Ms. Doctor Divine - C.2355 - : Mission 35

Ms. Doctor Divine

C.2355 - : Mission 35

Chapter 2355: Mission 35

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Following Jinwei Land’s decision to allow women to cultivate, Gu Chaoyan believed that the nation would grow stronger and more prosperous. In her estimation, the gap between Jinwei Land and Baizhou Land would widen even further in less than three years. If Baizhou Land remained unchanged, it risked being overtaken by Jinwei Land within a few years.

Her purpose in visiting Baizhou Land this time was to demonstrate to its people the power and influence of women. She aimed to accomplish this goal without having to actively advocate for the women of Baizhou Land. In truth, her intervention might not even be necessary, as Jinwei Land’s progressive policies had already set a precedent that would gradually bring about change.

These thoughts occupied Gu Chaoyan’s mind as they slowly reached the palace of Baizhou Land.

Inside the palace, the presence of women among Jinwei Land’s envoy team surprised many, including imperial guards, eunuchs, and palace maids. Their initial surprise soon transformed into discontent.

Yet, Gu Chaoyan continued walking into the court, seemingly impervious to the curious gazes. If she allowed herself to be perturbed by such minor matters, she would not have been able to achieve what she had in the past. It seemed that Jinwei Land’s emperor and envoy had underestimated her, thinking that her arrival in Baizhou Land would disgust her.

How naive.

The prince, king, and monarch of Baizhou Land received Jinwei Land’s envoy. In the throne room of Baizhou Land, it was evident that the King of Baizhou Land was the one who attached the most significance to Jinwei Land. As Jinwei Land was undeniably more powerful than Baizhou Land, the latter had to tread carefully. The king was exceedingly polite to Jinwei Land’s envoy, not to mention the prince accompanying him.

The Third Prince, on the other hand, was a figure who held no status or recognition in Jinwei Land.

In Baizhou Land, the Third Prince found himself basking in newfound glory, and it showed in his slightly arrogant demeanor.

“The Prince of Jinwei Land and the envoy are here. Please, take your seats, they are prepared…” The King of Baizhou Land began to speak with a bright smile. However, before he could finish his sentence, the prince, king, and monarch’s faces darkened upon seeing Gu

Chaoyan and a few other women.

Jinwei Land had graciously arranged for the prince and envoy to attend the banquet as a gesture of respect. Naturally, the King of Baizhou Land was pleased by this.


What was happening?

Why had they brought a group of women to slight Baizhou Land?

While Baizhou Land may not have matched Jinwei Land in power, it was not to be insulted by anyone!

“The Emperor of Jinwei Land is underestimating our Baizhou Land,” remarked the King of Baizhou Land, his expression ugly and his voice tinged with a gloomy threat, as if he wished to keep Jinwei Land’s envoy and others responsible for the affront.

It was clear that they had violated a significant taboo of Baizhou Land.

Jinwei Land’s envoy had originally anticipated enjoying the spectacle as the prince, king, and monarch humiliated the women. However, upon seeing their reactions, he sensed something was amiss. They appeared to be venting their anger on the envoy party. Although Baizhou Land’s national strength was lacking, angering the King of Baizhou Land and being left here as targets was not what he had signed up for. He had come here for his apprenticeship and had no desire to meet his end in this place.

This was a significant setback.

The envoy from Jinwei Land was gripped with fear and hastily protested, “You’ve misunderstood.”

“Our emperor didn’t send these women here because he looks down on Baizhou Land. On the contrary, he holds Baizhou Land in high regard.”

“High regard?” The expressions of the King of Baizhou Land and his party grew even more unpleasant, as if they were being played. “Sending a few unfortunate women here, and you call this holding Baizhou Land in high regard?”