The Villain's Little Sister is Spoiled by the Male Lead - C.1


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Song Luokui at this moment watched the two "gangs" fighting in front of her with some confusion, because she suddenly remembered that she was supposed to be a character in a novel.

In front of her, two chubby boys who still had traces of baby fat were wrestling with each other. The specific reason was not very clear to Song Luokui, probably for "territorial disputes"?

And the one at a disadvantage at the moment was her own older brother, Song Luosheng, a handsome boy who had just finished first grade. He was also the antagonist in the book. The one pressing him down and fighting with him was the male lead, Chi Yu, the future prince of the capital circle and the world's richest man.

Song Luokui didn't make a move yet, but someone suddenly shouted, "An adult is here!"

With a "whoosh," everyone who had been wrestling instantly separated. After Chi Yu let go of Song Luosheng and ran away, Song Luosheng quickly stood up and ran over to Song Luokui, pulling her hand. "Little sister, let's pretend to go home."

Song Luokui was still holding a small bucket of sand in her hand. At this moment, she was a five-year-old child, and her short legs couldn't keep up with Song Luosheng's pace. She was almost tripped by him. Inside the wooden bucket was a small shovel, which made a "clattering" sound as it shook.

Why run so fast pretending to go home? So, there are people keeping watch while you guys fight?

Back at home, Song Luosheng let go of Song Luokui's hand, went to the kitchen to get a bottle of water, and sat on the sofa, gulping down the water. After wiping his mouth, he started to curse, "Damn Chi Yu, next time I'll definitely beat him until he begs for mercy..."

Song Luokui put the small bucket aside and walked to the sofa in the living room, thinking about her brother's past records... It seemed like he rarely won...

So worthy of being the antagonist, always at odds with the male lead since childhood?

Song Luokui didn't remember the details of the book very clearly. She only remembered that it was a male-oriented novel, and at the beginning of the story, the male lead hadn't even graduated from college yet, but he was already the prince of the capital circle, surrounded by a group of followers.

The antagonist was also part of the same circle as the male lead, but they were always at odds. Whether it was academic performance, various activities, or fights in the business world, the antagonist was always suppressed by the male lead, to the point where his character became twisted and he wanted to harm the male lead, but ended up being taken care of by the male lead instead.

In the end, the antagonist jumped off a building and died by his own hand. As for the antagonist's family, the book only mentioned that he had a younger sister who died at a young age, and his parents were left with white hair from grief.

So, she was the younger sister who died young?

"Oh dear! Young Master and Young Miss, where did you go? Why are you so dirty?" Aunt Gui, the housekeeper, came back with groceries and saw two little kittens in the living room. 𝚏r𝐞𝗲𝚠eb𝚗o𝐯

"Young Master, did you take Young Miss to fight?" Aunt Gui wiped Song Luokui's little face while looking at Song Luosheng.

Song Luosheng felt a little guilty. "No, we just went to play with sand."

Aunt Gui didn't know whether to believe it or not. She picked up Song Luokui and said, "Little Miss, let's go change clothes. Young Master, you should also change your clothes. When Young Master comes back and sees you like this, you'll probably have to stand in the corner again."

Song Luosheng raised his head defiantly, "Hmph, what's there to be afraid of! It's just standing as a punishment." However, as soon as Aunt Gui carried Song Luokui upstairs and into the room, he immediately ran back to his room to change clothes, making sure to put on a tough act with his mouth.

Meanwhile, Song Luokui was being dressed in a beautiful little dress by Aunt Gui. "Oh dear, my little miss looks so pretty."

Song Luokui smiled at Aunt Gui, "Thank you, Aunt Gui."

Aunt Gui's heart felt as if it had been touched by her smile. Her little miss was the most well-behaved and adorable child, and her smile made Aunt Gui's heart feel warm and sweet.

Aunt Gui picked her up again and said, "Let's go, are you hungry? What would you like to eat tonight? Aunt Gui will make it for you."

Song Luokui replied, "I want to eat fish."

"Alright, alright. Aunt Gui will make delicious fish for my little miss later. You sit here and play for now." Aunt Gui placed her on the sofa in the living room and placed some toys in front of her.


"Our little miss is so obedient."

On the other side, Song Luosheng quickly changed his clothes and came out of his room. He sat down next to Song Luokui and said, "Sister, let's play together."

While Song Luokui agreed, she was thinking about how to prevent her own brother from becoming a villain.

Well, first, she should avoid dying prematurely. However, Song Luokui felt that she was quite healthy. She had regular check-ups every year, and although she would occasionally catch a cold or even have a fever during seasonal changes, they were all minor issues.

