The Big Shot's Movie Star Wife Is Beautiful and Sassy - C.300: 276: Injured


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Daisy Zane’s fighting skills were extremely fierce, not just because of her strength and fierceness, but also her impressive endurance, well-suited for prolonged combat.

They were surrounded on all sides. Daisy couldn’t stay in place and allow herself and Olivia Lane to be completely encircled and killed.

So, she grabbed Olivia and broke through the encirclement, while making sure that Olivia wasn’t touched by anyone.

Although Olivia wasn’t a strong fighter, she maximized her assistance abilities under Daisy’s powerful combat prowess.

The young miss had great courage and showed no mercy. She didn’t hinder Daisy in any way, but actually provided some assistance.

It seemed that she had received some professional combat training, although it might not have been very rigorous, considering she was a precious daughter at home, and nobody would allow her to suffer.

As soon as Daisy broke through the encirclement, she immediately pulled Olivia behind her.

She could be said to have grabbed Olivia’s arm and thrown her directly behind her.

Surrounding them were weeds, some of which were as tall as half a person. The ground was uneven with pits and small stones scattered about.

Daisy held a dagger in her hand, her arms and half-sleeve stained with blood, and some splattered onto her face as well.

Her originally cold demeanor was tainted a shade of bloodiness.

She retreated with Olivia while clearly understanding that their numerous opponents could easily encircle them again.

And five minutes had already passed. Those from the Lane family following Olivia hadn’t arrived.

Indeed, before getting out of the car, she had looked at Kevin Clark’s position but falsely told Olivia they would be there in five minutes just to comfort her.

Only the two Lane family cars following Olivia could have made it within five minutes.

There must have been an incident on the road.

When getting out of the car, Daisy found George Dunn’s cellphone in her uniform pocket and threw it in the car, severing contact with Holt Lawrence.

Olivia looked at Daisy from behind.

It was like seeing a person she had just met that day.

She had always thought Daisy was just cold and unapproachable, but always kind to her, even speaking softly.

Now she realized that Daisy seemed to have a truly cold heart.

Facing such a crowd, her eyes did not blink as she knocked down one opponent after another.

It was as if she were a devil crawled up from hell, evil and sinful, as if this was her true nature.

The smell of blood was so intense that… for an instant, one could not sense the breath of a living person.

“Can you shoot accurately?” Daisy suddenly asked, “Have you ever shot someone?”

“Not bad.” Olivia replied indifferently, “Haven’t shot anyone, but I can give it a try.”

Daisy glanced at her coldly and said with a fleeting smile, “Give me the gun.”

The young miss’s hand should remain clean.

Olivia didn’t question further and simply handed her the gun. Since getting out of the car, Olivia had hardly said a word. She followed Daisy’s instructions obediently.

She knew the five minutes had passed and no one had come. But she did not question, nor did she add confusion to Daisy’s situation.

The opponents in front were slowly approaching while those at the back were clearly planning to encircle them again.

Daisy loaded the gun and held it in one hand while holding Olivia’s hand with the other, observing the surrounding situation.

Olivia also took a look around and then was momentarily stunned as she spotted a small mountain slope a few hundred meters away.

Having experienced Daisy’s prowess, their opponents had now become very serious and cautious.

The stalemate between the two parties lasted a while before the leader of the opposing party suddenly uttered the command: “Take action.”

His troops quickly moved forward while those at the back tried to surround Daisy and Olivia once more.

As soon as she heard the word “action”, Olivia glanced at the mountain slope again.

From a distance of several hundred meters, and on a mountain slope covered with grass, they could not see anything clearly.

But she seemed to see the grass being brushed aside, instinctively protecting Daisy Zane with her body, and pushed her aside a few steps.

Daisy didn’t expect her to suddenly push her; originally, she planned to pull Olivia Lane away to avoid the attackers in front. But she was caught off guard and staggered a few steps when she was pushed.

Both of them were sent under the other’s iron rod.

Furthermore, Olivia Lane was wrapped around her. Just as the iron rod was about to fall onto Olivia Lane, Daisy could only turn around and use her hand to cover Olivia’s head.

With Daisy’s left hand protecting Olivia’s head, the iron rod hit her hand and forearm directly.

The force was great, numbing Daisy’s entire arm.

However, she still managed to grab the iron rod and kick the attacker away with her foot first.

The kicked attacker knocked down several others behind him as well.

“Daisy Zane.” Olivia Lane looked up at her.

With the iron rod in her hand and a gun in the other, Daisy could only raise her arm to block Olivia and the two retreated a few steps together.

When the iron rod fell, it separated Olivia from the rod by just an arm’s length. Naturally, she felt it and heard a muffled sound which was only produced by a heavy force.

After standing up, Olivia looked at Daisy’s trembling hand that was holding the iron rod. Her forearm, index and middle fingers were swollen: “How are you?”

“I’m fine.” Other than Daisy’s face turning pale and her voice colder, there seemed to be no noticeable difference. She handed the iron rod to Olivia, “Hold it.”

Olivia obediently took it, whispering, “I’m sorry, I thought there was a sniper on the hillside.”

“It’s okay.” Daisy poked her face with her hand, “Follow behind me.”

After saying that, she looked at the people ahead, her expression colder, like a wolf ready to tear someone apart at any moment.

It was at this moment that the sounds of vehicles reached everyone’s ears.

Before anyone could react, a Maybach charged in.

Daisy glanced at the car; it was Kevin Clark’s.

The people who were about to encircle them instinctively moved to the sides.

And the car did not stop; after rushing in, it circled around Daisy and Olivia, dispersing the people nearby.

It then circled around them twice more, each time widening the gap. 𝚏r𝗲ewe𝚋𝐧𝚘vel.𝚌𝚘m

Kevin’s car was fast, not giving anyone time to react or get close again.

The car forcefully drove the group of people more than ten meters away.

Surrounding grass was all flattened, and dry soil flew up.

At the same time, more cars arrived. In just a few seconds, more than a dozen cars drove up, stopping at a distance of about ten meters away from Daisy and Olivia.

It was the same distance that Kevin had driven them away earlier.

It was like a barrier, protecting the two in the middle.

Kevin’s car stopped about two meters away from Daisy.

The car door opened, and Kevin Clark got out.

He wore black trousers and a black shirt, looking tall and slender. Wrapped in an oppressive aura, he appeared both mysterious and dangerous.

After getting out of the car, his eyes immediately fell on Daisy. It was as if everything else disappeared, and he walked straight towards Daisy.

Standing in front of Daisy, Kevin wiped the dried blood off her face with his hand, then looked at her arm: “Are you hurt?”

Kevin’s voice was cold and hoarse, as if he still suppressed his inner brutality.

Olivia Lane was immediately frightened, lowering her head and holding her breath.

On the contrary, Daisy’s voice was calm, as if she had just lost a strand of hair: “It’s okay, just bumped it by accident.”