The Villain's Little Sister is Spoiled by the Male Lead - C.11


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When she opened her eyes again, Chi Yu next to her had also woken up. The two of them came out from under the bed, and at this moment Jia Nasha had just come back from outside. As soon as she opened the door, she saw Song Luokui and Chi Yu sitting on the floor. Song Luokui lifted Chi Yu's clothes to take a look at the wound.

Jia Nasha blinked: "Hey, baby, you had quite a wild time?"

Song Luokui immediately stood up and waved her hands, "I'm very sorry, Jia Nasha. Something happened last night so..."

Song Luokui then explained what had happened last night about Chi Yu being robbed and almost killed, so she brought him here to hide for a while.

As for Chi Yu, Song Luokui said he was her friend.

Only then did Jia Nasha realize she had misunderstood.

Back in her own room, Song Luokui looked at Chi Yu beside her, and he was also looking at her, "I won't ask what happened last night, but you have to leave now."

Chi Yu lowered his eyes, his expression unreadable, "You saved me, so what do you want?"

Song Luokui handed him a piece of bread, "Breakfast. Just let my brother win next time you face him."

Chi Yu glanced at her and bit into the bread before leaving. As he left, he said, "It's not safe here, you should find another place to live."

Song Luokui ate her bread while packing up her things, "I know." She planned to move today, and not only that, she also persuaded Jia Nasha next door to move with her.

Chi Yu left quickly. He called his people and soon got into a car. He didn't expect to almost get killed here just coming to discuss business. He was careless. He won't forget this, Jia Lesi!

As for what Song Luokui said...letting Song Luosheng win once wouldn't hurt.

Chi Yu didn't expect to run into Song Luokui so coincidentally. Although they hadn't seen each other for a long time, Chi Yu recognized her at first glance. He didn't expect her to be in Y Country. Could she be studying abroad?

As people belonging to different "gangs", the two had never spoken before. Chi Yu automatically forgot about Song Luokui tearing his pants off. Anyway, they didn't really talk at the time.

The two were not familiar at all. Although they knew each other, it was the kind of relationship where if they ran into each other on the street, they definitely wouldn't greet each other. They weren't even as familiar as Song Luosheng.

Chi Yu didn't think too much about it and quickly focused on his own affairs again.

Money makes the world go round. Song Luokui quickly moved to a new place. Indeed, that night, some people came looking for her at her old residence. Jia Nasha's place was also broken into, but she wasn't home that night so she didn't know.

Fortunately, after coming once, those people didn't come again.

Jia Nasha said, "Baby, I can't eat good Hua Country food without you."

Jia Nasha didn't listen to Song Luokui's advice to move. She took out a gun at the time, "Kui, don't be afraid, I have a gun, and I have good aim. Anyone who dares to come, I'll biubiubiu them."

Song Luokui: "..." She was a little scared, having forgotten that guns were not banned abroad, so it was still safer in China... When the exchange ended, she would go back. Her idea of studying abroad had been suppressed.

Thinking that the male lead had also gotten biubiubiu'd here, she felt it was even more dangerous. Maybe the god of plot would come back someday. It wasn't safe to stay in this foreign country. Wouldn't she be more likely to die tragically?

"Jia Nasha, next time I'll give you more dumplings."

"Oh, thank you darling, I love you." Jia Nasha kissed her hand, "If I have time in the future, I will definitely go to your country for a visit."

Song Luokui: "You're welcome. I'll be sure to show you a good time when you come."

"It's a deal then."

After that, Song Luokui didn't see Chi Yu again. Time passed quickly, and she was going back now.

Landing in Hua Country, breathing the fresh familiar air, Song Luokui breathed a sigh of relief. Heaven knows she felt so relieved when she got on the plane, because a shooting had occurred at the airport on the other side right after her plane safely took off. Song Luokui now truly felt that continuing her studies at home was better. As for going abroad, traveling would be fine.

Her family didn't object to her decision. As long as she didn't break the law, she could do whatever she wanted, because she wouldn't be studying abroad. So she would take the college entrance exam in China.

Song Luokui decided to study hard for the next six months. She didn't even have time to care about her brother.

Her brother Song Luosheng gradually came home less and less as he entered university. She heard he had even opened a company outside, and although he hadn't graduated yet, he was already considered a successful person.

Song Luosheng also had his own place outside school. She heard he had already earned all his credits at school, so unless he occasionally had things to do at school, he was either at his company or his place outside.

That day, Song Luosheng had an appointment at the racetrack with a business partner to discuss business. Unexpectedly, Chi Yu also came with his people to the other side. The circle in Jing City was so small that running into each other was quite normal.

On one side, Song Luosheng was going to race horses with his business partner, while on the other side Chi Yu was doing something similar. In the end, it became a competition between Song Luosheng and Chi Yu. The two rode their horses galloping on the racetrack, neither willing to let the other win, leaving their business partners far behind.

In the final lap, Chi Yu suddenly recalled something and his horse slowed a little. Not long after, Song Luosheng won first place!

Song Luosheng let out a breath, looking very spirited. After being suppressed by Chi Yu for so long, he had finally won...

Lin Xingyan also happily ran over. Song Luosheng arrogantly glanced at Chi Yu before remembering his business partner and immediately went to apologize.

Chi Yu also dismounted. His expression didn't change much. Chen Nan walked over, "Why did you suddenly slow down?" He had clearly seen Chi Yu suddenly slow down.

Chi Yu glanced at Song Luosheng, who was happily chatting with people on the other side, "Letting him win once doesn't hurt."

Song Luosheng's return home for dinner today also surprised Song Luokui. Moreover, Song Luosheng looked very happy. He was even humming a tune when he came home, "So happy? Did you win the lottery today?" Song Luokui asked.

Song Luosheng raised his brows, "No, I closed a business deal."

Song Luokui said, "I've never seen you so happy after closing a deal before."

Song Luosheng put a piece of meat in her bowl, "Guess."

Song Luokui's eyes turned, "Could it be you beat that person?"

Song Luosheng looked very proud, "Hmm." He talked about what happened at the racetrack today.

Song Luokui ate the meat. It had been a few months since that incident. That person should have forgotten too. If he hadn't forgotten, would he have listened to her and let her brother win? At that time, she had just said it casually and didn't expect the person to agree to let her brother win.

But it was just one win, nothing major. After all, he would probably lose even more in the future. Therefore, Song Luokui said, "Winning and losing are both normal. Don't be discouraged if you lose, and don't be arrogant when you win. The world is unpredictable, both winning and losing are normal. Life consists of more than just winning and losing."

Song Luosheng looked at her, "Are you trying to get into a teaching college?"

Song Luokui: ?

Song Luosheng: "So many principles, perfect for being a teacher."

Song Luokui puffed up her cheeks, "I just want you to not obsess over winning against that person. Haven't you noticed you're too obsessed with beating him? Someone who doesn't know better might think you like him."

Song Luosheng was so disgusted that he got goosebumps all over. "Kui Kui, you're grossing me out. Ugh!"

Song Luokui: "..."