Invincibility Begins with a Super Fairy Manny IBWASFM - C.81 - : His Majesty and the Full-time Stay-at-home Dad

Invincibility Begins with a Super Fairy Manny IBWASFM

C.81 - : His Majesty and the Full-time Stay-at-home Dad

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Chapter 81: Chapter 81: His Majesty and the Full-time Stay-at-home Dad

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The fashion show had ended.

Xue An and the others had also stepped off the stage.

However, the audience and onlookers were reluctant to leave for a long time.

As for the journalists, they were practically going crazy at that moment.

What they thought would be just a regular fashion show turned out to be the source of a major scoop.

Not to mention, the 360-degree flawless pictures of these “models” alone were enough to create a stir on the internet.

What’s more important, who was that last man who appeared?

And wasn’t this fashion show supposed to feature European designers?

How did such a scene suddenly occur?

These questions had the journalists scratching their heads, wishing they could rush backstage to conduct interviews right now.

However, their hopes were obviously in vain.

Because at this moment, Xue An was in the high-level office at Longtai Plaza.

Qin Yu was also there; she had rushed over upon hearing the news and had witnessed the last scene of the fashion show.

She was not someone who was easily moved, yet she was brought to the verge of tears by a few words from Xue An.


Some people were just too duplicitous.

So, as soon as she arrived, she decisively fired Dai Yue and all her subordinates.

As for Kaman, the so-called designer, he had just been ordered to be blacklisted.

In other words, he might never get the chance to swindle again in the future.

Only Baber, he was a tough nut to crack.

However, Qin Yu quickly gave the order to cease all collaboration and demanded he leave Huaxia immediately.

Baber slinked away disgraced.

All was settled.

Qin Yu said with some apology, “Mr. Xue, I didn’t expect to invite you over for a visit only to have such an incident occur.”

Xue An smiled faintly, “Not a problem, it was just a lift of my hand.”

Qin Yu thought to herself, your simple gesture has indeed caused quite a storm.

Qin Yu had already received news that the clothing district had gone mad.

Those who had watched the fashion show hadn’t left; they were all planning to buy a few Hanfu pieces.

The line had even extended outside the mall’s entrance.

And this incident was spreading across the internet at an alarming rate.

Though the journalists couldn’t find Xue An to interview, they had their ways and soon obtained a lot of helpful information through the employees at Longtai Plaza.

Especially those staff members who had witnessed the event themselves and gave an exaggerated account of what happened.

The journalists listened with great excitement, feeling that attending this fashion show had been the right decision.

This was big news that was sure to cause a sensation.

Therefore, under the pen of these journalists, this incident quickly began to spread online.

As for public opinion, it started to ferment at a frightening speed.

However, unlike previous conflicts, the netizens were exceptionally united this time, with nearly everyone siding with Xue An.

Only a very few made some innocuous comments about damaging foreign relations and so on.

The rest were all likes and praises.

Especially when the pictures and videos of this event were uploaded online, even those who were just watching for fun couldn’t help but be enchanted.

“My goodness, I just love these two young girls, they are simply adorable!” these were the loyal fans of Xue Xiang and Xue Nian.

“For the princess, we are willing to give everything!” — these were the fans of An Qing.

“All praise is meaningless in Your presence!” these were the fans of Tang Xuan’er.

And then these fans started to quarrel and throw shade at each other as usual!

For instance, over who was more beautiful, the fans of An Qing and Tang Xuan’er had already fought for hundreds of pages on the forum.

But on one matter, these fans were surprisingly unanimous.

That was, under the photo of Xue An wearing the Han Imperial Robe, the comments were almost uniformly the same.

“Greetings, Your Majesty!”

Yes, at this moment, Xue An was being hailed as “Your Majesty” by countless people online.

But the biggest beneficiary was none other than Hanfu, which had been a niche interest.

After this round of exposure, many people discovered for the first time that their nation had traditional clothing, and it was so beautiful!

So sales suddenly skyrocketed.

What’s more, Longtai Square has made a fortune from this incident without lifting a finger.

Many people have traveled thousands of miles just to buy Hanfu here! 𝖋𝖗𝖊𝖊𝔴𝖊𝖇𝔫𝖔𝖛𝖊𝖑.𝖈𝖔𝖒

And they specifically requested the same models!

The origin of all this was none other than Xue An.

But even if Xue An had known about it, he would have just laughed it off.

Because he had many other important things to prepare for.

Such as…

Shopping with his two daughters.

Women, no matter their age, always enjoy shopping.

While men, even if they are the Immortal Venerable, hate shopping.

However, if the person you are accompanying is your daughter, that’s a different story.

Xue An was currently contently following behind the two little girls, playing the role of a full-time dad.

Llttle girls are always curious, wanting to look here and there. Xue An would follow behind and occasionally ask, “Do you like it?”

If they nodded, Xue An would step forward to pay and leave.

Such indulgence shocked An Qing and Tang Xuan’er, who followed behind.

But Xue An felt that it wasn’t enough.

He hadn’t been with his two little girls for four years.

Now that he finally had the chance, Xue An wished he could pluck the moon from the sky for his daughters.

My daughters, who else would I spoil if not them?

Throughout the day, the group spent their time eating, drinking, playing, and having fun.

By evening, the two energetic little girls were finally getting tired.

Xue An simply picked up one in each arm and held them close.

“What would you like to eat?”

“Skewers!” said Xue Nian.

“I want braised fish!” Xue Xiang declared.

Xue An smiled, “Alright, then let’s have braised fish and skewers when we get back!”

“Yay! Daddy is the best!” The two little girls cheered excitedly.

Xue An looked at the smiles of his two daughters, his heart full of warmth.

My wife !

Just wait, once I can openly bring you back, we will definitely be.


The happiest family in the entire universe.

This is a private club in the provincial city.

Only the rich or influential can enter and exit this place.

And at the moment.

There was not a soul in sight within this club.

Because today.

Someone had booked the entire venue.

Although many patrons who came to spend here had complaints, once they learned who had booked the venue, they all fell silent.

This name signifies supreme power in the provincial city, and no one dared to provoke him or his family here.

Xie Tianci was lounging on the sofa, his head resting on the thigh of a stunning beauty, enjoying her massage with closed eyes.

Just then, someone called out respectfully, “Young Master Xie, they have arrived!” Xie Tianci opened his eyes and gave a slight nod, “Bring them in!”


After a short while, footsteps were heard.

Xie Tianci did not get up, he just calmly watched.

The person who came was a woman.

Unequaled in beauty!

Compared to this woman, the so-called beauty massaging him now seemed commonplace.

Xie Tianci’s lips revealed a faint, almost imperceptible smile.

“Miss Fan, please take a seat!”