The Villain's Little Sister is Spoiled by the Male Lead - C.96


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Song Luokui heard his voice and immediately blurted out, "I was just doing my homework nicely, when suddenly there was a fight in front of me. It was a couple kissing in the study room, and another guy couldn't stand it, and the two guys..."

Chi Yu: "Where are you now?"

Song Luokui: "I've come out, I'm afraid it will affect me. It's better to go watch a movie with you."

Chi Yu: "Wait for me downstairs, I'm coming over now."

Song Luokui: "Huh? You're at school now."

"En, wait for me."

Soon, Song Luokui saw Chi Yu's car parked by the side of the road, she walked over and knocked on the window, then opened the car door and got in. "Why did you come over?" f𝚛e𝐞𝐰𝚎b𝚗o𝚟𝚎l.c𝗼m

Chi Yu: "I wanted to see you, so I came."

Song Luokui's face blushed again, she blinked, "Then..."

Chi Yu held her hand, "Didn't you need to do your homework? I'll take you to another study room."


Then Chi Yu took her to a research institute building, they went upstairs and entered a private study room with only two people. Chi Yu directly swiped his student card to open the door.

Song Luokui looked at him, Chi Yu: "This building was donated by my family, the school said as long as I'm still in school, this study room will be reserved for me." Not only that, his graduate dorm was also a luxurious single room, it's just that he didn't live on campus.

Song Luokui: ...

Song Luokui sat down and opened her computer to continue doing her homework, Chi Yu also took out his computer and started working.

The only sound in the study room was the tapping of keyboards, Chi Yu didn't disturb her, he just occasionally glanced at her, then continued his work.

By the time it was past 9 o'clock, Song Luokui had finally finished her homework. She stretched and took a sip of water, then closed her laptop.

"I'm done, how about you?"

Chi Yu: "En, just wait 10 more minutes."

Song Luokui didn't disturb him, after tidying up, she just sat on the side scrolling on her phone. 10 minutes passed quickly, Chi Yu closed his laptop, helped her pick up her bag and put it on his back, then held her hand and left the study room.

After putting the bag and computer in the car, Chi Yu invited her, "Want to take a stroll?"

Song Luokui looked around, it was indeed not very crowded here, but there were still some people, she was still a bit worried, "Won't we be discovered?"

Chi Yu tightly held her hand, "That path over there is a bit darker, you can't see people clearly, and there are fewer people."

Song Luokui looked at him, "You're talking like you want to do something bad."

Chi Yu: "Hmm... what if I just want to do something bad to you?"

Song Luokui joked, "Then I'll just yell 'help' and let you suffer public humiliation. Let's go, isn't it just a stroll?"

The two of them walked for a while, turning into the path Chi Yu mentioned. The streetlights here seemed quite old, occasionally flickering and making a sizzling sound, with moths flying around the bulbs.

There were also bushes on the side, this place did seem like a good place to do something bad, and there were indeed fewer people, just occasionally seeing someone jogging by, then no one else.

As they walked, under a willow tree there was a chair, and it seemed like a couple was sitting on it. If the girl's appearance wasn't someone Song Luokui recognized, she wouldn't have immediately hugged Chi Yu and buried her head in his chest.

Song Luokui whispered, "Look over there, that couple, the girl, do you recognize her?"

Chi Yu looked over, he couldn't see the girl's appearance, but he saw the boy, the boy's whole face was flushed red and he looked flustered because the girl was sitting on his lap.

"I don't know the girl, but I recognize the guy. He's from our old neighborhood, but later he moved somewhere else."

Song Luokui: "Look again... Wait, the guy you recognize? Who is he?"

Chi Yu: "His brother is Fan Yifeng, his name should be Fan Yilu. In the past, his brother used to fight with me and your brother."

Song Luokui: "Wait a minute, Fan Yilu? Isn't that the one Zhang Xiyue brought a group of underclassmen to invite me to hang out with before?"

At that time, Xiyue had even hidden in the guy's embrace, abandoning her friend...

"So, Fan Yilu should know you."

Chi Yu: "En, he calls me 'brother'."

Song Luokui: "..." So Xiyue was secretly dating the enemy's brother!

Song Luokui glanced at Chi Yu, then lowered her eyes. Well, she and Xiyue really were good sisters, they were both dating the other side's people.

Chi Yu: "What's wrong?"

Song Luokui covered her face, "Nothing, what do you think of the Fan family's brother?"

Chi Yu: "His personality is fine." And judging from just now, he seems to really like that girl.

Song Luokui: "Okay. Me and Xiyue really are good sisters." She just wanted to know if Xiyue knew about the identity of the Fan family's brother.

Chi Yu chuckled, pulling her into a hug, "Just now, your friend was sitting on that guy's lap, as your sister, do you want to..."

Song Luokui covered his mouth, "No." Mainly because she felt it would be too embarrassing, that kind of intimacy was too much.


It wasn't until the dorm was about to close that Song Luokui went back. She had thought Zhang Xiyue would tell her the news about dating the Fan family's brother, after all, last time when she got a boyfriend, she told her very quickly.

However, after some time passed, Zhang Xiyue didn't mention it to her at all, and even the times she invited her to hang out had decreased, but she would still chat in the sisters' group, yet never revealed anything about her love life.

Of course, Song Luokui didn't blame her, because she was the same. Well, they really were good sisters.

The short drama at the company had been produced, and was already prepared to be released online with promotions. Song Luokui watched a bit and thought it was still pretty good, the rest of the employees would arrange the rest, she just needed to know the final result.

Assistant Li Bei recently told her that the apartment across from her at ChunWang Manor had been sold.

"Do you know who bought it?"

"I couldn't find out, but I heard from the property management that it was handled by a secretary, so it should be a big boss, and maybe he will only come occasionally, or maybe he won't come at all."

Song Luokui: "Okay, then it's fine."

The company's short drama went online and was quickly praised, the number of views kept rising rapidly, it even trended on search engines, and many people were recommending it.

Some industry insiders were quite surprised.

"Didn't Tian Yu go down? The boss even went to jail."

"I heard it was acquired, and started anew."

"Which bastard dared to acquire it?"

"I heard they laid off most of the people, only a small group remained, and they've recruited a lot of new people, it's no longer the old Tian Yu, it's a new company now. The production quality also seems pretty good."

The data was great, advertisers were also lining up to offer deals, and the next project already had people reserving ad slots.

Song Luokui was also very happy to see the results, but a few days later, Li Bei reported to her that the two lucky bamboo trees in front of the company had been scalded with hot water.

Song Luokui: ... This despicable business war has even reached her?