The Villain's Little Sister is Spoiled by the Male Lead - C.2


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Song Moqian held her in his arms as they hurriedly ran out, followed by several people. They quickly got into a car and headed to the nearest hospital.

Song Moqian kept comforting her, saying, "Luokui, take deep breaths. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, don't be afraid."

In the car, Song Luokui's coughing became more severe, her face gradually turning redder, and her breathing became even more difficult.

Song Luosheng, who was beside her, was crying and calling out, "Sister, sister!"

Sheng Rong and Song Moqian were also extremely anxious, urging the driver, Uncle Kang, to drive faster. Uncle Kang stepped on the gas pedal, and within ten minutes, they arrived at the hospital.

Song Moqian carried her and shouted, "Doctor, doctor!"

Song Luosheng also followed, continuously crying out, "Doctor, save my sister! Sob, sob, sob, please save my sister!"

The doctors quickly came out upon hearing the commotion, and the nurses rushed over too. Song Moqian ran alongside them, explaining the situation.

Song Luokui only remembered having her mouth opened for examination, blood drawn, and being pushed into the emergency room...

After some time, Song Luokui finally woke up. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Song Luosheng's face. "Sister is awake!"

Song Luosheng shouted, and then Song Moqian and Sheng Rong rushed over. Song Luokui also saw Aunt Gui and Uncle Kang.

"Mom, dad, I'm fine," Song Luokui smiled at everyone. Her throat still felt uncomfortable, but the suffocating sensation was gone.

Song Luosheng held her hand tightly. "Sister, you scared me."

Song Luokui looked at him and said, "Brother, I'm fine."

Sheng Rong tidied her hair and said, "Baby, rest well. Mom and dad are here."


Song Luokui still had needles in her hand. She had only swallowed a fishbone, but ended up in the hospital. It was simply unbelievable.

Song Luokui wondered how there could still be a small piece of fishbone even though she had already removed the others. She found it quite strange, but she only briefly entertained the thought of it being the fault of a divine plot.

While Song Luokui was receiving treatment, Song Moqian blamed himself, saying, "I should have picked out the fishbone for her, or I should have checked again."

Aunt Gui beside him also regretted, her face filled with remorse. "It's also my fault for buying a fish with bones. I really... sigh!"

Sheng Rong could only console them, "If that's the case, then I'm also at fault. I should have checked again."

Song Moqian and Sheng Rong held hands, praying for the safety of their youngest daughter. Aunt Gui also clasped her hands together, praying.

The incident of Song Luokui swallowing a fishbone and being taken to the hospital spread to their grandparents' ears within a few days. Song Moqian and Sheng Rong were scolded mercilessly, but Song Luokui said, "It's not mom and dad's fault. I insisted on eating the fish myself. I won't eat fish anymore."

Grandma Lin Xianyuan gently touched her granddaughter's small face and said, "Is my good girl feeling better? If you want to eat fish, go ahead and eat, but from now on, let your parents remove all the fish bones so you can eat it safely. It's not your fault, it's the fish's fault for having so many thorns! We won't buy it anymore!"

Grandpa Song Ruhui chimed in, "That's right! Whatever our good girl wants to eat, Grandpa will take care of it for you!" fre𝚎w𝐞bn𝗼v𝗲𝐥.𝚌𝗼𝚖

Song Luokui pondered for a moment and said, "Although... the fish isn't really at fault. Moreover, it was already killed."

Grandmother Jun Lin squeezed in and touched Song Luokui's face and little hand, saying, "Does it hurt from the injection, my dear? Grandma scolded that fish for you."

Maternal grandfather also joined in, "You've lost weight, my dear. I asked Aunt Chen to make some nourishing soup for you to drink later."

"Okay, Grandpa, Grandma, maternal grandfather, and maternal grandmother, I'm fine. No need to worry." Everyone cared for her so much that Song Luokui felt warm and obedient.

After observing her for a while, they stopped disturbing her and let her rest.

