The Villain's Little Sister is Spoiled by the Male Lead - C.6


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Zhang Xiyue quickly arrived at the gymnasium of the junior high department with the trumpet. The competition here was about to begin. Zhang Xiyue quickly found her seat, and Zhou Yuan immediately asked when he saw her, "Where's your sister?"

They all called Song Luosheng's sister Song Luokui.

Zhang Xiyue replied, "Luokui isn't coming, but she asked me to bring this over and told me to tell you that if our team wins, you should press the number 1 button, and if we lose, press the number 2 button."

Zhou Yuan patted his chest, "No problem! Leave it to me!"

Zhang Xiyue said, "I hope you can still say that later."

The basketball game began quickly, with Song Luosheng closely watching Chi Yu. When the coach threw the ball, the two instantly jumped to grab it, but Chi Yu managed to grab the ball a step ahead. However, Song Luosheng's team didn't lose heart and quickly began to cooperate to defend and steal the ball.

The first point was scored by Chi Yu's team, and soon applause echoed on the court, accompanied by cheers: "Go Class 7! Go Class 7!"

Chi Yu was in Class 7.

Song Luosheng's team was in Class 5, but they were not worried. They soon scored a point, and Zhou Yuan pressed the "1" button immediately.

Then the voice from the trumpet echoed throughout the venue: "Ah, Song Luosheng is the best! So handsome! Super handsome! Handsomer than anyone else! So cool!"

It repeated again and again, reverberating.

Song Luosheng, who heard the voice, staggered for a moment. He glanced at Zhou Yuan holding the trumpet; the voice belonged to his sister.

Lin Xingyan beside him said, "Hey! Your sister's trumpet is awesome. You see, the cheers from the other side don't match up to your sister's trumpet, impressive!"

Song Luosheng glanced at him, "Should I put your name next time?"

Lin Xingyan chuckled, "Hehe, if your sister praises me as handsome, I think it's okay."

Song Luosheng said, "Dream on!" After that, he saw Chi Yu holding the ball, and he immediately rushed over to steal it from Chi Yu.

Zhou Yuan was initially startled, but soon he looked at the trumpet, "Hey, no wonder it's his sister! The cheers from the other side can't compare to Luokui's! Look, the captain is even inspired by her."

Zhang Xiyue said, "...But she just saw the captain stagger a bit."

Throughout the game, every time Song Luosheng scored, the entire court was filled with Song Luokui's praises for Song Luosheng!

Song Luosheng went from feeling embarrassed at first to getting used to it later, even feeling proud that his sister thought he was handsome. After all, his sister was the prettiest girl in the school, so if she thought he was handsome, there was no doubt about it!

After "being handsome" throughout the game, Song Luosheng's team ultimately lost, by just one point! Someone from the other side even gestured a thumbs-down to them, and Lin Xingyan almost rushed over to fight!

Song Luosheng immediately intercepted him, feeling very angry himself, but he didn't want to resort to violence in public. He planned to settle the score later, but then Song Luokui's trumpet sounded from the sidelines: "It's okay, Song Luosheng, you're still the handsomest! You're more handsome than anyone else, believe in yourself, the universe's most handsome Song Luosheng, you're the best!"

Song Luosheng: ...

Lin Xingyan chuckled, no longer wanting to provoke the other party. "Boss, let's go back. Even though we lost, you're still the most handsome, the universe's most handsome! Tell your sister when we get back, so she can praise me like this next time."

The others laughed too. "I want my sister to praise me too."

Someone suggested, "Next time, let's have the sister say that Class Five's the most handsome!"

Song Luosheng: "You wish." He immediately went to the sidelines and turned off the trumpet. "Where's Luokui?"

Zhou Yuan looked at Zhang Xiyue, and Zhang Xiyue replied, "Luokui didn't come. She asked me to bring this."

Thinking of his unlucky sister, Song Luosheng felt her absence was for the best. "Is Luokui doing okay at school recently?"

Zhang Xiyue: "She's doing fine."

Song Luosheng nodded, wiped the sweat off, and went backstage to shower and change clothes.

In the evening, Song Luosheng returned home to find Song Luokui watching TV in the living room. She turned to him upon hearing his arrival. "How was the match today?"

After putting his things away, Song Luosheng replied, "We lost by one point."

Song Luokui wasn't surprised. "It's okay, you're still the most handsome."

At the mention of this, Song Luosheng picked up the trumpet. "Your trumpet stole the show today. Who told you to do that?"

Song Luokui blinked. "I thought of it myself. Since I couldn't watch your match, this was the only way I could cheer for you. Is it not good?"

Song Luosheng: "... Should I do the same for you next time you compete?"

Song Luokui: "No need for that. Didn't you say many people were loudly cheering for Chi Yu on the sidelines? I saw you envying him. So, why not give you a taste of that?"

Song Luosheng pointed at himself. "Me? Envious?"

Song Luokui patted him. "Don't be shy. I know you're envious. According to my calculations, by next year, I shouldn't be so unlucky anymore. When you compete then, I'll personally come to cheer for you. Today was a bit rushed; I'll praise you with more style next time."

Song Luosheng: ... Thank you.

Speaking of envy, his friends were indeed envious of him today.

True to her word, Song Luokui competed in October. In addition to the 100-meter race, there were relay races and swimming events.

Song Luokui didn't bother to watch, but she asked Zhang Xiyue to bring the loudspeaker over. Not only that, there was also a performance during the school sports day entrance, and while Song Luokui was watching an anti-Japanese drama, she directly suggested, "Why not have your class perform killing the devils? And add a line: Never forget history, a strong nation includes me. The motherland can rest assured, Class Two, Grade Five, boldly claims the first place!"

After saying this, she nodded approvingly; listen to that, it was quite uplifting.

Song Luosheng looked at her, thought for a moment, and felt it was a great idea. He clapped his hands, "Feasible!"

Song Luokui: ????

On that morning, Song Luokui got up early to do makeup for Song Luosheng. Today, Song Luosheng was going to be a general, riding a horse and directly beheading "little devils."

There were ready-made clothes too; Song Moqian made new uniforms for him every year. This was Song Luosheng's childhood wish; he found Song Moqian very handsome in the uniform, so he wanted a set every year. Therefore, until now, Song Luosheng had a set every year.

Song Luokui had one too, but she didn't make a wish; her parents wanted to give it to her.

"Good luck! You will definitely be the most handsome today. The boys defending the country are incomparable in handsomeness; that Chi Yu will definitely not be as good as you." Song Luokui saw Song Luosheng off.

Song Luosheng, unable to hide the smile on his lips, said, "When big brother wins a medal and brings it back, I'll give it to you."

Song Luokui: "That's not important; just remember that you are the best." She was afraid he would be discouraged again in today's competition. 𝚏ree𝚠𝚎𝐛nove𝚕.com

"Don't worry; the first place is definitely big brother's. I'm off." Song Luokui didn't stay at home for long and went to school. Zhang Xiyue also had to go to school, so she didn't go to watch the competition today.

"I really want to go to the junior high school section to watch their sports day; it must be exciting. Kui Kui, shall we skip class?" Zhang Xiyue suggested.

Song Luokui looked at her books, "No, you're not allowed to skip class. It's just a sports day, not like we haven't seen it before. Study well; if your grades aren't good, you won't get into Xihua's junior high school section, then you'll have something to cry about."

Xihua Junior High School Section required an entrance exam. Although the children in their compound had policy advantages, if the scores weren't enough, they couldn't get in.