The Villain's Little Sister is Spoiled by the Male Lead - C.12


The source of this c𝐨ntent is fre𝒆w(e)bn(o)vel

The annual "gaokao" college entrance exam had arrived again. To support little Song Luokui in taking the important test, the whole family took time off. Sheng Rong even put on a cheongsam, while Song Luosheng returned home too.

The family of three sent Song Luokui to school and then stood outside the school gates to wait, along with many other parents. Most of the mothers were dressed in cheongsams, representing their wish for triumph. 𝒻𝑟𝑒𝓮𝔀ℯ𝓫𝓃𝑜𝓋𝑒𝘭.𝑐𝓸𝓶

The 2.5 hour Chinese language exam passed quickly for Song Luokui, but those waiting outside were rather anxious.

When the end-of-exam bell rang, the first student emerged from inside the school. Reporters nearby immediately swarmed over to interview them.

Meanwhile, Song Luosheng's family kept their eyes on the gates, waiting for Song Luokui to come out. About five minutes later, Song Luokui followed most of the other students outside. Dressed in her school uniform with her long black hair in an ordinary ponytail, her beautiful face stood out from the other students.

A reporter nearby noticed her and wanted to come interview her, but Song Luokui saw Sheng Rong waving at her from within the crowd. She smiled and rushed over, completely ignoring the reporter who wanted to interview her.

"Why are you guys still here? It's so hot out. You could have just waited at home!" Song Luokui said, but she was very happy to see them.

Sheng Rong stroked her little face, "It's fine, time passed quickly. Let's go, Aunt Gui made your favorites at home."

"Okay, let's go back," Song Luokui replied.

The family quickly left the school, though some people did snap photos of them.

The two intense days of testing were over very fast. Song Luokui felt relieved after finishing the exams. She was confident in herself that getting into Peking University would be no problem. Her family had asked about her aspirations before and knew she wanted to attend Peking University, where Song Luosheng was also studying. It would be convenient for them to look after one another there.

After the exam, the students were like horses let out from the gates, finally able to do things they couldn't before. Many girls put on heavy makeup, wore pretty dresses and gaudy jewelry. There were various confessions of admiration and trips to drink at bars.

This post-exam class gathering took place at a bar. Many bottles of beer were delivered to their private room. The class president raised a bottle and cheered, "I wish everyone future success and happiness, able to achieve whatever they desire! Cheers!"

"Cheers!" came the chorus of responses.

The private room was very lively, with some chatting and drinking, some playing games, and some singing songs.

Song Luokui slowly sipped her drink while listening to the singing, feeling very relaxed. Suddenly a boy appeared in front of her saying, "Song Luokui."

Everyone else looked over too and started cheering loudly.

The backlighting prevented Song Luokui from clearly seeing the nervous boy's face, but she guessed what this was probably about and felt rather awkward.

"Song Luokui, I...I just want to tell you, I like you," the boy said, his voice shaking.

"Oooo!" "Wow!" "Clap clap clap!" Everyone watched with great amusement.

Song Luokui just smiled. "I'm sorry."

The boy clearly knew he would be rejected. Hearing Song Luokui's response, he felt somewhat relieved—at least he had finally bravely spoken his feelings. "It''s okay. I just wanted you to know."

Song Luokui smiled at him again but said nothing more.

The boy left as his friends comforted him.

With so many people there, the class president had just gotten confessed to as well. Everyone shifted their attention away, allowing Song Luokui to relax. Her classmate Yu Tao suddenly tugged at her sleeve whispered, "Can we go to the bathroom together, Luokui? I've never been here before."

"Sure, I was wanting to go too," Song Luokui replied, standing up.

The two girls quickly left the private room. The outer area was also very lively with people singing and dancing enthusiastically. They wove through the crowds until finally reaching the bathroom.

After using the toilet, Song Luokui and Yu Tao headed back. Passing by one private room, there was suddenly a loud crash. Song Luokui immediately looked over to see a group of men dressed in black suits inside the room. One man had fallen to the floor and was being stepped on by another man, while two more men were kneeling.

Both Song Luokui and Yu Tao jumped, shocked by the scene. Song Luokui’s eyes shifted to the man sitting in the middle—it was Chi Yu. He wore a tailored black suit, an expensive watch around his wrist. In the dim lighting, his striking features seemed even more refined and charming.

Legs spread wide and hands clasped over his knee, he coldly stared at the men on the floor. Suddenly he looked up, meeting Song Luokui’s eyes just as she reached the door. The indifference lingering there had not yet faded.

Song Luokui was fine but Yu Tao was badly frightened. She immediately pulled Song Luokui away. By the time they returned to their private room, Yu Tao had her hand over her heart gasping, "So scary! Do you think they might kill us to keep us quiet? Were they those 'yakuza' mobsters talked about on TV?"

"No...don't be afraid. They were law-abiding citizens," Song Luokui answered.

Still filled with fear, Yu Tao said, "Really? Then why were they acting like that in the room?"

"Maybe those men did something wrong to anger them. But don't worry...we were just passing by. Perhaps they didn't even see our faces clearly in such dim lighting," Song Luokui reassured.

Yu Tao touched her chest, "I guess you’re right.”

In the other private room, Chi Yu was also caught off guard seeing Song Luokui, though he quickly regained composure. After the men were taken out, he glanced again at those still kneeling before him. "Send them to the police station. If they dare defy the law, then let them be punished by the law."

The two kneeling immediately collapsed limply to the ground begging, "Young Master Chi, we were wrong, we..." Before they could finish, Chen Nan nearby kicked them yelling, "Wrong about what? We gave you chances but you only grew more reckless! Take them away!"

After the three were dragged off, Chen Nan walked to Chi Yu's side and whispered, "Just now..."

One look from Chi Yu instantly silenced him.

Chi Yu said simply, "It's fine, she won't do anything."

Of course Chen Nan would believe his boss’s words.

It was past 11 pm and Song Luokui thought about heading home. Some others wanted to stay out all night continuing their fun, while Yu Tao left with Song Luokui to catch the last bus. Song Luokui decided to call her family to pick her up.

Yet before she could even dial, a familiar face appeared as a Volvo pulled up nearby, its window rolling down. Chi Yu’s suit jacket was off, the top buttons of his white shirt undone to reveal a bit of his elegant collarbone. His sleeves were rolled up to his forearms as he rested his hands atop the steering wheel, glancing her way. "Get in," he said.

Song Luokui took a step back. "No drinking and driving. It's against the law."

Chi Yu paused briefly. "...I didn't drink."

Song Luokui didn’t quite believe that, having seen all the alcohol at his table earlier.

Chi Yu suddenly glanced behind her. "I really didn't drink. Or would you rather stay in this dangerous place?"

Song Luokui looked back to see the dark alley beside the bar. Occasionally some drunkards would stumble out. Some rowdy drunks loitered around the bar entrance too. Song Luokui noticed a girl almost get harassed by one before she screamed and ran off.

Song Luokui realized it really wasn’t safe for a young woman here this late at night. And getting a free ride would save Uncle Kang the trouble of picking her up. She opened the passenger door and got in, buckling the seatbelt. "Okay, let's go."