The Big Shot's Movie Star Wife Is Beautiful and Sassy - C.292 - 269: Help Me Find Nathan Ninevara

The Big Shot's Movie Star Wife Is Beautiful and Sassy

C.292 - 269: Help Me Find Nathan Ninevara

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Chapter 292: Chapter 269: Help Me Find Nathan Ninevara

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These two days, Kevin Clark was focusing on testing the program. After eating dinner, he did not go home. Instead, he planned to work overtime at the company.

After dinner, he took advantage of a little free time and called William Lane.

He stood in front of the French window of the top-floor office in the skyscraper, overlooking the night view of the entire city.

Wearing a black shirt, holding the Eaglewood bracelet in his left hand, rubbing it. The right hand was holding the phone, waiting for William Lane to answer the call.

It rang for a long time before the other party finally picked up.

“What’s up?” William Lane asked.

Kevin Clark said directly: “I want to book the whole Doomsday Hotel in Imperial Capital.”

“What?” William Lane thought he heard it wrong, “What did you say? Booking what?”

“Your hotel.” Kevin Clark repeated it indifferently.

“Why do you want to book the whole Doomsday Hotel?” William Lane was puzzled, “What do you need the whole hotel for?”

Kevin Clark looked at the reflection in the glass, his long and narrow eyes showing a touch of smile: “To propose.”

“What? What are you doing?” William Lane not only thought he had heard it wrong, but even felt that the person calling was not Kevin Clark. So he checked the caller ID again.

Then he suddenly fell silent.

He knew Kevin Clark too well, so when he heard the two words “proposal”, he was so surprised that he couldn’t make a sound.

Whenever Kevin Clark thought about this matter, he was in a good mood, so William Lane didn’t make a sound for a long time, and he didn’t urge him.

After a while, William Lane spoke: “No, that, what. You’re proposing, you can just use the banquet hall, or anywhere else. Why do you need to book the whole hotel?”

“She likes it.’

William Lane: 𝖋𝔯𝔢𝔢𝔴𝖊𝔟𝔫𝖔𝖛𝖊𝖑.𝔠𝔬𝔪

“Even if she likes it, there’s no need to book the entire Doomsday Hotel. I can make the best room available for you two. So many rooms will be empty…it will take you two one night to visit all of them.” William Lane said, “If the

Doomsday Hotel is not yours, it is already carrying the surname Clark now.”

William Lane: “……I should thank you then.”

“You’re welcome.”

William Lane took a breath, hesitated, and said, “Which days should I book? I need to make arrangements in advance. There are currently people staying there, and there are daily reservations. I need to make arrangements in advance.”

“Next week, from Friday to Sunday.” Kevin Clark said, “It will definitely be vacant. No one will stay at the Doomsday Hotel for more than a week. Unless they want to go bankrupt.”

William Lane snorted: “Really? Are you going for bankruptcy?”

“I have money.” Kevin Clark chuckled, “Apart from the price for those three days, all the losses of the Doomsday Hotel during this period will be on my account.”

“Or what?”

Kevin Clark laughed: “Goodbye.”

“Wait a minute.” William Lane stopped him, “Don’t touch the top floor, Lila Campbell’s and Amelie Quentin’s rooms.”

“I know.”

“Hmm.” William Lane replied, “Do you need your brother to witness this important moment for you?”

“No need.” Kevin Clark refused very simply, “I find you guys annoying.”

William Lane: “……favouring beauty…”

Kevin Clark interrupted him and said: “Goodbye.”

Then he really hung up.

After hanging up, Kevin Clark stood in front of the French window, bowed his head to look at the Eaglewood bracelet in his hand, and then he began to laugh.

The door of the office was knocked twice. Kevin Clark stopped laughing, put on the Eaglewood bracelet, and turned back to his desk.

Three seconds after the knock, Michael Jackson and Juan Wright came in.

Juan Wright’s excitement was hard to hide in his eyes, but Michael Jackson was more normal.