Before long, their parents arrived home. Both of them were civil servants.

"Luokui, Mom and Dad are back!"

Upon hearing the voices, Song Luokui immediately put on her little shoes and ran to the door. "Mom and Dad, you're back!"

"Ah!" Song Moqian lifted Song Luokui into his arms and gently kissed her cheek. "My dear Luokui, what did you play at home today?"

Sheng Rong, after putting away the bags and clothes, also came to Song Luokui's side, holding her small hand. "Luokui, were you well-behaved at home today?"

Before Song Luokui could answer, Song Luosheng also walked over. "Mom and Dad."

Song Moqian shifted his gaze to him. As a former reconnaissance soldier, he immediately noticed something was off with his son. Song Moqian narrowed his eyes and, unlike his attitude towards Song Luokui, became serious. "Did you get into a fight today?"

Song Luosheng immediately lowered his head, fidgeting with his hands, and didn't dare to meet Song Moqian's gaze. "No..."

"You're lying!" Song Moqian noticed a small bucket playing with sand on the side. "Did you take your sister out as well?"

Song Luokui tugged at her father's clothes. "Daddy, I wanted to play with sand."

Song Moqian's expression immediately changed. "Good, Luokui must be very good at playing with sand." He then turned his head and became serious again. "Song Luosheng, go face the wall for ten minutes!"

"Understood." Song Luosheng didn't dare to argue and obediently went to the corner to reflect. He was already used to it.

Aunt Gui came out of the kitchen. "Young Master and Madam are back, just in time for dinner."

Song Moqian nodded, "Aunt Gui, thank you for your hard work. Luokui and I will wash our hands, and then we'll have our meal. Dad smelled the fish, the one Luokui likes to eat, so we'll have it tonight."

Song Luokui glanced at Song Luosheng and asked, "Where is big brother?"

Song Moqian replied, "He can eat after ten minutes."


Song Luokui didn't interfere with her father's way of raising her brother. She had previously pondered that the reason her brother turned into a villain might be because he had been competing with the male lead and constantly losing. It made him doubt his own abilities and twisted his mindset.

She needed to find a way to make her brother stop obsessively competing with that overpowered male lead. Perhaps if he could let go of the male lead, he would realize how beautiful the world could be.

Song Moqian seated Song Luokui at the dining table, and Aunt Gui had already served their meals. Song Luokui glanced at Song Luosheng, picked up a small spoon, and obediently began to eat.

Beside her, Song Moqian carefully removed a fishbone from a piece of fish meat before placing it in Song Luokui's bowl. "Thank you, Dad," she said, using her spoon to pick up a piece of meat for him.

Song Moqian replied, "You're welcome. Eat up."


Song Luokui quickly finished the fish meat, and Song Moqian prepared to serve her a second piece. However, she felt a bit embarrassed to constantly rely on her family to remove the fishbones, now that she was practically an adult. She immediately reached out and took the fish meat from him, saying, "Dad, I'll do it myself. I can remove the fishbones on my own."

Song Moqian didn't insist. It was necessary to cultivate his daughter's independence. But he watched as she skillfully removed the fishbones before putting the meat into her mouth. Only then did he feel at ease.

Song Luokui was well aware that she had eaten the fish meat after removing the bones. However, as she swallowed, she felt a sharp pain in her throat. Oh no, she had actually swallowed a fishbone!

Her first instinct was to quickly eat a mouthful of rice to push down the fishbone!

But instead of dislodging the fishbone, it seemed to get stuck even more. She felt something was wrong and immediately put down her spoon, reaching for her throat.

Song Moqian noticed it immediately. "What's wrong?"

Song Luokui tried to speak but found that she couldn't, and she started to feel short of breath. Could it be that she was choking on the fishbone? In her previous life, she had choked on fishbones before, but it wasn't this severe.

"Cough, cough, cough!" Although Song Luokui couldn't speak, she could still cough. Song Moqian immediately understood. "Is the fishbone stuck in your throat?"

Song Luokui nodded hastily. In an instant, everyone became nervous. Song Luosheng, who had been reflecting on his actions, rushed over without hesitation. "Sister, what's wrong?"

Song Luokui's face turned red from coughing, but she felt increasingly uncomfortable. She didn't know why, but suddenly, a line from the novel came to her mind: "The villain had a sister, but she died young!"

Holy crap! Could it be that she was going to die from choking on a fishbone? Was the scriptwriter going to eliminate this obstacle now?