The Villain's Little Sister is Spoiled by the Male Lead - C.111


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After finishing dinner, Uncle An had already set out to come pick her up, Song Luokui originally thought of letting Chi Yu leave first to avoid running into him, but Chi Yu pulled her into his embrace, "We still have time. You didn't accompany me to watch the opera today, so you owe me a compensation."

Song Luokui: "......" No problem.

She cupped Chi Yu's face with both hands, "Promise, once the compensation is over, you leave first."

"Okay." Chi Yu's eyes were fixated on her lips, not letting go. Today's dishes were a bit spicy, making Song Luokui's lips even more alluringly red.

Song Luokui tilted her head and leaned in. Although she was still a bit shy, after experiencing the storms of life, she could now lean in without hesitation.

As for Chi Yu gripping her waist with increasing force, it was as if he wanted to embed her into his own body.

She could even feel the heat radiating from Chi Yu's body. It was already very hot that day, even though the air conditioning in the private room was set to 22 degrees Celsius, but after just a short while, Song Luokui felt like she was going to break out in sweat.

She pushed Chi Yu away, her voice coming out making her blush, "Okay... I can't breathe anymore."

Chi Yu wiped the corner of her mouth with his thumb, kissed her again, then held her in his embrace for a long while before finally letting her go.

"I'll go back to the car first, and watch you leave before I leave." The prestigious heir of the Chi family, all his frustrations were unleashed on this adorable person, but he embraced it willingly.


When she returned home, Song Luokui saw that Song Luosheng was waiting for her. Before he could say anything, she preemptively explained, "Brother, I saw you on a blind date today?"

The words Song Luosheng was about to say were swallowed back down. "If you saw me, why didn't you come over?"

Song Luokui rolled her eyes, "Brother, you were on a blind date, why would I come over? I thought that girl looked quite pretty. What did you think of her, Brother?"

Song Luosheng took a sip of water, "Just like that, it wasn't a blind date, just a casual meeting out of courtesy since Grandpa and Grandma introduced her."

Song Luokui: "I see, making a new friend isn't bad either. Speaking of which, Brother, you're also at that age. It's time for you to find a relationship. You've always been competing with Chi Yu for first place, so why don't you compete in finding a girlfriend, getting married, and having kids?"

There was a momentary silence from Song Luosheng. That was a good question.

"But neither of us has a girlfriend, so there's no rush," Song Luosheng said after thinking it over. "Besides, having a girlfriend would affect my ability to make money. Always caught up in lovey-dovey stuff, when would I have time to manage the company? Just wait, whoever gets into a relationship first will definitely be hindered in making money."

Song Luokui: ....... Sorry, she already hindered Chi Yu from making money.

It seemed like her family had benefited, she got a boyfriend, and Chi Yu took time away from making money to go on dates with her, while her brother had no love life, only caring about making money.

So Song Luokui tested the waters: "If that's the case, then what if I seduce Chi Yu and make him call you Uncle, that way he'll be hindered from making money, and he'll have to respectfully address you as Uncle, how's that?"

Song Luosheng rejected the idea immediately without a second thought, "No way! If you seduce him, that's just giving him a freebie. Absolutely not, Luokui you can't do that."

Song Luokui: "...... Okay okay." She already had.

Song Luosheng: "Even joking about it is not allowed, but you've given me an idea, I'll find someone else to seduce him instead."

Song Luokui blurted out, "No!" Chi Yu was hers, her brother finding someone to seduce her boyfriend, what kind of thing was that?

Song Luosheng looked at her, "Why not? Luokui, although that Chi Yu did save you, we've repaid all debts owed. We need to be clear about boundaries, understand?"

Song Luokui: "...... Um, but he also saved my life, if you find someone to seduce him it would be like harming him, wouldn't that be repaying kindness with enmity? Father would beat you if he found out."

Song Luosheng: "Father won't find out, but you make a fair point. Alright then, I'll use proper means to defeat him."

"Okay okay, I'll cheer you on, Brother. Brother, I'm going to rest now, I'm tired."

"Go ahead."


Half a month later, Zhang Xiyue and the others finally returned from their vacation. Of course, they brought gifts for Song Luokui, "I heard you attended some summer camp activity and also went to Banras? Why didn't you find us?"

Song Luokui: "It wouldn't be good for me to disrupt your own plans by joining you all."

Zhang Xiyue accepted this reason, "Alright, Sa Sa and the others asked me to bring you gifts too."

Song Luokui: "Thank you all, I'll treat you all to a meal when I have time."

"Sure. Going on a trip was tiring but also very fun. I'm going to rest for a few days first."


A few days later, Zhang Xiyue came over in a panic, "Luokui, Luokui! Something bad happened."

It was the weekend today, and Song Luokui was resting at home for a rare day off since she didn't go to the company, while Chi Yu went on a business trip to another city.

"What's wrong? What happened again?"

Zhang Xiyue showed Song Luokui a photo on her phone, "Isn't your brother dating a girlfriend now?"

Song Luokui looked, and it was that girl her brother met before, Su Congrong, who was apparently also a wealthy heiress from Jing City who had just returned from studying abroad not long ago.

"I know about this, it was my grandparents who introduced her. It shouldn't be a girlfriend, just making a new friend."

Zhang Xiyue: "But it looks like you're going to have a sister-in-law soon?"

Recalling what Song Luosheng said before, "It probably won't happen, it seems like my brother didn't have much interest." 𝘧𝘳𝓮𝓮𝓌𝘦𝓫𝓷𝘰𝘷ℯ𝑙.𝓬ℴ𝘮

Zhang Xiyue: "But that means they've met again after the initial meeting, so there's progress, right?" The photo showed them riding horses side-by-side at a stable, chatting.

Song Luokui: "I'm not sure about this either. My brother didn't mention it."

Zhang Xiyue just wanted to gossip, "Speaking of which, Brother hasn't had a single romantic rumor all these years, this is the first time."

Song Luokui: "It just shows my brother has been upright and proper."

Zhang Xiyue waved her hand, "I think Brother has just been totally focused on his career. Oh, if your brother does get a girlfriend, he might not dote on you as much anymore, what will you do?"

Song Luokui: "My brother isn't that kind of person. Besides, I can get a boyfriend for him to dote on me. If my brother gets a girlfriend, it's normal for him to dote on her."

Zhang Xiyue: "That's true, Brother is that type, even if he gets married he'll probably still dote on you, even if you take advantage of him for life he'll probably be fine with it. But if you get a boyfriend, who knows how Brother will react."

Song Luokui: "What about you? You were more interested in romance than friendship during the trip, how did that go?" Although she knew her sister had already handled the little boyfriend situation, she still wanted to hear it from her own mouth.

But Zhang Xiyue was evasive, "Haha, nothing, nothing happened." She couldn't admit that she had only recently found out her little boyfriend was related to that Chi fellow who called himself Brother, that would make her a traitor, wouldn't it? If everyone knew, they'd call her a traitor. Better to just play along for now and not say anything.

Song Luokui blinked: "Alright."