Yu Qianjue’s image in his heart changed drastically.

“Nothing, nothing.”

Yu Qianjue waved his hand and shook his head.” I’m thinking about whether I should go to the Dunhuang Continent or leave the Xuanyuan World. But before that, I have a few places to take you to.”

“What place?” Feng Xia revealed a curious expression.

“A place similar to the Four Seas Barrier! If you are really the guardian of the current King of the Monster Kingdom, then you must know about this place!”

After saying that, he grabbed Feng Xia’s collar and sped up to the extreme, almost as if he could shrink the ground into an inch, heading towards the northwest of the Thousand Demon Kingdom.

“That place is not far from here. With my current speed, I can reach it in half a day at most.”

” Don’t look at me like that.” Yu Qianjue’s eyes were deep.” Whether or not the source of the strangeness has been expelled, those cowards in Dunhuang are still here. You still have a responsibility!’

“No, no, no. That’s not what I wanted to say.”

Feng Xia was speechless and amused when he saw how impassioned and indignant the other party was. He raised his hand and pointed behind him.” I mean…” If there’s a shortcut, why are you flying over foolishly?”

Behind him, a golden circular door slowly opened, leading to an invisible passage.

Yu Qianjue was speechless. Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

“l used this method a long time ago, so I thought you would have noticed it long ago.”

Feng Xia glanced at the former King of the Monster Kingdom and felt that his image in his heart had plummeted once again. Right now, it should be negative by 20,000 feet.

Ever since you ascended the Moonlight Divine Tree, you’ve been keeping an eye on Sister Wuguan, right?”

“What sister? Call me senior!”

Yu Qianjue’s face was filled with embarrassment. He glared at Feng Xia and coughed.” I’ll give you the exact location. Go there now.”


Not long after, a dazzling golden light rose into the sky and then quickly disappeared.

After getting back on his feet, Xia Feng scanned his surroundings and suddenly felt that the surroundings were familiar.

“This place seems to be…”

“Qianqiu Valley?” He paused, a strange look in his eyes.

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