The Fake Heiress and Her Five Villainous Brothers - C.5


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After school, Yuan Luoyi limped back home.

And was surprised to find that her busy eldest brother Yuan Ao had come back.

Yuan Ao silently gazed at Yuan Luoyi. After so many years, his intense gaze still made Yuan Luoyi feel uneasy.

She instinctively wanted to run away, but after knowing she was a fake daughter of the Yuan family and would die at 18, she felt a strange sense of liberation.

She had lived in fear for 11 years, living like this was too boring.

So she didn't run away, enduring the baptism of that icy gaze.

Yuan Ao asked, "Are you hurt?"

Yuan Luoyi replied, "Yes."

"What happened?"

"Sen Junxuan pushed me and I fell down."

Yuan Ao lowered his head, his eyes gloomy, and smiled chillingly.

But when he looked up at Yuan Luoyi, he had resumed his usual demeanor. He gazed at Yuan Luoyi, focusing mainly on her bumped forehead and scraped knees.

Yuan Luoyi suddenly realized that the reason her eldest brother often gazed at her was just to check her health.

In her brother's eyes, she must be extremely fragile, catching a cold from the slightest breeze and getting a fever from the lightest rain, she could die anytime, so he needed to pay close attention to her all the time.

Yuan Ao said, "Your legs must be hurting too from the fall."

Yuan Luoyi nodded, her knees did throb with pain when she walked.

Yuan Ao tentatively opened his arms, "Dinner is ready, let's go eat first."

Yuan Luoyi understood her brother's intention, the snake wanted to hug the mouse.

It had the instinct to kill, while she had the instinct to escape.

Overcoming her fear, she jumped forward into her brother's embrace.

Although her brother's embrace was a bit cold, it made her feel safe, and wasn't as scary as she had imagined.

Plus she didn't have to walk herself which was great since the Yuan residence was so big, it took 7 minutes to walk from the entrance to the dining room.

The Yuan family's dining room was magnificently decorated, with colorful crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. At the center of the wall was a pure silver plaque, with the abstract totem of the Yuan family, a twin-headed snake, carved into it.

After entering the dining room, Yuan Ao put Yuan Luoyi down in her usual seat.

Across from Yuan Luoyi sat Yuan's Father, his face stern. Next to him sat Yuan's Mother, smiling beautifully and gracefully.

"Baby, we're having roasted steak today," Yuan's Mother lovingly cut the steak for Yuan Luoyi.

The dinner knife gleamed as it sliced down swiftly and steadily guided by her fair hand, without even shaking the pearl bracelet on Yuan's Mother's wrist.

Yuan's Mother was always smiling gently, whenever Yuan Luoyi hid and cried, her hands would tenderly wipe away Yuan Luoyi's tears.

Of course, those hands could also snap the necks of grown men easily. Yuan's Mother had a bad temper when she was younger, and had resolved issues that way many times.

Yuan's Mother pushed the cut steak over to Yuan Luoyi, who speared a piece with her fork and said while eating, "Thank you, mommy."

Yuan's Mother's smile grew even brighter. Her other five children were all too independent, but her little daughter was weak and lovable, extremely dependent on her, which made Yuan's Mother overly indulgent with Yuan Luoyi.

"Clank clank clank!"

The jarring sound of cutlery colliding with the plate. Yuan Luoyi didn't like using knives and forks, she preferred chopsticks.

A cold gaze fell upon Yuan Luoyi, full of displeasure. Without looking up, she knew it was Yuan's Father watching her.

In Yuan's Father's eyes, she had never been a proper member of the Yuan family, she was too weak and incapable of anything.

If this had happened before, Yuan Luoyi would have trembled in fear, trying hard to adjust her grip on the knife and fork.

But now she knew she wasn't the Yuan's child to begin with, she couldn't meet his expectations anyway, so she didn't care anymore. She was also very hungry, and wolfed down the beef ravenously.

Yuan's Father's brow furrowed, "Has Yuan Luoyi's monthly exam result come out yet?"

Yuan's Mother said, "The class teacher already said it in the parents' group chat, it's coming out tomorrow, don't you check your messages?"

Yuan's Father said, "I'm very busy."

He stared icily at Yuan Luoyi, "I hope you passed."

Yuan's Mother was a little angry. Her baby had been depressed lately, and today was finally a bit cheerful, yet Yuan's Father had to bring up her grades and ruin it.

She quickly changed the subject, "Oh, that's right! Baby, how come you let your big brother carry you again?"

Yuan Luoyi said, "My leg hurts from the fall, I don't want to walk."

Yuan's Mother's expression instantly changed, gripping the dinner knife tightly, "What is this about?"

Yuan Ao explained, "The youngest son of the Sen family pushed her down, Mother don't worry, I'll handle it."

Yuan's Mother relaxed a little, but the icy glint in her eyes remained, "The Yuan family does not befriend foolish people. If the Sen family's children are all hopeless idiots, then you should sever ties decisively and cut your losses in time."

Yuan Ao bowed slightly, "Yes, Mother."

Yuan Luoyi was still devouring the beef, her cheeks puffed out. Everyone else was baring their venomous fangs murderously, while the mouse was happily eating. fr𝐞𝐞𝚠e𝗯𝗻ovel.c𝐨m

Yuan's Father's expression was stern, "She should handle such minor matters herself, don't over intervene."

Yuan's Mother forcefully put down her cutlery, "She's being bullied to this extent, and I can't do anything about it?"

"Madam, stop indulging her. It's because you always help her that she doesn't even know how to use knives and forks now!"


"Ding ling ling!"

Yuan's Father rang the bell, cutting off Yuan's Mother's words.

A male servant walked over, respectfully presenting the newspaper with both hands.

Yuan's Father was a sophisticated tycoon, the newspaper had to be neatly ironed without a single crease, and scented with high-quality agarwood incense.

He took the newspaper and stood up. Over two meters tall, his chest swelled proudly like an eagle's. His shoulders were broad and powerful. Although there were already wrinkles at the corners of his eyes, he was still strikingly handsome and commanding.

He looked towards the angry Yuan's Mother, and swiftly bent down close to her before she could react, performing an intimate kiss on the cheek.

"Good night, madam."

Holding the newspaper, he left the dining room. As the patriarch of the Yuan family, his decisions could not be rejected.

Yuan's Mother's anger did not erupt. She never lost her temper in front of the children. She would talk to her husband privately tonight.

She looked worriedly at Yuan Luoyi, usually her daughter would already be tearing up by now. But at the moment, Yuan Luoyi was wholly focused on enjoying her food, as if nothing could disturb her relishing the delicious meal even if the world ended.

Yuan's Mother smiled excitedly, cupping her own face, "That arrogant look, exactly like me when I was young!"

She pulled Yuan Luoyi into her arms, "Baby has her own unique charm, just grow happily like this, going with the flow is best. Baby will definitely become the pride of the Yuan family in the future!"