The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers - C.12


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Yuan Fa put his hand on his chest with a worried look: "Principal, my little sister has always been very weak. She has a transparent soul and weeping eyes that really make me worried. That night when she started school, I was so anxious that I couldn't sleep a wink. But ... your words made me feel much better. After all, she is a Yuan family member, born to wreak havoc."

Yuan Fa switched his expression in a second, smiling evilly. He looked at Yuan Luoyi: "Sister, why is the principal still breathing? You must continue your efforts and try your best to torment him to death."

The principal was so angry that his glasses were crooked: "Yuan Fa! Don't instill such strange ideas into Yuan Luoyi's mind! She still has a conscience! What you advocate are all evil ways. Truth, kindness and beauty are the right way of the world!"

Yuan Fa clapped his hands: "Wow, really admirable. You have been working for over 30 years. You have seen so many students enter the cruel society and fall from sacred ideals into filthy reality. The students you nurtured flatter their bosses just to make a living. Yet you still believe that truth, kindness and beauty exist."

His gaze swept over the three school leaders: "Distinguished leaders, which one of you does not have a greedy heart and tries very hard to pretend to be a good person? Compared to all of you, I'm just more straightforward about my desires."

The school leaders who were directly named were furious. They were veteran figures that even the principal had to treat politely. Yet this young Yuan Fa actually dared to mock them in public.

One of the school leaders said: "Young man, I advise you to be more prudent. I was fighting with your grandfather before you were even born!"

Yuan Fa sneered contemptuously: "Elder, I also advise you to be more prudent. You clearly know that my sister did not cheat, but in order to profit yourself, you insist on framing her. If you go too far, you may end up in jail yourself."

The three school leaders gnashed their teeth in anger but didn't dare say more, afraid of leaving handles.

In the legal community, Yuan Fa was a commanding figure, skilled at unraveling the truth and exposing the perpetrators. Half of the leaders in prison were put there by him. Therefore, many leaders fled as soon as they heard he was coming, abandoning their assets.


The door of the principal's office was kicked open roughly and a fierce, hideous man walked in.

The principal sighed painfully. The golden nanmu door had already been mistreated twice today. Next time when dealing with Yuan family affairs, he would have to use the teaching director's office. It was good fortune that could not be shared, but misfortune had to be endured together.

The man grabbed a piece of paper and shook it violently: "Yuan Fa, you brat actually dared to send me a lawyer's letter! And falsely accused my daughter!"

A little girl with a pink butterfly bow followed in. Yuan Luoyi recognized her, Ma Mei from Class C.

She usually didn't study, spending all her time currying favor with Su Xun. Unfortunately Su Xun looked down on her and basically didn't interact with her. Ma Mei could only settle for second best, becoming a follower of Su Xun's followers. She helped buy drinks and snacks, serving as a maid.

Yuan Luoyi suddenly realized it was Ma Mei who had falsely accused her of cheating.

The man who rushed in should be Ma Mei's father, said to be a wealthy businessman in the coal business.

Ma Mei's mother also came, jogging in. Her high heels went clackety-clack. Unlike her reckless husband, she understood clearly that offending the Yuan family would have terrible consequences.

She said anxiously: "There must be some misunderstanding here. My daughter is very kind, how could she falsely accuse the Yuan family's daughter?"

Ma's father demanded: "You said it was my daughter who wrote the anonymous letter to falsely accuse her. Where is the evidence?"

Yuan Fa looked at Yuan Ao: "Oh ... is the evidence coming?"

Yuan Ao said: "Coming soon."

Yuan Fa said: "I can't wait any longer. Why don't you give them a call to hurry up?"

Yuan Ao sighed: "It seems you will never learn patience."

He glanced at his watch: "Alright, time's up."

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone's cell phones rang, beeping and buzzing with various ringtones like a chaotic symphony. Everyone took out their phones to check. It was a surveillance video. They opened it and it showed Ma Mei.

Ma Mei said: "How could Yuan Luoyi suddenly score 100% in English? Her English has always been really poor! She must have cheated!"