The two people walked to the desk, and Michael Jackson said: “Third Master, Celestial Pivot has announced the member selection date. Nathan Ninevara participated in setting the questions.”

Kevin Clark leaned back in his chair, looked at the two of them and, parting his lips slightly, asked, “He’s showed up?”

“Yes.” Michael Jackson said.

Juan Wright nodded heavily.

“That means he’s still alive.” Kevin Clark whispered.

Juan Wright nodded again.

Michael Jackson was waiting for instructions.

Kevin Clark looked at Juan Wright, looked at him for two seconds, then shifted his gaze to his cell phone.

When he looked over, Juan Wright’s eyes were shining, and he had an expression of being entrusted with an important mission. But when Kevin Clark looked away with disgust, his expression immediately wilted.

“Third Master?” Juan Wright asked, puzzled.

Arthur North looked up at him: “What?”

“Aren’t we going to catch Nathan Ninevara?” Juan asked. “Can you catch him?” Arthur whispered, “Can I rely on you?” “I…l’ve been making progress lately.”

“Have you broken through the defenses of Celestial Pivot?”

Juan Wright:

Michael Jackson clenched his right hand and covered his mouth, hiding his laughter.

“Alright, you lead the pursuit,” Arthur said. “Who knows, Nathan Ninevara might have a lapse in judgment and let you catch up.”

Juan Wright:

Michael lowered his head, not daring to allow himself to laugh in front of Arthur.

At school, shortly after evening self-study, Daisy Zane had returned to her dorm for just 5 minutes when Arthur North’s call came in.

By chance, her cell phone on the table was seen by Celeste Martin.

Daisy did not mind Celeste’s gaze and picked up her phone before heading to the balcony to answer.

After chatting for a bit, Daisy asked, “Is Charles Amos still at Clark Manor?”

“Yeah.” Arthur said, “I won’t be going home tonight; he’s sleeping with my parents. ”

Daisy Zane: .

“Don’t worry, my parents really like him,” Arthur added. After a pause, he asked, “Little girl, do you know about Nathan Ninevara from Celestial Pivot?” Daisy raised her eyebrows upon hearing his words: “Yes.”

“Have you hacked through the defenses of Celestial Pivot?” Arthur asked. Daisy’s hand rested on the windowsill of the balcony, her fingertips tapping lightly in turn: “No.”

“Why not give it a try?” Arthur suggested.

“Not interested,” Daisy said indifferently, “What’s up? Arthur chuckled: “I have a favor to ask of you.”

Daisy narrowed her eyes: “Go ahead.”

“The member selection date for Celestial Pivot has been set. Nathan Ninevara participated in the exam design,” Arthur said. “I want to know his whereabouts.”

Daisy Zane: .

“Can you do it?” Although Arthur was asking, his tone was full of confidence in Daisy.

Since Nathan Ninevara had participated in the exam design, it meant that he had been active online.

This was like searching blindly for someone on the vast internet, the Dark Web, and suddenly having a target.

At least it was known that he had been active recently, although the exact date was unknown.

But for someone at Nathan Ninevara’s level, it didn’t matter whether or not he had shown up online.

Some people would undoubtedly try to find him, but in the end, they would all reach the same conclusion: There was no trace to be found.

However… other people might fear Nathan Ninevara’s hacking skills, but not Arthur. He would keep searching, whether there was a target or not.

He didn’t care about the process; he just wanted the result.

If he crossed the Easton Group, there would surely be consequences. Unless Nathan Ninevara was already dead, Arthur would keep looking until he found him.

“What if I can’t find him?” Daisy asked.

“I believe in you.” Arthur had witnessed her ability to find Olivia Lane, utterly looking down on Holt Lawrence.

“You trust me that much?”

“Of course.

“In honor of your trust, I’ll give you a dose of reassurance,” Daisy said with a smile.


“This matter is quite simple,” Daisy said nonchalantly. Arthur chuckled: “Then, I’ll eagerly await your good news.”

“All right,” Daisy agreed, “I’ll let you know.”