The Villain's Little Sister is Spoiled by the Male Lead - C.3


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This time it wasn't as serious as last time. Everyone felt it was an accident. Song Luokui could only stay home to recuperate for more than half a month.

However, just as her injuries were healing, another accident happened. Song Luosheng had to go out again to play with his little brothers, and Song Luokui was afraid he would run into the male lead again. She decided to go with him, since they were just going to stay within the residence and it shouldn't be dangerous.

Song Luokui hadn't gone out for a long time while she recovered from her injuries, so going out would also be a good chance to get some fresh air.

So Song Luosheng took her along. He even carried her small bucket and shovel, planning to take her to play in the sand.

When they arrived, Song Luosheng let her play in the sand while he went to play "Fighting the Devils" with his little brothers nearby.

Song Luokui wasn't really a little kid anymore and didn't enjoy playing in the sand. She just wanted to take a little walk around, carrying her small bucket like a little old lady.

Suddenly, not far away, a woman saw Song Luokui and her eyes lit up. She looked around and didn't notice anyone else. The little girl in front of her was just too cute and beautiful - chubby little cheeks, big eyes, and long eyelashes that fluttered like tiny brooms.

She would definitely sell for a high price!

The woman immediately walked over and crouched down next to Song Luokui. "Little sister, where are you going? Which family are you from? Do you want me to take you to find your mom? I can take you if you want."

If she was a normal child, she probably would have agreed without much hesitation. But Song Luokui felt something was wrong. She shook her head, "No need, my family is just up ahead."

After speaking, she tried to walk past the woman.

But the woman didn't listen. She picked Song Luokui up and said, "Come, I'll take you to find your mom. Be good, and auntie will give you candy or fried chicken later."

Song Luokui immediately realized she had likely encountered a human trafficker. How could there be human traffickers inside the residence!

Song Luokui yelled loudly, "Help! Mmph..."

As soon as she yelled, the woman covered her mouth. "Don't yell, auntie isn't a bad person. We'll go eat delicious food and find your mom and dad. I'm friends with your parents."

Song Luokui struggled, pushing her and shouting "Mmph! Mmph!" But the woman was very strong. Song Luokui hurriedly grabbed her small bucket and put it over the woman's head. Then she bit the woman's hand.

The woman yelled in pain and let go of Song Luokui's mouth. She hurriedly pulled the bucket off of her head. In those few seconds, Song Luokui shouted loudly, "Brother, save me! Brother! Human trafficker! There's a human trafficker! Help!"

On the other side, Song Luosheng was still going "biu biu biu" with his little brothers. "I think I heard my sister yelling for help?" he said.

A little brother replied, "Huh? I didn't hear anything."

Song Luosheng said, "Could she have run into Chiyu and them and gotten bullied? I need to go check." When he ran over to the sand dunes and didn't see his sister, he immediately started searching around.

Soon he saw his sister being carried by a strange woman whose hand was covering his sister's mouth. He shouted while running over, "Who are you? Why are you holding my sister?"

The woman realized things were going badly and prepared to run away with the girl. But suddenly several stones came flying out and hit the woman - one on her forehead, one on her back, and one on her butt. "Ow! Ow!" shouted the woman in pain.

By the roadside, Chiyu stood holding stones, throwing them at the human trafficker.

At this time Song Luosheng arrived with his group of little brothers. Song Luokui had just managed to struggle free from the woman's hand covering her mouth. "Brother, human trafficker!" she yelled.

Song Luosheng shouted loudly, "Get her!"

Song Luosheng and his group of little brothers immediately started beating the woman. Although they were just children, the woman quickly couldn't defend herself and let go of Song Luokui to escape. Not far away, a little boy had brought some adults over.

The woman was soon captured. Song Luokui had narrowly escaped danger.

When Song Moqian and Sheng Rong heard that their young daughter had almost been abducted by a human trafficker, they rushed back in fright. Sheng Rong was so shocked her legs went weak and she almost fell to the ground.

The whole residence was also discussing the human trafficker incident. Everyone was puzzled about how a human trafficker had managed to sneak in and almost succeed at kidnapping someone when security at the residence entrance was so tight.

Song Luokui was also thinking that her premonition had been right - the Hand of Fate truly seemed to want her to suffer misfortune and die to correct the plotline. Maybe the "her" in the original story hadn't even lived past five years old.

First was the fish bone incident, then the falling incident, and now the human trafficking incident. Even though security was tight at the residence, how could a human trafficker suddenly appear?

If she hadn't been alert, perhaps she would have already been sold off by the human trafficker and died in the process - that would be a very normal outcome.

So now, the most urgent thing was for her to survive. Struggling against the Hand of Fate felt like quite stressful work!

A shout of "Kui Kui!" pulled Song Luokui back to reality. Then she was grabbed and embraced by her parents, who looked her up and down for a good while before finally relaxing and continuing to hug her.

Song Moqian was extremely angry. "I'm going to thoroughly investigate exactly what happened with the residence! How could they let a human trafficker get inside!"

Sheng Rong was also furious. "You go investigate. I'll stay home with Kui Kui."

Not only was Song Moqian angry - the other people of the residence were also scared out of their minds. What if it had been their child? They had heard the Song family's girl had perceptively identified the human trafficker and called for help. They sized up their own children, and though they probably didn't want to admit it, at this age their own silly children probably would have been lured away with just a piece of candy.

It didn't even take an hour to thoroughly investigate the incident. It turned out the woman was a nanny working for one of the families in the residence. Her son had recently accrued a lot of gambling debt that he owed people. Someone had told her a child could be sold for a high price, though she didn't dare try at first since everyone in the residence was quite influential. But when she saw Song Luokui, the idea suddenly sprouted in her mind.

Ultimately, the events unfolded as described.

Additionally, she had stolen many of her employer's belongings over time, like jewelry, watches, and various other valuables that she planned to sell to pay off her son's debts. 𝓯𝓻𝓮𝘦𝘸𝑒𝒷𝘯𝘰𝓿𝑒𝓁.𝒸ℴ𝑚

In the end, the woman was convicted of human trafficking and theft charges, sentenced to 15 years in prison, and ordered to forfeit her illegal earnings. The family she had worked for also came to the Songs' home to apologize, as it was their poor judgment in hiring people that had nearly brought disaster to the residence.

As for Song Luokui, security around her became even tighter. In just these few months, several bad things had already happened. Her family didn't even dare leave her alone.

Song Luokui was also scared of dying, as she had so many family members who loved her dearly. How heartbroken they would be if something happened! And she still hadn't changed the fate of her brother.

She was absolutely determined to struggle against the Hand of Fate to the end!