A boy said: "What are you going to do then? You don't have any evidence." ๐’ป๐“‡โ„ฏ๐˜ฆ๐˜ธ๐‘’๐‘๐“ƒ๐‘œ๐“ฟ๐˜ฆ๐‘™.๐‘๐‘œ๐“ถ

Ma Mei rolled her eyes: "Moron, if there's no evidence can't we manufacture some? Get out of here. I'm going to write an anonymous letter. After it's sent out, Yuan Luoyi will be finished! Haha, damn, acting so aloof all day long. I greeted her but she totally ignored me. A person like her deserves to be ostracized by Class A."

Ma's mother was shocked, covering her mouth with both hands. She didn't expect her daughter who was usually so polite in front of her to use such foul language.

She grabbed Ma Mei: "How could you do something like this?!"

Ma Mei choked up, unable to speak. She had been scared out of her wits since receiving the lawyer's letter. It was supposed to be anonymous! That was why she dared to falsely accuse. She really didn't expect the Yuan family to even find surveillance footage.

Ma Mei wailed loudly: "I'll never do it again!"

Seeing the ironclad evidence, Ma's father immediately switched to fawning: "Even if it was my daughter who falsely accused her, so what? She's only twelve! She doesn't know anything. A bunch of adults ganging up to attack a child, where is your moral high ground?"

Yuan Ao lazily said: "The fact that we didn't raise a child like yours already shows that we have morals."

Ma's father was rendered speechless for a moment, only able to vent his impotent rage: "She's just a child! How could she have any malice? What's the point of your lawyer's letter anyway? The law wouldn't hold a 12-year-old child accountable, would it?"

Yuan Fa sneered coldly: "I'm very surprised that you actually have some legal awareness. Criminal law certainly can't, but we can still use civil law."

As he walked toward Yuan Luoyi, he said: "Your daughter's actions have caused severe psychological damage to my sister. She was already under tremendous academic stress. After this ordeal, she is now on the verge of mental collapse..."

Yuan Fa leaned to Yuan Luoyi's ear and whispered: "Cry."

Yuan Luoyi was startled. This request was too sudden. Although she teared up easily, she couldn't cry without emotional buildup.

Yuan Fa said: "I secretly ate all the limited edition Callebaut chocolates you had hidden away."

Yuan Luoyi asked: "None left at all?"

Yuan Fa said: "None left."

Yuan Luoyi instantly reddened her eyes as tears rolled down her cheeks, her expression gloomy as if her heart had died.

Yuan Fa smiled: "Perfect."

He realized his two assistants were still standing there blankly and impatiently beckoned: "Quick, get evidence!"

Only then did the two assistants react. One turned on an audio recorder while the other turned on a video camera to document Yuan Luoyi's devastated sobbing.

Yuan Fa handed a writ to Ma's father: "As my sister's agent, I demand that you compensate for mental damages, and publicly apologize in designated media outlets."

When Ma's father saw the amount, his face turned red with anger. He crumpled the writ into a ball and threw it on the ground: "Are you fucking insane, asking for so much money?"

Yuan Fa said: "I checked your company's accounts. You can afford to pay with your current assets."

Ma's father yelled furiously: "I'm not saying I can't afford it. I'm saying you're insane! It was just some petty quarrel between kids! And you want me to pay through the nose? I can also hire lawyers. There's no way you can win with such excessive demands!"

Yuan Fa and Yuan Ao smiled at each other. When had the Yuan family ever been reasonable?

These nouveau riche didn't understand the rules. If they obediently handed over money, the Yuan family's retaliation could stop here.

Yuan Fa said: "Big bro, can I play it a bit dangerously with your support?"

Yuan Ao said: "I will support you at any time."

The big brother of the Yuan family who was in charge of money and connections had spoken, so Yuan Fa was no longer hesitant.

The law would only be a pile of waste paper if not enforced with violence.

Likewise, without the Yuan family's full support, Yuan Fa could not send so many people to prison either.