The Big Shot's Movie Star Wife Is Beautiful and Sassy - C.291: 268: Should I call you Sister-in-law?

The Big Shot's Movie Star Wife Is Beautiful and Sassy

C.291: 268: Should I call you Sister-in-law?

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Daisy Zane stayed in the office for half a class period, and when she came out, she went straight to the rooftop.

As she pushed open the door to the rooftop, she dialed Holt Lawrence’s number.

She heard the sound of the phone connecting, and also saw Olivia Lane looking down from the rooftop.

Olivia Lane turned around when she heard the door opening.

Daisy Zane looked at her, her eyebrows raised slightly, and closed the door behind her.

Just as she was about to speak, Holt Lawrence picked up the call and began to speak excitedly: “Nana, did you come to Celestial Pivot? Are you at the ground floor? I’ll come and fetch you.”

Daisy Zane walked up to Olivia Lane while listening to Holt Lawrence speak. As if she hadn’t heard him, in a calm voice she said, “Help me investigate a person.”

Holt Lawrence: .

“William Butch, 15 years old, a student of Gathering Joy Private Class 36.” Daisy Zane continued, “I want all the information. Family, experience, including his interpersonal relationships at school. Also, the people he often comes into contact with, their impressions of him, and their evaluation.”

Olivia Lane looked at her, her gaze deepened.

“Who is this person? He’s only fifteen, is it related to us?” Holt Lawrence asked.

“I’m doing someone a favor.” Daisy Zane looked at Olivia Lane and gave her an amused smirk.

Holt Lawrence: “…Aren’t you tired? You’re so busy with your own matters, yet you’re still helping others.”

“I’ve been rather free recently.” Daisy Zane replied, “Just right to find something to do. To kill some time.”

“If you are free, come and help me out at Celestial Pivot for a couple of days.” chuckled: “Get it done for me as soon as possible.”

“Understood.” Holt Lawrence replied, “Your problem is urgent; I’ll have to release the info tonight.”

“Hold on to the intel, I don’t have a computer on hand.”


After hanging up the phone, Daisy Zane looked at Olivia Lane and asked, “What are you doing here?”

“Why are you here?” Olivia Lane countered.

“Making a phone call.”

“Can’t you find a secluded area to make your call secretly?”

“I thought there would be no one here.” Daisy Zane replied with a smile.

“But you were talking in front of me.”

“That’s right, someone overheard the call.” The look in Daisy Zane’s eyes turned cold like a sharp sword directly pointed at Olivia Lane, “So, should I eliminate a witness?”

Olivia Lane was taken aback by her statement and involuntarily took a step back.

Daisy Zane immediately took a step forward.

“What are you trying to pull?”

Daisy Zane looked at her for a moment, and then she started to laugh.

Olivia Lane:

Even though Daisy Zane was laughing, she still gave off a chill and steady aura. “Why are you laughing? You are not allowed to laugh!” Olivia Lane complained.

“Okay, I’ll stop laughing.” Daisy Zane said, still smiling.

“What are you trying to do, fool me!” Olivia Lane looked at her for a moment, then covered Daisy Zane’s mouth with her hand, “Stop laughing!”

Daisy Zane raised an eyebrow, her eyes filled with amusement as she watched her. She pulled Olivia Lane’s hand down, no longer teasing her, and tousled Olivia Lane’s hair lightly: “Okay, I won’t laugh.”

Olivia Lane hmphed, ignored her, and continued to look down at the playground from the rooftop.

Daisy Zane also stopped talking, observing the students on the playground, their running, and playing around.

Not only their class, but others had P.E. too.

Turner Daniel and George Dunn were playing basketball with the students, all decked out in school uniforms; it felt perfectly natural.

A gaggle of teenage girls surrounded them, squealing from time to time.

Celeste Martin was also on the bleachers, the center of another group of boys and girls, all filled with laughter and easy camaraderie.

