The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers - C.4


The source of this c𝐨ntent is fre𝒆w(e)bn(o)vel

Yuan Luoyi, still a lonely little girl at the age of 11.

Her brothers had completed their studies one by one, and started their own careers, so they returned home less frequently.

Occasionally, she would recall the past, those red, rusty, bloody and distorted sounds, as well as the indifference in her brothers' eyes. She already knew what was going on.

They stimulated their younger sister with all kinds of terrible behaviors, wanting to know her reactions. It would not cause harm, but it would leave a shadow.

They were curious and obsessed, again and again.

Just like the ancient nursery rhyme.

A venomous scorpion wanted to cross the river.

It said to the frog: "Kind little frog, I cannot swim, please carry me across the river, only when I get to the other side can I find food."

The frog said: "But you have a bad reputation that you would sting me with your venomous tail."

"I would never sting you. Think about it, if I stung you while crossing the river, we would both die."

"Okay, I’ll carry you across."

When they reached the middle of the river, the scorpion stung the frog, and they sank down together.

The frog asked: "Why?"

The scorpion said: "Sorry, it’s my instinct."

Yes, instinct.

It was the snake's instinct to prey on the mouse, and it was also the mouse's instinct to fear the snake.

So the mental maturity did not bring Yuan Luoyi joy, but only fear.

Her brothers also noticed their younger sister's changes. They were no longer as unscrupulous as before. They hid their fangs and disguised themselves as normal people.

However, this was still unable to prevent the estrangement between the siblings.

After the lonely elementary school life ended, Yuan Luoyi finally ushered in a major turning point in her life.

She was admitted to Star Galaxy Middle School.

Yuan's Mother cheered with joy: "Great! Your five brothers also graduated from this middle school. I'm very familiar with the principal! You will definitely have a happy campus life there."

Yuan Luoyi asked, "Can I make friends there?"

Yuan's Mother said, "Of course you can! There are many children from prestigious families inside. Not everyone would be afraid of the Yuan family. Your elementary school classmate Sen Junxuan also got admitted. You two can take care of each other."

After hearing this, Yuan Luoyi also became happy. She had already started imagining the scene of sharing snacks with her friends.

In the afternoon, the principal of Star Galaxy Middle School came to get to know Yuan Luoyi's situation in advance. He brought a bouquet of flowers.

"Ah, Mrs. Yuan, long time no see, you are as beautiful as ever. Can you tell me the secret to staying young?"

Yuan's Mother smiled and accepted the flowers: "My secret is to keep working. Once people become idle, they will only age faster."

The principal admired: "I really admire you so much. While working, you can also nurture five such outstanding sons. Now there is also a dazzling daughter."

He walked quickly to Yuan Luoyi, pushed up his glasses, and stared at her carefully: "As expected of the Yuan family’s child, each of them is exquisite."

He pointed to his bald head: "Little one, can you see what's different about me from ordinary people?"

Yuan Luoyi said: "You have no hair."


The principal clapped his hands lightly: "That's right!"

"It's my school's glory to be able to nurture your five capable brothers."

"However, during their school years, my hair was everywhere--in lectures, under desks, in offices, anywhere--just not on my head."

"I hope that after you enter the school, you can be a good person. I'm old with a bad heart. I just want to retire alive."

Yuan's Mother laughed gleefully: "Principal Wang, you are still as humorous as before! Please rest assured. My little daughter is the most adorable and well-behaved child in the world, not the same creature as those five fiends." 𝐟re𝚎𝘄𝚎𝐛𝚗o𝚟el.c𝐨𝚖

The principal was deeply skeptical. As long as the Yuan family’s children were willing, they could become very charming and deceive ordinary people’s judgment.

Yuan Luoyi curiously asked: "Principal, what is the school like?"

Just as the principal was about to introduce Star Galaxy Middle School, the eldest brother Yuan Ao suddenly walked in with a tea set.

The principal froze, and so did Yuan Luoyi.

The two suddenly found common ground, which was that they were both afraid of Yuan Ao.

Yuan Ao elegantly placed the teacup in front of the principal and bowed politely: "Principal, long time no see. You look quite robust. Please have some tea."

The principal said: "Of course, that I can still be alive after teaching you five is sufficient to prove that I have tenacious vitality!"

He glared at the tea warily: "What is this?"