Two days later, Song Luokui returned home, and her family held a discharge ceremony for her. She even received gifts and enjoyed a small cake.

As she looked at her family by her side, Song Luokui couldn't help but sigh. She must have accumulated great fortune from her past life to have such a wonderful family in this life.

The recent little mishap had made Song Luokui worry for a while, but nothing happened during this time, and she thought maybe she was overthinking things.

Just as she let out a sigh of relief, she saw Song Luosheng return home muttering angrily, saying, "That damn Chi Yu, I'll definitely defeat him next time!"

Song Luokui thought to herself, she had heard this sentence several times recently.

So, she started thinking about how to keep her brother and the male lead separated. However, their households were currently in the same compound, with the Song family living in the east and the Chi family in the west.

Song Luokui's eyes wandered, and she thought, why not go and stay at her grandparents' place for a while? Song Luokui deemed it feasible.

But before she could mention going to her grandparents' place, another mishap occurred. This time, she nearly fell down the stairs.

Early in the morning, just as she woke up and was still a bit groggy, she was absolutely sure she saw the way clearly. As she took a step down the stairs, intending to greet Song Luosheng in the living room, her foot slipped, and she leaned forward, about to fall down...

Song Luosheng let out a startled cry, "Ah!"

Aunt Gui, who had heard the scream, rushed out of the kitchen and saw Song Luokui grabbing onto the nearby handrail with her hand in an unusual position, sitting on the stairs.

With a sharp intake of breath, Song Luokui cried from the pain.

"Miss, are you okay?" Aunt Gui hurriedly ran up, followed closely by Song Luosheng. "Sister! Are you hurt?"

Song Luokui pulled her hand back, her wrist hurting badly. She had sprained it, and her bottom also ached.

Aunt Gui immediately noticed the swelling on her wrist and quickly ran to the kitchen to get an ice pack. "Miss, bear with it and don't be afraid. Aunt Gui will take you to the hospital."

While carrying her and heading outside, she said to Song Luosheng, "Young Master, please make a call to Young Master and Young Madam."

Song Luosheng quickly dialed Song Moqian's number using his child's watch, and it was quickly answered. "Hello?" came the voice on the other end. Song Luosheng immediately shouted at the top of his lungs, "Daddy, sister got hurt! She almost fell down the stairs. Aunt Gui and I are taking her to the hospital now."

"What!" Song Moqian immediately stood up, his entire being in a state of urgency. "Don't worry, Daddy will come right away."

However, the secretary came in at that moment and said, "Director Song, the meeting is about to start."

Song Moqian's hurried steps came to a halt as he looked at him. "Secretary Zhang, help me with something."

"What is it?"


Meanwhile, Aunt Gui arrived at the hospital with the two children in no time. They had already received a call and were waiting. The doctor examined Song Luokui and confirmed that she had sprained her hand and advised her not to hold anything for the time being.

Secretary Zhang also arrived quickly and learned about the situation. Upon knowing that the leader's child had only sprained her hand, he breathed a sigh of relief. He quickly sent a message to report the situation, and then he accompanied the three of them until the doctor finished the treatment and took them back home.

Song Luosheng behaved like a little adult. "Thank you, Uncle Zhang."

Secretary Zhang patted his head. "Good boy."

In the afternoon, after Song Moqian and Sheng Rong hurriedly returned and learned about the situation, Secretary Zhang left.

Aunt Gui said, "I checked it. The stairs were clean, and there was nothing on them. Miss didn't know how she almost fell down. Miss's shoes are clearly slip-resistant."

Song Moqian and Sheng Rong also reviewed the home's surveillance footage, which ultimately proved it was an accident. They could only say that Song Luokui wasn't careful while walking, as she had just woken up and might still be a little groggy.

Only Song Luokui knew it wasn't like that. This time, she was certain. She had walked perfectly fine! Somehow, Song Luokui was reminded of the "premature death" incident.