The Villain's Little Sister is Spoiled by the Male Lead - C.112


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Zhang Xiyue was afraid of giving herself away, and she mainly wanted to hear gossip. Since there was no gossip, she didn't stay long before leaving.

She had just walked out the door when she turned back, "Oh right, let's all go out for a meal tomorrow."

Song Luokui: "No problem."

However, the next day when Song Luokui was having a meal with Zhang Xiyue and others at the restaurant, Lou Sasa's eyes were sharp. She tilted her chin and pointed to a corner, "Luokui, your brother, and a woman."

Song Luokui turned to look, and there was a woman sitting in front of her brother. It wasn't Su Congrong, but the woman she had seen when she went to surprise him last time.

Zhang Xiyue: "It's not the one from the Su family, Luokui. Did your family introduce someone else? I don't recognize that woman, and her gaze... seems unsavory."

Lou Sasa: "She has a seductive, promiscuous aura."

Zhang Xiyue: "Yes, yes, that's the feeling."

Song Luokui: "I don't know her, but I've seen that woman before... My brother doesn't seem to have a good impression of her." She just didn't know why the two were having a meal together, and she didn't know what her brother was up to.

"Oh shit, she's making a move."

Song Luokui saw the woman reach out to caress Song Luosheng's face, but he immediately slapped her hand away. Then Song Luosheng wiped his hand with a napkin as if he had touched something dirty, said something, and the woman across from him looked unpleasant.

Song Luosheng stood up and quickly left.

Weng Jiao: "It's not some company's honeytrap scheme, is it?"

Zhou Yue: "It's possible. My brother seems to be really busy lately, I don't know what he's up to."

Lou Sasa: "Didn't your brother say anything?"

Zhou Yue looked at Song Luokui, "My brother wouldn't tell you about Brother Song's business, Luokui. Didn't Brother Song tell you anything?"

Song Luokui shook her head: "No. Nevermind, I trust my brother can handle it. From the looks of it, my brother doesn't seem to like that woman."

No one said anything else and quickly ate their meal, talking about some travel anecdotes instead.

In fact, everyone's guesses were not wrong - it was indeed a honeytrap, but Song Luosheng didn't fall for it. He did have a small collaboration with Wei Qing, but he didn't expect that Wei Qing would later send such a woman to interact with them, and even try to make physical advances on him. It was truly disgusting.

Song Luosheng was furious and called Lin Xingyan, "From now on, you deal with her. After this is over, we won't be working with them again." If it weren't for the significant benefits, he really wouldn't want to collaborate with Wei Qing's side. f𝚛𝚎𝗲we𝗯𝗻ovel.𝐜om

Song Luosheng sighed, and just as that ended, Su Congrong called him again, "Hello? Mr. Song, are you free? I'd like to invite you to an art exhibition if possible?"

Song Luosheng: "I'm sorry, Miss Su, I'm not too free. Miss Su, let's not meet again. It was just an introduction by our elders, and I think you understand."

"Oh... I'm sorry. Then I won't disturb you, Mr. Song." Su Congrong hung up dejectedly, and her friend Lv Shu kept asking, "How was it? How was it?"

Su Congrong covered her face, "He said we shouldn't meet again, so... he probably doesn't like me."

Lv Shu: "How can that be? Oh, didn't you say he has a younger sister? Why don't you try approaching his sister? Congrong, a woman pursuing a man is like chasing through a veil - don't be afraid. Song Luosheng is a big shot in high society, other than the one from the Chi Family. If you could become his girlfriend, many would envy you."

Su Congrong: "But..."

Lv Shu: "Congrong, you don't want to end up being arranged into a political marriage, do you?"

Su Congrong: "Then... I'll give it a try."

"Yes, try. Oh, let me help find out about his sister's situation."

"Thank you, Shu."

"We're best friends. Just don't forget me when you become rich and noble in the future."

"Of course."


Chi Yu returned from a business trip, and Song Luokui secretly went to meet him again, "I encountered a woman at my brother's company before... Do you think it could have been a honeytrap scheme?"

As soon as Chi Yu heard it, he said: "Yes."

"Ah?" Song Luokui was stunned.

Chi Yu took out an earring and put it on her, "It's a honeytrap, but your brother shouldn't be that stupid. He probably wouldn't fall for it."

Song Luokui touched her earlobe, "Why did you buy me another gift?"

Chi Yu: "I saw it and thought of you, so I bought it." After putting it on her, he admired it, "Beautiful."

Song Luokui: "Thank you."

Song Luokui: "My brother..."

Before she could finish, Chi Yu kissed her. Song Luokui froze, and Chi Yu said, "I don't want to hear you talk about your brother all the time. We finally get to meet."

As he spoke, he kissed her again. Song Luokui was helpless - this man was becoming more and more domineering. He looked celibate, but when kissing, it was as if he wanted to devour her.

He was increasingly unsatisfied with just meeting secretly. He wanted to be able to see her anytime, anywhere.

After kissing, Chi Yu leaned his forehead against hers, "When, when can I appear openly?"

Song Luokui: "...Why don't I ask my parents first." If her parents agreed, then her brother shouldn't have an issue either, right? Or if he did have an issue, he couldn't force her to break up, could he?

But she also felt bad towards her brother who had grown up together with her, since her brother had been so good to her.

Song Luokui's conflicted expression was reflected in Chi Yu's eyes, "Even if your brother beats me up if he finds out, I don't care."

Chi Yu suddenly lowered his gaze, looking dejected.

Song Luokui's heart immediately softened, and she hugged him, "No, I'll stand by your side."

Chi Yu hugged her back, concealing his smile. Occasionally showing vulnerability was effective too.

A few days before the new semester, Song Luokui packed up some of her belongings to move to the house at ChunWang Manor. If she hadn't packed, she wouldn't have realized that the gifts Chi Yu had given her already filled two large boxes, and she planned to move them all there.

Chi Yu really wanted to help her move, but was rejected. Not only that, he couldn't even go over that evening when she had a housewarming dinner at the new place.

Song Luokui invited her brother, Zhou Yue, Lin Xingyan, and others. Of course, she invited her sisters too.

"Luokui, you're finally moving out to live on your own."

Song Luokui: "Just occasionally, if it gets too late after work, I'll stay here."

"That's almost the same. I thought you'd live in the main residence until you got married."


They ate until after 10 PM, and everyone gradually left. Song Luosheng was worried she'd be scared living alone, "Do you want me to stay here tonight to keep you company?"

Song Luokui: "No need, I want to live alone. You can go back, Brother."

"Alright, call me if you need anything. Don't open the door if someone knocks."

"I know, I know."

Just as her brother went downstairs, someone came out from the opposite side, which Song Luokui didn't expect. She was about to wash up when Chi Yu called her, "I'm outside your new home."

Song Luokui: ???

Song Luosheng, who had just gone down to the parking lot, suddenly realized he had forgotten his phone and turned back...