The Big Shot's Movie Star Wife Is Beautiful and Sassy - C.299 - 275


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Chapter 299: Chapter 275

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Because they were entangled for a while, Daisy Zane and the business car ahead had pulled a long distance apart.

After reaching the suburbs, there was no more surveillance, and Holt Lawrence couldn’t see anything. Daisy Zane could only follow Daisy’s position.

And they had driven along a very uneven road.

The ground clearance of the car she drove was too low, and the bottom was scraping along that section of the road.

It wasn’t until almost ten minutes later that she drove the car to a desolate area, where she finally saw the business car.

This place was overgrown with weeds and desolate.

Holt Lawrence looked at their moving position, checked the map and said, “There is an abandoned factory one kilometer ahead, they might have set people up in there.” 𝓯𝓻𝓮𝘦𝘸𝑒𝒷𝘯𝘰𝓿𝑒𝓁.𝒸ℴ𝑚

This meant to tell Daisy Zane that it would be best to stop the car before reaching the factory.

So Daisy Zane caught up with the car, hit it three times, and forced it to stop.

When the business car stopped, Daisy immediately looked outside. Before she was taken in the car, her cell phone had been thrown into a roadside sewer.

She had not seen who she had called for help at all.

So when she saw Daisy Zane getting out of that broken-down Bugatti, Daisy felt that the scene in front of her had lost its color.

It was even worse than her being kidnapped just now.

When the people in the car saw a girl in a school uniform getting out, they all laughed.

They even completely forgot that they had just left a car to intercept someone and failed to do so.

Daisy glared at them and then struggled with her tied hands, but they didn’t budge.

Angry, she kicked the nearby seat.

The leading man opened the car door, and all five men got out.

Daisy hesitated for a moment and followed them out.

The men didn’t take Daisy Zane seriously, so they didn’t refuse to let Daisy get out and let her follow.

Daisy Zane walked past a few men, and her gaze fell directly on Daisy.

After checking her for a moment and seeing that she had no injuries, she relaxed a little.

When Daisy saw her, her eyes turned red with urgency, and she yelled, “Why did you come!”

Hearing her speak, Daisy Zane’s stern expression softened, and she raised an eyebrow, “Miss, you called me.”

“You…” Daisy stomped her foot and didn’t want to talk anymore.

When they finished talking, the leading man smiled and said, “Miss, you brought this upon yourself. It’s not our fault.”

Daisy Zane’s gaze moved from Daisy to the man who had just spoken, and the hint of a smile in her eyes disappeared instantly.

“She’s quite pretty,” another man suddenly said, looking at Daisy Zane. “Her figure seems to be pretty good too.”

Daisy heard his words and immediately kicked the man from behind.

Tripping, the man cursed and turned to glare at Daisy, his eyes filled with maliciousness.

And just as he got close to Daisy, Daisy Zane looked up at him and stepped forward to fight him.

Her movements were too fast and harsh, and the five men didn’t even have time to react.

Seeing the situation, the driver of the car quickly took out a knife and got out.

Daisy also stood still, watching as Daisy Zane, wrapped in a murderous aura, took down five men in less than two minutes.

At that moment, the driver thrust the knife toward her back.

Daisy’s eyes widened, and she shouted, “Daisy Zane!”

At the same time as she spoke, Daisy Zane sidestepped and lifted her leg, kicking the driver in the stomach and sending him flying.

She went over, took the knife from his hand, and kicked him again, sending him rolling some distance away, flattening the grass nearby.

Daisy Zane walked back to Daisy and cut the rope that bound her hands.

“Are you injured?” Daisy Zane looked at her scratched wrist and asked with a frown.

Olivia Lane turned to look at her, but did not speak.

Daisy Zane glanced at her and smiled. She then took a piece of paper from her pocket and wiped the blood on the back of her hand.

Her hands were stained with blood when she smashed their faces with her fists just now.

She lowered her eyes to clean the blood, removed her school uniform and draped it over Olivia Lane, asking, “Scared?”

Fearing she had frightened her, she had kept it in check.

Olivia Lane continued to look at her: “You…”

Before she could finish, the faint sound of an approaching vehicle came from the front, more than one car.

Earlier, before the factory worker took action, he had informed the others at the factory.

This was an easily anticipated move for Daisy Zane. Organizations like theirs must have a unique means of communication. Whether a watch or a button, press it or destroy it, and their people will get the message and locate them.

It’s unclear how many people are in the factory, but to deal with the Clark and Lane Families, they must have had a large force.

So, Daisy Zane wasn’t in a hurry to leave with Olivia Lane either.

Because… both the Bugatti she was driving, and the business car she had forced to stop, are now useless.

Olivia Lane glanced ahead, while Daisy Zane pushed her into the car.

“What are you doing?” Olivia Lane asked as she looked at her.

Daisy Zane got in the car, rummaged through it, and found a gun. She checked the magazine, which was full, and handed it to Olivia Lane: “You know how to use it, right?”

Olivia Lane touched the gun and nodded.

“Take it for self-defense.”

“What about you?”

Daisy Zane shook the knife in her hand: “This is a suburban area, and they have many people. Close combat is their first choice. They won’t use guns unless it’s absolutely necessary. It makes too much noise.”

As she spoke, the sound of vehicles stopping nearby could be heard, one after another.

Then came the sound of car doors opening, people getting out, and doors closing.

Daisy Zane glanced outside and rubbed Olivia Lane’s head, saying, “Don’t be afraid. Your Third Uncle, Brother Enamel, as well as your family, should all be on their way.”

Fearing that Daisy Zane would leave the car, Olivia Lane grabbed her wrist: “How long till they arrive?”

Before getting out of the car, Daisy Zane checked the location of Kevin Clark and thought about it, saying, “Within 5 minutes.”

“That long?”

“Henry Clark and the others have timed the distance well. This place is far away from the Lane and Clark Families and even from the police station. They are already very fast.” Daisy Zane patted her hand, “Don’t worry, stay here. Lock the car door.”

Listening to her, Olivia Lane held Daisy Zane’s hand, squeezing hard, “I’ll follow you.”

Daisy Zane looked at her and suddenly noticed her panic. This panic seemed not to come from fear of the people outside the car but from a deep, hidden wound.

Olivia Lane also felt her reaction was excessive, she licked her lips and said, “I, I don’t think it’s safe in the car. While you are fighting with them, they may try to pry the door open from the other side.”

Daisy Zane raised an eyebrow; there was indeed a possibility, so she said, “Follow behind me.”

“Okay.” Olivia Lane nodded.

There were many people outside, and their position was directly surrounded.

They were cautious and careful as they approached their location.

The two got out of the car, and everyone immediately stopped and stared at them. Their expressions were extremely serious, but when they saw there were only two young girls, their tension instantly dissipated.

How could these two girls, however capable, pummel so many of them to the ground?

Daisy Zane wore loose white half-sleeves, with her school uniform pants on the bottom and a high ponytail. Her clear, tender skin looked very refreshing.

However, her aura made her a one-woman army.

Those upturned phoenix eyes were like a cold, snowy winter, chilling to the bone.

She lowered her eyes to weigh the knife in her hand, then looked up at the people in front. In the depths of her eyes, besides the cold, murderous intent, there was excitement.

She really hadn’t seen so many people to fight in a long time.