Yuan Ao said: "A kind of floral tea, I heard it can nourish hair."

The principal drank it all in one gulp and nodded approvingly: “As expected of the Yuan family, superb taste. One more cup!”

Yuan Ao picked up the small teapot and refilled it for the principal.

He slightly turned his body and started gazing at Yuan Luoyi again. After a while, he shifted his eyes away.

He took out a new teacup, tilted, raised, and lowered the teapot in his hand, letting the gurgling water flow under his control.

Seventy percent tea and eighty percent wine, the tea was poured well. His slender fingers were attached to the porcelain. With a gentle push, the teacup came to Yuan Luoyi.

Yuan Ao said to Yuan Luoyi: "It has floral fragrance and is a little sweet. You can try it."

Yuan Ao's demeanor was elegant, perfect, and impeccable, unlike other flashy Yuan family members. He could restrain his darkness and patiently chat with normal people.

As a result, he inherited the rights of the Yuan family.

Yuan Luoyi picked up the teacup and took a light sip. The floral fragrance was sweet and delicious. It was quite good to drink.

"Thank you."

She was polite yet aloof.

Eldest brother Yuan Ao breathed an inaudible sigh.

After enjoying the tea, the principal was obviously in a much better mood. He said, "Alright, little one, you asked me about the school situation just now!"

"Our school is renowned far and wide. We have signed mutual aid agreements with Ivy League schools. Students can apply for short-term exchange studies. About 50% of students get admitted by world-renowned universities before taking the college entrance exam."

"You can become an ambitious person, or an innovator, or even have ambitions for the world and save lives, leaving your name in history!"

"We have sufficient educational resources to support you."

"So what is your dream?"

Yuan Luoyi had never thought about this. She just went to school naturally and came to this juncture in life naturally.

Seeing Yuan Luoyi's confusion, the principal laughed heartily: "It's okay. You have enough time to think about what exactly you want. But..."

"We have a special system. In addition to classes A, B and C, there is also class D. Students with poor performance will be sent to class D."

"The homeroom teacher of class D looks handsome but is useless. He is passive and never disciplines students."

Yuan Luoyi suddenly looked up, extremely interested in this class D.

The principal continued: "Class D has no morning self-study sessions. Students can come whenever they want, very casual, which breeds laziness. It’s only 30 meters away from the cafeteria. Usually crowded and noisy, which seriously affects students' ability to concentrate in class."

He held up a finger and said solemnly to Yuan Luoyi: "Now you have been admitted to the best Class A, but if you don't study hard, you may be assigned to Class D."

Yuan Luoyi thought regretfully.

But the conditions of Class D sounded so appealing, so tempting.

She secretly glanced at her eldest brother Yuan Ao. He was sitting lazily on the sofa, his handsome face cold and mysterious. His white shirt was neatly ironed, meticulous and inscrutable.

"Principal, what were my brothers like at school back then?"

The principal said, "They were exceptionally outstanding, like brilliant stars falling to earth, talented, charming and charismatic. No one could refuse them, but when they started to make troubles, it was truly agonizing!"

"Are they all in Class A?"


Yuan Luoyi was very disappointed. If her whole family except her went to Class D, it would damage the Yuan family's glory. She had to give up the idea of going to Class D.

Her five brilliant brothers put quite some pressure on her.

However, Yuan Luoyi was still looking forward to the new campus life. She hoped that she could make many friends.

But after spending a month in Star Galaxy Middle School, Yuan Luoyi's hopes were dashed.

The prestige of the five Yuan brothers still remained. They were nightmares to countless teachers and students. After Yuan Luoyi enrolled, everyone felt that she was also strong, aloof, and extremely evil at the same time.

She didn't do anything, yet the students started trembling in fear.

Sen Junxuan, the only one who understood her personality, also did not want to play with her.

In PE class, he pushed her away.

When she fell to the ground, Yuan Luoyi suddenly saw a long memory, just like those strange dreams she had as a child.

Ah, she realized that this was her second time becoming Yuan Luoyi.

The first time, when Yuan's Father discovered that she was a fake heiress, his eyes turned cold instantly. He mercilessly kicked her out to search the whole world for his biological daughter.

She was also framed. Her indictment was in the morning, execution grounds visit in the afternoon, ashes scattered at night.

Within a day, she lost her life at the age of eighteen.