The Villain's Little Sister is Spoiled by the Male Lead - C.7


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Zhang Xiyue, upon hearing that Song Luokui would no longer skip classes, dedicated herself to studying with him. She promised, "I'll check out the sports meet after school and let you know."

Their elementary school let out at three o'clock, and since the sports meet was expected to last until five in the afternoon on the first day, there would be time to catch some of the matches after school.

As for Song Luokui, she knew she wouldn't go – crowded places meant danger.

Suddenly, Song Luokui slapped her forehead, "I forgot to ask my brother to bring the trumpet."

Zhang Xiyue replied, "No worries, there's always tomorrow. I'll bring it when I come back, and we can ask Zhou Yuan to play it."

"Sounds good."

That night, when Song Luosheng returned home, Song Luokui examined his expression and noticed something was off. She quickly deduced that he must have lost to the male lead. Eager to lift his spirits, she remarked, "You were definitely the most handsome at today's opening ceremony, right? Everyone must've thought so."

Song Luosheng's face brightened, "Our class won the Best Creative Award for the opening ceremony!"

Song Luokui applauded, "Impressive! That's my brother – the best! I bet everyone was captivated by your heroic spirit, defeating the invaders."

Proudly, Song Luosheng said, "Absolutely." The applause and cheers from the audience at that moment were indeed lively. When Chi Yu made his entrance, it couldn't match the excitement. Many even wanted to ride the horse he brought.

However, that was his horse, and only a few of his followers were allowed to ride it. Yes, the horse he rode during the opening ceremony was a birthday gift from Sheng Rong, usually kept in the stable.

Later, Song Luosheng felt a bit disheartened, "But I lost the 100 meters race by ten milliseconds, just ten milliseconds!"

Song Luokui immediately reassured him, "He must have given it his all, running ferociously to take the first place. Unlike you, even though you got second, you maintained your handsome appearance throughout the race. In these 100 meters, you were way more dashing than him!" Song Luokui gave him a thumbs up.

Song Luosheng playfully poked her head, "Flatterer!" When did his sister become such a flatterer? Nevertheless, her words did bring a smile to his face.

The more he thought about it, the more he agreed with his sister. Chi Yu must have run with a ferocious determination to win, unlike him, who maintained a handsome appearance throughout.

Seeing Song Luosheng smile, Song Luokui sighed in relief, "Brother, I'll cheer for you tomorrow."

Song Luosheng frowned, "Are you going to watch?"

Shaking her head, Song Luokui replied, "No, I won't. But not being there won't stop me from cheering for you."

Suddenly, Song Luosheng remembered the trumpet. Could it be...

The next day, at the swimming competition, hearing the familiar cheering through the trumpet, Song Luosheng thought, "...I knew it!"

"The unparalleled Song Luosheng, the legendary figure in our midst! Go, Song Luosheng! Go, Song Luosheng..."

"Let others be strong, let the gentle breeze brush the mountain top. You're you, unique in your own way. In my heart, Song Luosheng is the best!"

Despite winning second place, Song Luosheng felt no disappointment. He couldn't help but reflect on how today's cheer was finally not about being the universe's most handsome.

Chen Nan over there handed Chi Yu a water bottle and smiled, saying, "I wonder who's praising Song Luosheng so much, seems pretty talented?"

Chi Yu didn't say anything. He knew who it was, Song Luokui, Song Luosheng's sister.

Speaking of Song Luokui, Chi Yu wasn't familiar. Mainly because Song Luokui was from Song Luosheng's side, they wouldn't have interacted for sure. Secondly, Song Luokui rarely strolled around the courtyard, so unless deliberately, the two wouldn't have crossed paths.

"Let's go," Chi Yu grabbed his bag and headed backstage to change clothes.

The next day, Song Luosheng continued to listen to Song Luokui's cheering at the competition. The cheers today were different again, and this time he got first place. Today, Chi Yu and him didn't participate in the same event.

Back home, Song Luosheng handed the gold medal to Song Luokui. "Here!" Song Luokui took it, "Wow! I told you, brother, you're amazing."

Song Luosheng: "Chi Yu didn't participate today." f𝗿𝐞ewebno𝚟𝚎𝗹.𝗰𝐨m

Song Luokui waved her hand, "Who cares if he participates or not, why bring him up? I just knew my brother would do it!" Song Luokui gave a thumbs up.