Watching from the rooftop, Daisy Zane and Amelie Quentin kept their eyes on the scene. Suddenly, Amelie asked, “Do you have a quarrel with Celeste Martin? Why does she always seem to target you in her remarks?”

“I met her when filming the show. How could we possibly have any beef?” Daisy responded nonchalantly.

It was simply Celeste’s ego; she was used to being in the spotlight. But when Daisy showed up, Celeste was forced to share that spotlight and the attention she was used to all for herself. Celeste was simply miffed.

Especially since the day we all went out to dinner together before filming the show, everyone — George, Director Nash, the staff, even the rest of the cast — was so courteous and respectful to me.

We’re all in the entertainment industry after all.

Daisy was a show scriptwriter of The Celestial Pivot fame. Who wouldn’t want to get on her good side?

With all the attention Daisy was receiving, naturally the spotlight shone a little less on Celeste.

It was understandable that Celeste, who was used to being the center of attention since young, was not thrilled about this sudden change.

Therefore, Daisy didn’t hold it against her.

However, Daisy was wary of Jessica Maxwell. She had the feeling that the girl had a grudge against her.

No matter what Daisy did, Jessica seemed to take an instant dislike.

“Do you know why Jessica dislikes you?” Amelie asked.

“Why?” Daisy asked, looking at her.

“Apart from the possibility that she might be trolling you online, there’s another reason,” Amelie answered. “She’s the cousin of Bonnie Maxwell. Do you know who Bonnie Maxwell is?”


Daisy typically kept her emotions to herself, so Amelie didn’t know if she recognized the name or not.

“She is the young lady of the Maxwell family. You know them, right? They are close with the Clark family.”

Daisy noticed Amelie’s excitement, her face lighting up with curiosity. The little girl…

Amelie bent down and whispered into her ear, “Bonnie is always visiting the Clark family. Even I’ve heard about it. A lot of people in Imperial Capital claim that Bonnie is the future Mrs. Kevin Clark.”

Seeing a mischievous glint in Amelie’s eyes, Daisy chuckled and said, “What are you trying to say?”

Amelie smiled roguishly: “From what I hear, Kevin favor a variety of partners. There are a lot of women by his side.”

“And then?”

“Perhaps you should consider our Lane family,” suggested Amelie, her smile widening. “My brother is very handsome, extremely gentle and he leads a very clean private life. Besides, when it comes to status, our family can hold its own against the Clark family.”

“Ah, so you want me to be your sister-in-law.”

Amelie scratched her cheeklist, turned her gaze away as though uninterested, and nonchalantly said, “I just think you’re a good person.”

“Oh,” Daisy pulled out her cell phone and randomly tapped on it a couple of times. Putting it to her ear, she said, “I’ll ask Kevin if he’s cool with it.”

‘I !!!” Amelie’s eyes grew wide with shock. After a moment of stunned silence, she immediately tried to snatch the phone out of Daisy’s hands, “I was just kidding! You can’t go tattling like that! Don’t tell him, don’t tell him!”

As Amelie lunged to grab the cell phone, Daisy easily held it out of her reach with one hand, while wrapping the other arm around Amelie’s neck. Daisy pocketed her phone — which hadn’t dialed any number — inside her uniform, and then pinched Amelie’s cheeks while saying, “Little girl, when your Third Uncle gets mad, everyone within a hundred miles will suffer. So behave, and don’t speak ill of me.”

“Let go of me first.’

“Promise me you won’t go blabbering nonsense first.” Daisy pinched her cheek again.

Amelie, her waist bent from Daisy’s hold, grasped at Daisy’s clothes. She reluctantly said, “I won’t say it anymore.”

Daisy gave a soft laugh and let go.

The moment she was released, Amelie, like a kitten, lifted her hands and began to slap harmlessly at Daisy, “Ah, how dare you bully me, how dare you bully me.”

Amelie’s playful hits couldn’t even be classified as tickling, so Daisy just sat there, laughing as Amelie vented her frustration.

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