The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers - C.11


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On the way home, Yuan Luoyi observed her eldest brother. Their relationship had improved quite a bit recently, but Yuan Ao was still very mysterious to Yuan Luoyi. The reason for this phenomenon was that Yuan Luoyi could not see through Yuan Ao. He was much better at disguising himself than his other four brothers, and his dark side was not limited to just cruelty.

As usual, Yuan Ao was quietly looking at his tablet, his fingers occasionally swiping across the screen.

Yuan Luoyi moved forward to take a closer look. The tablet displayed several intertwined colored curves, looking very complicated.

Yuan Ao put down his tablet to let Yuan Luoyi see more clearly: "Do you want to learn futures trading?"

Yuan Luoyi shrank back: "No need."

That stuff looked really troublesome at first glance.

However, her big brother was truly amazing. As the eldest son of the Yuan family, he controlled most of the Yuan family’s assets. He was usually very busy managing these industries and often traveled abroad. It was not easy for him to find time to accompany his sister out to play.

After returning home, Yuan Ao went to work. Yuan Luoyi returned to her room and lay on the bed to rest.

The next day was Monday again. But this time, Yuan Luoyi did not feel any resentment in her heart, because Class D had no morning self-study at all. At seven o'clock, she was still reluctant to part from her bed.

Her phone suddenly vibrated and she opened it to see a message sent by Yu Hua.

"Yuan Luoyi, hurry and come to school, you are going to be expelled!"

"Someone reported anonymously that you cheated on the English exam. So you got 0 points the first time and 100 points the second time!"

"This has already spread like wildfire in school!"

Yuan Luoyi was very surprised. When she took the English make-up exam, she was under Teacher Su’s eyes. How could she have cheated?

After stretching lazily, Yuan Luoyi reluctantly crawled out of her bed. She slowly went through her daily routine of brushing her teeth, washing her face, combing her hair, and putting on her school uniform. She grabbed her school bag and went downstairs.

Yuan Ao was already waiting. Today he wore an all black Chinese-style stand collar shirt, which matched his mysterious temperament. It was as if he was the elegant ruler behind the scenes controlling everything.

Yuan Luoyi ran to his side: "Big brother, are you going to take me to school today?"

Yuan Ao said: "Yes, the school notified me to come over."

Yuan Luoyi said: "Is it because I cheated on the exam so I'm going to be expelled?"

He touched Yuan Luoyi’s head: "Don’t worry. Yuan Fa will also be there today. Big brother believes you didn't cheat."

Yuan Luoyi felt a little nervous inside. Second brother Yuan Fa had an unstable personality and she was quite afraid of him.

After getting in the car and arriving at the school, as usual, the students fled at the sight of Yuan Luoyi. But today they ran even faster, as if someone was chasing them from behind with a knife.

Because her eldest brother Yuan Ao was by her side.

When they arrived at the principal's office, besides the principal, there were also three white-bearded old men who should be the school leadership, judging by their Mediterranean hairstyles.

Yuan Ao bowed elegantly and politely like a noble son: "Good morning everyone."

The principal excitedly stood up: "Yuan Ao, you're here! You know I'm really embarrassed about this whole situation, but public opinion is overwhelming. Everyone is saying that Yuan Luoyi must be expelled for cheating on the exam."

Yuan Ao asked: "So, are you going to make her drop out?"

The principal said, "How could I make such a big decision on my own! That's why I specifically called these three leaders here today so we could all discuss how to handle this together."

Yuan Ao glanced over. The three school leaders were all people from rival factions of the Yuan family.

The oldest school leader said, "Yuan Luoyi cheating damages our school's image. Now if your Yuan family voluntarily withdraws, we would both still look good. But if we tear open the investigation, it will look bad for both sides."

Yuan Ao sat calmly on the sofa and Yuan Luoyi sat down next to him.

He said: "You're wrong. If we tear it open, only you all would look bad."

The leader asked: "What do you mean?"

Yuan Ao glanced at his watch and slowly said, "The lawyer will be here soon."

The principal's expression froze for a moment, then turned to panic: "God, is Yuan Fa coming!?"

Yuan Ao said: "Not only Yuan Fa. The student who falsely accused her will also be here. I already know who she is and can prove she falsely accused my sister."


The door was violently pushed open and second brother Yuan Fa stood at the entrance. He looked at Yuan Luoyi and dramatically opened his arms as if acting in a play.

"Oh my dear sister, I heard you have run into some legal troubles lately. As your second brother how could I just stand by and watch?"

Yuan Fa had fox-like eyes, long and beautiful. The tips at the ends were slightly upturned, always flashing cunning light.

He had inherited their father’s tall figure and long legs. With just a few quick steps he was in front of Yuan Luoyi.

He gallantly bent down and extended his hand. With a deft twist, he conjured a pinkish-white rose and pinned it on Yuan Luoyi’s clothes.

He revealed a shark-like evil grin, "A gift for our reunion. Do you like it?" 𝘧𝓻ℯ𝑒𝑤𝓮𝒷𝓷𝘰𝑣ℯ𝑙.𝓬𝓸𝓂

Yuan Luoyi shrank back warily. Her second brother never gave gifts for no reason. He must be up to no good again, and whatever bad thing he was planning would likely make Yuan Luoyi cry.

However, eldest brother Yuan Ao was here today, so Yuan Luoyi felt her second brother wouldn't dare go too far.

Yuan Fa's eyes fixed closely on Yuan Luoyi. He laughed lowly, "You're just so cute, still afraid of me like this."

He reached out to rub Yuan Luoyi’s head.

Yuan Ao coldly watched Yuan Fa: "You should have learned to keep your distance."

Yuan Fa's hand hovered an inch away from Yuan Luoyi's head. "You know me, I'm extremely stubborn. I'll never learn rules others set."

Yuan Fa was assessing the price to pay for touching his sister while Yuan Ao used his eyes to tell him the price would be high.

Because Yuan Fa loved to steal Yuan Luoyi’s snacks the most and enjoyed provoking Yuan Ao, he ended up getting beaten by the whole family the most times.

But this did not break him. On the contrary, it made him exceptionally optimistic and even made him love testing the edge of death.

After becoming a lawyer, Yuan Fa also enjoyed counterattacks from desperate situations. He said the feeling of life and death struggles in the courtroom reminded him of the wonderful times when he was nearly beaten to death as a child. He enjoyed it very much.

But now, not only could eldest brother beat him, but Yuan Ao could also use the Yuan family’s connections to sanction him and affect his career.

So Yuan Fa withdrew his hand. A man knows when to yield. When the perfect opportunity came, he would pluck the sweet fruit he deserved.

Two more people rushed into the principal's office, a woman holding a notebook and a man holding a video camera. They looked like college students who had just graduated, still carrying an academic aura.

They were Yuan Fa’s legal assistants. They scrambled to Yuan Fa’s side, awaiting orders.

Yuan Fa was a little disgusted with the clumsiness of the new assistants. He flicked his clothes and turned around gracefully, walking towards the principal: “By the way, Principal, long time no see, I missed you very much. When I left, you still had half your hair. Now where did the other half go?"

The principal felt angry yet delighted. Yuan Fa was one of his top students, but also the one who pained him the most because this guy had zero moral standards! He was a downright scoundrel!

"You know perfectly well what happened! I was such a handsome man when I was young. But I was tortured by you five Yuan brothers into what I am now! Now your little Yuan princess has also become the talk of the town, causing such a big commotion in a single day. I feel my entire life is being ravaged by your Yuan family!"