Song Luosheng smirked, "Do you really think I'm handsomer than Chi Yu?" Mainly because he had heard it too much, everyone said Chi Yu was handsomer.

Song Luokui patted her chest, "Of course, I'm not lying. In my heart, you're definitely handsomer than him. He doesn't fit my aesthetic."

Song Luosheng grinned, those people just didn't have taste, or maybe his sister had taste. He ruffled her hair, "You're right. I'll buy you a cake tomorrow, sis."

Song Luokui: "I want chocolate flavor."

"No problem!"

Winter vacation came quickly, still more than a month until Chinese New Year. Song Luokui just needed to wait for this month to pass, and after New Year, she could completely shake off the title of "unlucky ghost."

The weather was cold, Song Luokui stood on the balcony watching people playing basketball in the courtyard not far away. She couldn't see who it was, but thinking that Song Luosheng wasn't home, she went to the bedroom to get the telescope.

With a look, she saw Lin Xingyan and Zhou Yuan from the Chi Yu group playing basketball opposite. But her brother and Chi Yu weren't there.

"Could they be having a showdown in some corner?" Song Luokui thought, but in an instant dismissed the idea. If they were having a showdown, Zhou Yuan and the others should've gone too, they wouldn't be just playing basketball here.

She put down the telescope and didn't look again, turning downstairs. Aunt Gui was in the kitchen preparing dinner.

"Aunt Gui, did my brother say where he was going today?" Song Luokui asked. When she woke up in the morning, Song Luosheng wasn't home.

Aunt Gui: "Young Master seems to have gone horseback riding."

Song Luokui nodded, "Oh," as long as he wasn't out fighting with Chi Yu.

However, what she didn't know was that at the racetrack, Song Luosheng encountered Chi Yu, and the two even had a horse race, with Song Luosheng narrowly losing!

By the time it was almost six in the evening, Song Luosheng had returned, wearing a gloomy expression. During dinner, he remained displeased, focusing only on eating quickly without saying a word. After finishing his meal, he set down his bowl expressionlessly and uttered, "I'm full, take your time," before heading upstairs.

Everyone exchanged puzzled glances, unsure of what had happened.

Song Luokui swallowed a mouthful of food, clearly noting that the male lead had been disheartened again.

After dinner, Song Luokui cut up some fruit into a small plate, accidentally cutting her hand in the process, causing a bit of blood to trickle out. However, she simply sucked on her finger, applied a bandage, and left it at that.

With the plate of fruit in hand, she knocked on her brother's door upstairs. "Brother?"

Before long, the door opened, and Song Luosheng still wore the same expressionless face. "What are you doing up here?"

Song Luokui replied, "Bringing you some fruit. I hurt my hand while cutting it, so you can't disappoint my good intentions." She entered the room, showing him her bandaged finger.

Song Luosheng took a deep breath, skewering a piece of fruit with a toothpick and popping it into his mouth. "Let Aunt Gui do it next time. Why bother yourself? What if you have another accident?"

Song Luokui waved her hand. "It's just a small wound, I won't die from it."

At her words, Song Luosheng gave her a glare. "Pah, what's all this talk about dying?"

Song Luokui mimed sewing up her mouth. "My bad, I'll live a long life, I promise."

Song Luosheng's expression softened slightly. Seeing his change in demeanor, Song Luokui immediately comforted him, "Did someone get you down again today? What you're going through is nothing compared to my daily misfortunes, but I still manage to stay optimistic, don't I?"

"Compared to my streak of bad luck, what you're facing is trivial. It's just a loss; get used to it."

Song Luosheng retorted, "...Is this supposed to be comforting? What do you mean 'get used to it'? And how do you know I lost again?"

Song Luokui replied, "I can tell from your expression." She patted his shoulder. "Come on, don't be upset. Believe me, even if you lose, you should lose with style."

"I know I'm the most handsome," Song Luosheng replied. "You don't have to keep emphasizing it."

"Well, if you know you're the most handsome, why be upset? Being handsome is enough."

"...You make a good point," Song Luosheng conceded.

"I'm always right. Trust me, your little sister who's always at the top of her class and never lies! Okay, I'm going to rest now. Remember to wash the plate after you're done eating." With that, Song Luokui left.

Watching her retreating figure, Song Luosheng muttered to himself, "...Is being at the top of the class related to not lying?"