Ms. Doctor Divine - C.2354 - : Mission 34

Ms. Doctor Divine

C.2354 - : Mission 34

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Chapter 2354: Mission 34

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So, what if these soldiers were unhappy?

In any case, these women were focused on their cultivation. Their well-honed abilities rendered them impervious to bullying by disgruntled men, who could do little more than wear sullen expressions.

This was the advantage of cultivating strength; it instilled a sense of empowerment.

Without their cultivation, these women knew that the men would likely exploit their vulnerability and live in fear of retribution if they underperformed.

The men’s displeased countenances only fueled these women’s determination to excel in their cultivation and resist being victimized.

Throughout the journey, things proceeded relatively smoothly. Despite the soldiers’ unhappiness, they had heard about what had befallen the Imperial Master when pitted against Xu Xunnan. Knowing that they would be at a disadvantage, they didn’t dare to provoke any conflicts.

After four days and three nights, they finally reached Baizhou Land.

Baizhou Land, unlike the prosperous Jinwei Land, appeared desolate and barren along the way, explaining the rumors surrounding it.

As they crossed the border into Baizhou Land, the local citizens automatically made way for Jinwei Land’s envoy, hesitant to express any curiosity and eager to understand the reason behind their visit.


Even though the people of Baizhou Land granted them passage, Gu Chaoyan could still discern from a distance that the women of Baizhou Land were being mistreated and subjected to a life resembling that of slaves.

It took them a full day to reach the capital of Baizhou Land.

Upon their arrival outside the capital, envoys from Baizhou Land extended their welcome. The presence of Jinwei Land’s envoy initially stirred excitement among the locals in Baizhou Land, who greeted them with beaming smiles. However, those smiles gradually waned when they caught sight of Gu Chaoyan and her companions. Their expressions became complex, and suspicion clouded their eyes.

“What is the meaning of this, Jinwei Land? Are you belittling Baizhou Land? How dare you send these ill-fated women to bring harm to us?” The Baizhou Land envoy expressed evident anger, his direct question underscoring the perceived disrespect toward Baizhou Land. 𝐟𝗿ee𝘄𝗲𝗯𝐧o𝘃el.𝐜o𝚖

To them, this was a grave affront to their nation’s honor.

“The Baizhou Land envoy may have misunderstood. I will certainly clarify this matter when I meet your king,” replied Jinwei Land’s envoy in a placatory tone, opting not to elaborate and allowing the people of Baizhou Land to express their grievances.

The expression of the Baizhou Land envoy improved slightly.

However, Gu Chaoyan and her companions still regarded him with disdain, as if their very presence was an affront to Baizhou Land. They had never faced such treatment in Jinwei Land, and their demeanor was now marked by discontent and a hint of anger.

Gu Chaoyan, on the other hand, remained her usual composed self, as though she had not heard the accusations.

The envoy from Jinwei Land cast a meaningful glance at Gu Chaoyan, and the smile on his face faded slightly.

They then proceeded to the palace of Baizhou Land.

Baizhou Land was not as opulent as Jinwei Land. Even the capital appeared somewhat faded, not to mention the palace itself.

In Gu Chaoyan’s perspective…

There was a reason for all of this.

Baizhou Land was not as progressive as Jinwei Land, which naturally reflected in its relative wealth.

However, in her view, ever since Jinwei Land had allowed women to cultivate, she believed the nation’s strength would continue to grow. In a world where both men and women existed, their coexistence was essential for progress.

It was not as if one side was suppressing the other.

If so, creativity would always be limited.