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Chapter 80: Chapter 80: Han Family Clothing

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The show opened with two such spiritually captivating young girls, what would follow next?

The audience couldn’t help but look towards the exit with full anticipation.

A slender jade hand first lifted the curtain, and the crowd held their breath, focusing intently.

Then, a woman dressed in Hanfu, with a stately and dignified air, walked out slowly.

Her entrance could be described as stunning the entire room.

Many photographers had gone crazy, with flashlights flashing non-stop from the beginning. 𝚏𝗿𝗲ew𝐞b𝐧o𝚟𝚎𝗹.com

The first to appear was An Qing, who was rather short in height, and so Xue An had made the broad Hanfu slightly smaller, which made it look delicate and graceful on her.

What was more important was that An Qing was used to seeing big scenes, so she was not stage-shy at all and walked the T-stage with a stately and dignified air without casting a glance elsewhere.

“What a beautiful young lady!” someone exclaimed, prompting many nods of agreement.

At this moment, the music of the guqin was reaching its climax when a woman in a black and red Liuxian skirt slowly stepped onto the T-stage.

Compared to An Qing, Tang Xuan’er appeared slightly more voluptuous, which is why Xue An chose a black and red color scheme for her, with the Liuxian skirt naturally exuding a fairy-like aura.

At this moment, Tang Xuan’er, seeing so many people staring at her from below the stage, couldn’t help but feel a bit scared.

It was then that Xue An noticed Tang Xuan’er’s hesitation on stage, his eyes slightly squinting, as he sent over a wave of Divine Sense.

He transferred the images of how those Heavenly Maidens in the Immortal Realm walked.

Tang Xuan’er felt as if her surroundings changed, as if she ascended to the heavens, with all the people around her transforming into incomparably beautiful Heavenly Maidens.

These Heavenly Maidens moved with a dignity and grace that instantly captivated anyone who saw them.

Tang Xuan’er’s heart gradually calmed down, and she began to unconsciously imitate the postures of these Heavenly Maidens.

So from the audience’s perspective, this woman appeared slightly flustered when she first came out, but she quickly calmed down and then gracefully moved like a willow in the wind, her demeanor simply too beautiful for words.

The cameramen below were all stunned, even forgetting to move their cameras, until they were slapped by the person next to them, which woke them up. They then hurriedly aimed their lenses at this woman who seemed like a Heavenly Maiden descended to earth.

At this moment, the background music became more and more spirited, pushing the atmosphere to a climax.

Many of the onlookers from afar couldn’t help but clench their fists.

Because what the woman on stage was wearing was authentic Han clothing!

So it turns out… Han clothing is this beautiful!

Especially when worn by Huaxia women, it perfectly displayed a kind of gentle yet imposing demeanor.

Barber, Kaman, and Dai Yue, and others, standing not far away, watched with their mouths agape.

Barber, particularly as an experienced fashion designer, could certainly spot the magic in these clothes.

You see, each person has a different body and posture, which requires the designer to showcase the model’s most beautiful side as best as possible.

This is difficult!

But Xue An had managed to do it within just a few minutes.

How did he manage that? Barber felt like his worldview, formed over many years, had been completely overturned.

What he did not realize was that to Xue An, this was merely a walk in the park.

After all, having once been the Immortal Venerable, he had seen too many grand scenes and witnessed too much beauty.

Therefore, his grasp and control over beauty were unrivaled. A mere fashion design was certainly not a challenge for him.

And this was just the beginning.

In the following ten-plus minutes, a feast of the beauty of Hanfu clothing captivated everyone.

The so-called fashionistas below watched dumbfounded.

They had once revered Western culture, thinking that their own country lacked fashion.

But this time, they were ruthlessly slapped in the face by reality.

It turned out that Hanfu, left by their ancestors, wasn’t unfashionable. It was just that their own level was too low to match it.

Barber couldn’t even speak anymore.

Xue An was right. When it came to dressing, Huaxia people truly were the ancestors of Westerners.

But it wasn’t over yet.

The piece of music gradually stilled.

The lights on the T-stage also dimmed.

Is it over?

Many people looked at each other, their hearts still reluctant to part.

But in the midst of the darkness, a grand and majestic piece of music suddenly burst forth.

Caught off guard, many couldn’t help but shudder.

From the stage entrance, Xue An walked out slowly, wearing black and red Han Dynasty Imperial Robe, with a Three-feet Han Sword hanging at his waist.

The Han Dynasty Imperial Robe was embroidered with the twelve patterns, majestic and dignified.

The Han Sword, eight-sided and about three feet in length, was intimidating to look directly at.

Xue An, however, wore a detached expression, his eyes the only feature that resembled the depths of a bottomless pool, profound and eerily intimidating.

A hush fell over the crowd both on and off stage.

Many reporters even forgot to take photographs until Xue An had reached the front of the stage, when they quickly lifted their cameras.

Hanfu is very suitable for women to wear, easily exuding beauty.

But for men, it can be at a disadvantage, as a slight lack of attention to detail can easily make it appear sleazy.

Yet Xue An, simply standing there, emanated the remarkable presence of an emperor.

Some women’s gazes toward Xue An became increasingly fervent.

This man… So handsome!

At this moment, Xue Xiang and Xue Nian, along with Tang Xuan’er, An Qing, and others, also stepped onto the stage.

Xue An, holding the hands of his two daughters, slowly walked across the T-stage.

This scene brought the atmosphere to a climax.

Many from Huaxia, while watching, couldn’t help but have tears welling up in their eyes.

Is this the charm of Hanfu?

It turns out, we are no less than any other country!

Right then, Xue An stood in the center of the T-stage and looked at the audience, speaking lightly, “You may all be wondering why a fashion show that was supposed to be for Western designers has turned out like this.” His voice was not loud, yet it reached every corner of the venue.

Everyone involuntarily held their breath and listened intently.

The man’s voice had a kind of magic that commanded respect.

“That’s because when I arrived, I happened to encounter this designer, and the few… ‘Mu Yangquan’ following behind him.”

Xue An’s words drew a wave of low laughter, as it was clear what he meant.

Xue An continued, “To be born a person of Huaxia and then to continuously refer to us as ‘you Huaxia’ while shamelessly fawning over those foreigners, such people, what are they if not ‘Mu Yangquan’?”

“These so-called designers, who get by each year by altering a button and then have the audacity to call themselves fashionistas, well, in my view…” Xue An’s gaze swept across the audience.

“In terms of luxury and fashion, it’s not to say anything else, but the whole world’s countries… they’re all rubbish compared to Huaxia!”

Those words made many people burst into applause involuntarily.

Xue An smiled faintly, “So, I hope that in the future, should there be any more ‘Mu Yangquan’, remember not to call yourselves people of Huaxia, because you… don’t deserve it!”

“Good!” Many shouted their approval without holding back.

However, a few reporters could not help but ask, “Excuse me, sir, are you the designer of this fashion show?”

Xue An nodded.

A stir went through the crowd below.

Although everyone had suspected it, they hadn’t expected that this man was indeed the designer of the show.

Barber’s face turned ashen, yet in his eyes flickered a fear.

His intuition told him that this was a man he could not afford to provoke!

At this moment, Xue An turned to look at Barber and the rest, a hint of a smile forming on his lips.

Yet at the sight of this smile, Kaman, Dai Yue, and the others felt as if they were plummeting into an ice cellar.

Because they knew.

They were finished!

Utterly finished!